Political Snap Shot

Milwaukee Riots & Politics




Written Aug 15 10pm EST released late due to system problems & interference


   Again racial unrest has exploded, as online influence has called for all to riot through social media. Do you even know who is behind the influence, but you follow blindly and it is that will be your demise. Exactly what you do as a Black officer if a known thug points a weapon at you? You want to see the film, he saw the gun. Now you can choose after stating many warnings to drop a weapon or follow with out shooting and your family will attend your funeral or kill the perpetrator that is justified. Black lives matter has been told many times to choose what the back or sooner or later they will face a national backlash that is building now. Please tell me, it is wise to lash out at white people when it was a Black officer that shot a black person that was justified. You are so sure that the public and politicians will back you as events escalate. It only takes one white family slaughtered in the name of justice to turn this nation, one. It is here you will be set up. Those want racial division to rise to race wars only has to create an event and the finger points to you, but you are so blind you donít even see it coming.

   Your neighborhoods will burn, due to your own hands and the firefighters out of safety, will let it burn. In ignorance you burn your neighborhood stores, loot as an opportunity as you donít even care who got shot as long as you get paid and those were your cars. High winds will come soon and whole neighborhoods will be destroyed, like in California wild fires. Where will you go? By the way, you did the business owners a favor, insurance companies will pay them for their losses, which will be inflated and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Only a fool would build a new business in your neighborhood and those left wished you burned them out too. There is no future in your neighborhood without respect for all. Detroit is your template. 

   As the earth changes increase, your stores shelves will be bare due to the shortages and looting threats, with no concern to provide when other areas pay a higher price. What will you eat? When the neighborhoods are surrounded by the National Guard turning you back unless you have a reason to leave under martial law as you are a threat to others, your own thugs will turn on you to survive. Who will protect you? No film at eleven. No one will care. No organization has a right to promote burning and looting a neighborhood for any reason.

   Now the police officer in his mind has a right, his black life matters. You cannot have both ways. If a criminal gets shot trying to threaten a life of another Black life and he takes him out, justice is done or next time it will be an innocent Black child hit with a stray bullet. Is this what you want, like Chicago? A true leader considers all sides and protects all without prejudice.

   What about Soros? He is a pawn. He is a diversion, with little power among the one who rules this world hidden from all eyes, though you are to believe he has. The elite would never reveal a true major component of one of their own for any reason. He is perceived as weak among the dark side, thus let him fall on his sword. He influenced small geopolitical events and his ego was more important that the covert agenda so he is exposed and is a lesson to others thinking about walking the same path.  

   Your time is nearly up as 2017 is the year of change. Earthquakes will rapidly assault all fault lines to where the lies of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama Administrations shall be exposed. You hear climate change is the cause and climate change does not exist. The increased carbon foot print is not the cause of rapid temperature increases, nor will legislation penalizing corporations or people dismissing current beliefs, but you are led to believe this or dispute it.

   Storms not hurricanes will threaten the Gulf and the Atlantic coast lines and do the most damage. The earth wobble has been north to south, but will change intermittently to east to west due to the repulsion force of nearby planetary objects, thus will send rogue tidal waves into Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, Long Island and some parts of New England will scour coastlines. Activate the Emergency broadcast System to cover your asses, but few will move in the dead of night and with traffic most will drown in their cars instead of their homes. As for the EU, the Netherlands, Denmark and other low lying coastline countries are toast. London will see a backwash forcing many to avoid the flood plain of the Thames.

    The rain storms that dump feet are here as well over twenty thousand Louisiana homes affected, but the true number depressed as to lower concern. This will increase in intensity and events and what you need to fear is these events happening in a hilly or mountainous areas. A wall of water 20 to 30ft high spanning the whole valley will leave no homes and few survivors. This is coming.

   Watch the skies as the auroras go insane, lightning bolts increase dramatically in size of the bolt and intensity the current delivered to the strike zone. Unexpected meteor showers will frighten. You can continue to listen as your leaders that protect elite by hiding the truth or pull you can your heads out of the sand and prepare your souls.

