Political Snap Shot

The Polls



Written Aug. 29 2:15 am EST

   All are so fixated by the polls, as the Democrats vie for position (Cabinet positions), but those against Trump like Buttigieg winning in a head to head, is a lie among others. How can he win, when he has 0% percent of the Black vote? They do not vote gay. This is not the only lie in the polls. What the Democrats (DNC) did, was cherry picked the samples, where the undecided was highest. Thus preventing problem candidates rising, like Trump did (Williamson & Gabbard) that cannot be controlled. All candidates have a right to the stage for a Party they support, but your party does not support you. So you are culled well before Iowa by design. This is the bottom line. It is the people that choose, not those in the DNC hierarchy. The hierarchy crushed Bernie by twisting the polls under orders from Hillary, who all feared, rigging questions with answers in the CNN debates, and strong armed those caucus delegates in Iowa was just a start. History does not lie.

   So your plan is to elevate Warren who cheated as an Native American to get ahead by stepping on minorities to get ahead, and we are suppose to trust her? You are out of your minds. Black people have little, and you are going to invite the world in for free, and we pay for it? This is not 1900, when we needed the tired, poor and unwanted. Democrats, times change, but you do not get it. Rents rise in the inner cities due to demand. Low skilled employment falls off the cliff, as demand outstrips demand. Oh, no education, poor skills, lack of English, and this is your idea of what we need? Taxation, how, they will get a refund, as most are below poverty levels with stolen identities. Oh I forgot, most work off the books. Those who do make something, have 20 in a home, how is that working with your school systems? This is a joke, and I will stop here.

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