Political Snap Shot




Written Sept 11 3pm EST


   Today the media was allowed some insight into the health of Clinton. Lower New York did have some humidity, but temperatures were at most in the low 80ís with cloud cover and a 9 mph breeze. Clinton was not seen patting sweat from her brow or removing a jacket. You were told that the lights will be lower and a vent system that you cannot see was to place by Clinton in the September 26 debate, now you know why.

   Clinton had a medical seizure as her body went through a series of collapses all on tape. You have the proof that some thing is wrong, but not enough to be definitive, because you will never see her true medical records. The point is that this nation is being allowed the deceit to be seen by all, counter to the media push that nothing is there. The cover story pushed by her staff of being over heated and her doctorsí continuing to lie about her true medical condition to attain power at any cost, is now a primary focus. The time periods between these episodes is shortening and cannot be totally controlled by medicine as this would dull her senses. So what to do?

   More donor, telephone and *remote interviews, shorter campaign speeches and appearances that will be explained under, the guise of increased stops. The press will not see these episodes in a controlled environment. If she leaves the debate stage for any reason you know she is being given a shot. An oral pill takes too long to hit the blood stream that is dissolved in her water at the podium. This is the current plan.


*Where she and the interviewer are in different locations and the camera crew is outside of the room.


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