   I need you to reflect on your choices. Promoting abortion by killing what God creates. Promoting same sex as God created two different of the same for reason, not two of the same of the same. When have you seen two male lions getting it on? This has never been reported. Promoting a system of wealth that gives almost all to the few by those pretending to care for the common man backed by money, power, media and opinions is designed to herd a population. You had your chance to break the grip of evil, so now the Almighty will break it. Many will die, but your souls will be saved. This is the goal, prepare.


Written Aug 18 11:59PM EST


    As the rhetoric of terror escalates, we have some that say we do not want to offend our allies. Friends do not stab you in the back, offer refuge and in many cases finance those who kill your own. It is profit in oil and weapons sales by the military complex that is more important than America lives. This is Clinton. The Clinton Foundation has just announced it will not accept money from foreign governments and corporations if she is elected. The message is donate now, if you want to play in the future. If she loses then she will do what she can through what is left of the Democratic Party.

   The current tactics of those behind Hillary is to embarrass or intimidate those supporting Trump, but this will back fire as they retreat underground and talk. Word of mouth is far more powerful than an ad or campaign slogan. You in the media would rather demonize a leader that talks about illegals Mexicans or Moslems not vetted from overseas and the threat they pose, which is true as if the common man really cares. Rather than address a would-be leader that sells influence to our government that is suppose to represent the best interests of the people. Let me ask you, who is the real threat the daughter that curses you out in an argument or the son that sells your personal information for a profit? America do you have common sense?

   Now for those who feel alone as you have risen above the noise of the media. You are starting to see a clear picture, but love ones dismiss you. Stay firm as it is about planting a seed, but in your mind it needs to be addressed now, slow down. Events dictate the need for urgency, without it, your will face push back. Always back up any opinion with facts as it is better than losing, on a what if. This is your tip. Less is more.

   Much has been said about the Russian hackers, which is a lie. The information leaked about Hillary and the Foundation was done by the patriots of this nation for all to see. The US Government would never reveal the Russians have the power to hack our network as it gives them power. But Trump is a wild card that threatens the status quo so the lie was floated as you can not check the truth.

   The Clintons have allegedly sold access to our government to the highest contributors. The same way Bill moved interns to the oval office base upon a tight lip and availability to deliver favors. There was many more as only one was revealed due to proof, as he dripped in a moment when focused on another. Sorry Hillary, he was not thinking of you, in fact he has not thought of you, since shortly after you gave birth. This time if Hillary wins, all will have to accept dictates where they are no new mistakes. As for Hillary she has suppressed rumors as the one always seen is not any more. The Russians could not care less about who wins our election, the target would be electrical power, financial and military computer infrastructure or industrial secrets as they plan to crush who ever is in power at the time, preferable Hillary, as she is a push over. Compromise is the weakness for those planning to attack.


Written Aug 22 10:00PM EST


   All of you discount the rumors on health problems with Hillary are they true or false? If you the press get orders not to use flash units (epileptic fits) or the question and answer sessions at the debates are on the short side and the lighting a minimum then your suspicions would be correct. Look for special ventilation systems hidden from public view, but affects the body temperature as another clue. Just realize if this is true then all would lie at all costs to keep this secret until after the election. They figure there is always hope and the symptoms could improve. Once in power she will function, but assign others to the day to day operation of this government, but her influence still there. This is the plan.

   Again you laugh as Trump will never get the Black vote; he wonít as they do not change for anything. They are brand loyal and will not change. No matter what is done to them. What he will achieve is that 10 to 20% will consider what he has said. They will realize there was an element of truth to what Trump has said and opt out quietly without commenting to exit polls. You figure it out. It is here with the increased white working class vote that despises Hillary knowing this is the tipping point of change and a small change in the minority vote that can tip the battleground states and in essence the election. Trump is not prejudice against Blacks, but you are led to believe this by the media. Last time I checked a black person has nothing in common with an illegal Mexican or a Muslim running away from a war torn country as a coward who wonít fight for their country. They will have housing, but you live in the projects or the hood. They are offered jobs, yours. If you work hard and pay taxes you support them. The Democrats welcome the world on your backs. Trump states take care of home first. If he fails to deliver, you are in the same place you would be with the Democrats. As they have not delivered since the sixties, this is the Truth.

