Political Snap Shot



Written Sept 4 11:59pm EST


   Saturday, Oklahoma experienced an earthquake that was felt as far north as Nebraska and Illinois. Your USGS measured the quake at 5.6 only to equal the record by design, yet this was far stronger than the Virginia quake of 5.8 in 2011 that affect areas to New York. This quake was felt in locations almost a thousand miles away. The true Richter value has been shunted under the direction of the USGS put in place under Bush to hide the uptick in earth changes that might cause panic. The truth is, they are cowards who would let millions be in harms way rather than issue a warning saving lives. Many countries in Europe have stated for all to have a ten days supply of food and water, a plan for family to have a place meet and expect the worst.

   Our government’s answer instead is to curtail waste water injection into the ground from drilling and close wells on a lie as to the cause and Obama knows this. Fracking does not cause earthquakes. Why not in other areas?  Do you really think water injection causes earthquakes yet the water table causes none? It fills the crevasses and once it shifts the land settles locally permanently. Yet Oklahoma has had thousands of quakes starting in the last decade. Your government is lying to you and now it costs jobs rather than tell you the Truth. Research it.

   Now, Hillary who has curtailed her public appearances, by design, but she will continue to fund raise, as there are no reporters. They are taking a chance, as fund raising with select individuals is pandering to their needs, not the nation. Oh, you say Trump is pandering in Detroit. Really, he has no chance of winning the Black vote, but he is trying and will be rewarded by more votes than reported. Romney would not have gone into Black neighborhoods. The point with Trump, he has at least taken a first step when he could have followed Republican strategy of writing you off.

   The earth changes are here and our citizens along coastlines will die. This is why the rich are selling their coastline properties and there are few to no buyers. It is not a housing bust as reported in the media as middle class properties are not following suit though they would like it too. They care nothing for you. Nor will they tell you the Russians are preparing for war.

   Your weak politicians will seek peace, when they know there is none. A Russian division has moved near Alaska. Check it. The Chinese building advanced bases. This is known. The Americans moving personal and equipment near the Ukraine and Guam. This is known. Yet all you hear is the cooperation in Syria on the news as each other strikes seem to kill perceived allies, why? The Bible tells you of these times, but you do not believe you are in the end times. This will be your Waterloo.

   To the Joint Chiefs, when war breaks out in South America leave this to the locals and do respond with our men. The continent will be lost and is only a diversion. Remember they will talk peace and depend upon Clinton if elected to be diplomatic as long as there is a dialog. This is your weakness to be exploited. There is no compromise, though the fools in your government will tell you this. The Russians and Chinese will try and come in through Central America under the guise of magnetic interference neutralizing all detection systems in place and move north with the plan to take San Diego as a base of operation then move east. Millions will pour north to escape the earth changes in South and Central America and flood our Southern states. It is here the enemy will move east along a migrant corridor just inside of our Southern border towards Atlanta and then turn north. Stop them here.

   The Russian division to the north now in place in eastern Siberia, will by pass Alaska and come through British Colombia and move east circumventing your defenses. This is the current plan. Europe is toast as the tidal surges will take out coastal defenses and the Russians will march west. This is written in Revelations. Protect America at all costs, the migrants will die of starvation anyway or be slaughtered. Heed this.


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