  I will used an example of an abused woman she thinks she is loved and is told that no one will care for like who is there, until there is a change and what is comfortable is challenged. My advice take the chance as there is no where, but up.

   As for the wall, you will wish you had it as what seems as all South America moves north to America to escape the earth changes and war. This will subside as Central America crumbles and the oceans and the Caribbean Sea is plagued with tidal waves and whirlpools that sink almost all vessels that try to transverse to North America. Air traffic will almost halt due to the random electro-magnetic surges the fries the equipment on the planes. With this you will now know this government lied to you as those politics accused of crashing their planes was a cover story for electro and magnetic pulses changing matter or disabling it and they cared not for your lives.


Written Aug 23 11:59PM EST


   Today we hear on the news programs that Hillary has appeared on Kimmel and this is a good thing as I did not see it. But as you are told most political moves are calculated. The appearance was short and again under low light by design. The questions were given in advance to prepare, so no surprises. This was done to counter Fox News that has a lionís share of prime time news ratings in comparison to CNN, MSNBC and the general networks.

   Ask your selves, why has the plight of many of the people, Blacks, Latinos and poor Whites gone south? Many state the words of politicians and the legislation that they support as a sign of improvement, thus the status quo. The point is, that is has not worked or changed your situation for decades. You are being asked to consider, not the words and laws passed, but what change has come forth? Can you answer this? No.

   The media preaches fear and doom of change. Change from your current status; do you realize you are at the bottom? Look around at your life style. The choice is continue to let the bottom fall as it has over decades or try another path. Again you have nothing to lose. Clinton excises power over most Blacks as they do not change and this is their weakness. Do your research and you will find the truth that will set you free. You assume any change when blasted in the media is true. Those have power will do and say anything to maintain control.

   Letís address the concept of hate being spread by social media. Sugar coating our fears is not the solution. Every family has addressed the black sheep that has destroyed lives of loved ones. There comes a time to separate compassion for another against self preservation. This is point. Did not Jesus state, if your words of peace are not welcomed, then brush your sandals off and move on. Do you get this America?


Written Aug 24 11:59PM EST


   The media is so focused on Hillary that she would never sell influence for profit, but hidden as a charity and good will. You have been told that all wolves will appear as sheep in the end times, but you donít see this. You donít even believe, you are in the end times, but your politicians and the media, knows this as a fact. Not one of the elite that are self centered gives money to a charity without influence. A life style where the smallest detail is controlled now helps the poor? You have common sense, although you refuse to believe Hillary is allegedly bought and paid for, yet events dictate there is something amiss.

   The Clintons learned a lesson when influence gave a Russian 20 percent of our Uranium mines. Is she insane? There are more careful now as to hide the favors through proxy corporations. Anyone who thinks about talking may meet an accident. In the eyes of the public, the alleged theories point to the Clintons. Is there definitive evidence against Hillary, no as she is protected, but where there is smoke and it stinks, some need to look, but for now does not stick.

   Many are wondering about Trump standing on Blacks. All have stated the words that your plight will improve as you are still trying to collect your 40 acres and a mule, really. If they give to you it will be on semi arid or arid land. The government chooses the parcel. This is a fact. Try feeding a mule in a desert. Please keep asking for what none of you want.

   The Democrats supported Jim Crow in the Fifties and changed to offer dependency programs to win votes and keep you in your place. They pushed leaders to the forefront as progress, and nothing has changed. They say the right words and offer hope. Has your housing projects changed? Has your schools changed? No, but they hide failure by removing standardized tests as to increase graduation rates of students not prepared to take on the world. You say we donít like the competitive atmosphere, but you praise your go getting athlete sons and daughters. This is the disconnect.

   Has the violence on your streets changed? No! You are so complacent to believe again a Democrat will bring change when you are a guaranteed vote. They bring the status quo and when change could occur with a house of congress as in 2008, the Democratic Party shut Obama down, his own. They have made promises since the sixties and delivered little, they are still slapping your face and we are 16 years into the 21st century, but it might as well be 1965. You have no leverage. Few of you on the whole know the true issues, but are spoon fed by the media. This is the Truth.

   All of you are digging into the Clinton Foundation. If I wanted to deceive and have an endless stream of money to be written off with little oversight, this is it. The key is to do good as few audit the accounts and more important follow the contractors who through several layers are owned by the same source. Look deeper, but beware. Black America what has the Clinton Foundation done for you?  They would rather help a distressed person on another shore than help you. Again this is the Truth you refuse to believe.

   In this election it is not about the sound bites as all know where Trumpís foot is. It is Hillaryís actions as she thinks she is above the law and that should scare you. You have been told in the end times to goal is to praise one. She will. Trump answers to no one, but in the end answer to God. He learned his lesson when told to promote the Obama birther dispute by design pushed by the Republican elite. Used once, but will not be again to promote a false birth certificate and he owns those words as being false within his close circle. This is why he is hated by both sides as he broke away from the elite as a tool for you. What you see from Hillary is by design. Words hurt feelings, actions can bring a nation to its knees. Heed this.


Written Aug 25 9:00PM EST


   You in the media need to pay attention. Are you asking why the sudden shift to concentrate on white supremacists supporting Trump all promoting he as a racist and moving attention away from the alleged scandals of the Clintons. I ask you, Wall Street stole your homes and 401 Ks, but you do not associated those that destroyed the mortgage market with Clinton making her a thief because they support her and pay her close to a half million dollars per speech to inspired their own. Trump taxes have no impact whether he is rich or poor, but the words to the elite should be known. Hillary are you working for us or throwing us a bone as Wall Street continues to slice profits off of our hold strategy.

   Two things Trump does not want; those who are hate groups that pledge to him their support, which only to hurt his chances. Is this by design? Second, to answer every nut case to disavow their support, he will just ignore as not to encourage more.

   Now I am not a reporter, thank God, but for you to focus on hate groups, because they say they like him or Wall Street liking Hillary that destroyed the financial base of this country? Do any of you have any common sense? She states ignore the smoke as there is no fire. Bill said ignore the rumors of sex until caught. They lie and you refuse to believe it. Will this continue, yes for a while, but a series of events will occur letting you know the lies are far greater and people will die. This is on you.


Written Aug 26 1:00AM EST


   Ramos, be careful on what you preach to the worldís reporters and never use Judgment Day as a prop. You are not a spokesman for God or never will be, because of your prejudice. Some Mexicans rape family members and unprotected young women and boys, while in route to the USA? This is a fact. You have twisted Trumpís words to include all when it is the few. We owe nothing to illegals. If you think so, then you can start paying the taxes they donít. If not, withdraw to your cubical.

   You ask; why Trump does not address a totally Black audience? Few Blacks believe Trump is on their side and any event would be impaired with insults, shout outs, and ejections that would be counter productive. It is better to get the message out in a neutral arena so that the many due to television coverage will see. This is common sense, instead of being baited.


Written Aug 29 11:00PM EST


   I need America to take another look at the Republican Party to embrace the Black vote. This is a first over the past 50 years. Yes the Democratic Party stood up for change and racial injustice in the sixties and early seventies. Yes it is great to see the Black Community that backed Jim Crow now backs them. Yes and effort was made to change the racial infrastructure of the nation to where all are to be perceived as equal. The move was sophisticated. They offer hope as you are now a equal to choose the direction of your future, but held back as the true power to control change financial security and power remains an illusion. I say in your blight and your neighborhood gets rebuilt, it is not you that lives there.

   Is Trump offering a final solution, no, but, he is offering a chance to change the current course of Black America based on trust and hard work by both sides. The Democrats offer just enough to seem like they care, but now some are looking closely and see no change on the many promises. The Kennedysí and Tip are gone who had the power to change. So now you get lip service from the Clintons who lie. In a political monopoly you have no power to change, but if the Republican Party does offer change and delivers, then the Democrats will follow suit or be voted out. This is your power. Your riots just divide. Your speeches to unify are just empty words repeated over centuries and no change comes from a segment only the whole. Do you understand this? Everyone has to be on the same page.

   Trump stated the truth as to the problems that face Black America. But you in the media like always rather address the tone of delivery rather than change the many problems that are the Truth. In plain English it is more important to present how the problem is seen for others than solve it, pathetic.

   As the debates now move to the forefront, how will Hillary perform? First, the time line is 90 minutes as to lessen the exposure of Hillary. You were told she has a health problem and this is allegedly true. So how can Trump exploit this, subtly creating doubt in her story during the debates?

   First, you have to know the questions were pre selected and approved by her aid to allow deniability. So expect Muslim hatred, but counter with the embrace of American Muslims, their cooperation and the safety of America. America first as just one life is too much to lose in a refugee program without vetting and do you really think we need this expense when there are other options. Polls show America is against this and now you paint Hillary thinks she knows best, while Europe burns and people die. Not here!

   The illegal Mexicans have enriched the wealthy with cheap labor. They have enriched the connected in the building and running the detention centers. They have enriched those who transport those sent back to their country. You are so blind to the truth in this nation. The deportation process is about money and yet you believe it is compassion, you are fools. No control hurts all. Those who applied legally are being slapped in the face along with those put on hold waiting. Compassion does not allow an out way of the laws of this country. A true leader knows what to change as the words of those who protest have a self agenda that made not fit the direction of this country. This is when a true leader steps up despite the noise.

   A leader is one that can admit he or she is wrong and changes the path that benefits all. It is not about the flip flop, but the end result. Remember Hillary was a champion of the people in the early nineties, but this is not the case today. Trump you were the fool that did the Republican dirty work with the birther falsehood. Now you have turned the tables without revealing your secret. You have few true friends, but family and watch them except your sons and Ivanka. Everyone can be compromised to turn on you. Finally I stress again turn on the Almighty and you will wish you were never born.


Written Aug 31 11:59PM EST


   Tonight the big immigration speech came forward as it was not what was said as all knew in advance, but the temperament now steady that has garnered attention. You have been told of the strain on public education, medical, infrastructure and support systems. This is now being talked about. You heard about the separation of loved ones due to violence, but those here illegally face separation. In truth they donít. If the family separates it is by choice as they can follow their parents back home, but many will refuse. This is their choice. You cheated to get away from poverty and when faced with returning your own will let you go. This is the Truth.

   Many of the media know the polls are skewed and the Hillary camp is secretly worried. Many in the Black and Latino community despite what you read are afraid to tell the truth, but this will change in the hidden vote in the booth where no one sees. All know Hillary will appoint tokens to suggest diversity, but again nothing changes in the hood. They lie to you. Appoint the leaders of the Black community and then control the masses. This is a continuing plan.

   I ask you, when have you seen a Hillary address the public live for over an hour? To the media, when have you had a true press conference in the last year? She talks about Trump and his appeal to the Black community as false. At least he is trying, which is more than Bush, McCain, or Romney did as the not only wrote off both groups, but Romney dismiss you, the working class on hidden audio among his own. They all lie. When you pander to a particular group you do not reveal the Truth. This is where Trump differs. Proof, and then read the hacked Pelosi emails on Black lives matter.

   I warn the media again, as much has been given to you to guide this nation. Again I have told you all is not what it seems. There will come a time where you will realize the error of your ways. Choices, you can quit, if brave tell the Truth and then get fired, or burn in hell. Hell is real; do you really want to roll the dice on the words of men? The choice is yours and as Catholics, men of faith Lawrence and Chris, you better warn your associates quietly before it is too late. Given a lot, but do your words bring souls to the Almighty. Hillary is new world order. Make your choice as your warning will soon end. You cannot stand between two chairs.


Written Sept 1 10:00PM EST


   This is to comment on the Immigration speech that Trump has given to the media.  They perceive this as half truths. This country has released criminals that will not be taken by their home countries. This is weak. Illegals have overwhelmed its entitlement programs and you the citizen, pays the price. This is weak. Some who do pay taxes dwarfs those who are off the books and the local and property taxes do not support the influx of illegal alien children born here that deserve a good education. This is weak. You have been told the number of 11 million illegals over decades is a lie, as the true number including those who left recently is north of 30 million. This is the Truth.

   The Democrats have buried this as you see Hillary has no comment to Trump. The State Department chastises the Mexican leadership for meeting with Trump as this gives him some validity. These are the games played by your government as all of you continue to lose and amnesty only gives the signal to allow more to come. Yes the Democrats have added more border agents, but far less than needed only to placate dissenters as they are doing something, but as the agents say, it falls far short.

   Now you are pushing that nothing can be done about the illegals here and this is your message. There is a difference between those who are defeated before trying and those who will try. As an employer of politicians by your vote, who would hire you if this was your corporation?

    We can not continue this path, nor can you reward those who broke the law. I speak to all of the Latino community about those jumping the lines, increasing you health and driving insurance rates. Some of you lose family members to violence. In your neighborhoods you see 20 to 30 living in a house and you think this is fair? If someone jumps the line you get pissed, illegals have. There will be a point where legal immigration needs to be curtailed or stopped to absorb those here and your loved ones will wait years. Is this what you want?

   If Sudan was at our southern border and 30 million came through over the decades this nation would erupt. Or maybe while you are on vacation illegals camp in a room in your house and now you have to let them stay, swatter laws. You are Americans first and yes there are dreamers whom protect those who broke the law, but you cannot have it both ways. Did you have them apply for citizenship, no? You thought no one will come after you or back taxes. If you have a problem then you and the illegals can go home, choose. We have a process that is the law, period.

   The media harps the net illegal immigration has decreased to where more are leaving than coming in, but you fail to look at the base point. So what if it decreases to 2.5 million from 3 million it is a decrease, but millions still are coming. This is the deception of the media, Joy. Europe over staying is about money and talent, the Mexicans, well. You are right about the Bondi donation as it keeps a mouth supposedly shut, but it was a trap now exposed. Trump would silence all not one that turns, understand this. This was an independent move from a subordinate to which, he has to own.

   My advice to you Obama as there is a ray of hope, who has been quiet lately and I thank you for that, is to separate yourself from Hillary and the party with the continued no comment. She, Bill, Papa Bush and W is Illuminati with Jeb on the fence is trying to deceive this nation. I only named a few. Again, I say you owe nothing to them, they are human men and women, but God gave you a mission and it has failed. This is on you. As you go out, either you stand up for this country and God with the Truth, and do this as a patriot or slink out as a coward? You have a choice, Obama. Remember the parable of the one given much and he buried it returning thus stating to preserve the same when the Master came home. I am close to writing you off and this hurts me. If I do, then you have no protection from the Heavens. Talk to Michele before it is too late and walk away.

   For those monitoring the real estate market there has been an unusual drop in mega property prices along prime coastal areas like the Hamptons.  Currently some countries along sea costs and low lying as demanding that all citizens have a ten day supply of food and water. Why is that? Is there a correlation with the rich all dumping sea coast properties at the same time here in America as other nations warn their populace? Yes.

   Earth wobble will create rogue tidal waves coming in at night drowning thousands in the end scouring the North American coast lines. In Europe they will lose millions. The problem is that those in power want you in place when it comes. They will of course offer their hearts and prayers, to which few truly pray and you will be dead. Those in the media have been told it will be mild and panic will be worse. They are lying. In 2017 it will start suddenly. You will have warning signs between now and then.

   The future of mankind is not set in stone, if you the faithful pray the Rosary. Many terrible events can be delayed or eliminated. This is in the hands of mankind.


Written Sept 3 2:30AM EST


   Hillaryís emails with the FBI investigation state she cannot remember about her emails. Standard CIA tactics is deniability. Or she is lying or incompetent. She is lying. The NSA has all conversations, emails and that is on Obama. He sold out to the elite and all will be revealed. Heed Michelleís raft.


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