Political Snap Shot



Written Sept 12 1:15am EST

Updated Sept 14 12:45am EST


   Days after Hillary faints, you in the media are so stressed. Do you protect her or examine the truth, that something is wrong? So we will examine what Rachel has said over the past two days in this case as she went through the history of every important president that has fainted. Now this was to implant in the minds of Americans that this event could be normal. She fulfilled what was dictated to her to do from the elite. I ask you, Rachel do you know that you are held accountable for your actions by the Almighty? Putin and Hillary work for the same team. This is why the ex CIA said the Russians want Trump, which far from the truth. Why put the message out when it favors Hillary? Think.

   The clue with Hillaryís story, Rachel presented is that those affected fainted once and moved on with no more health issues. What she left for you the public as all in the media knows, this was a multiple event for Hillary as she stated to Anderson it is no big deal. No examine at a hospital as a doctor, not under a gag order may reveal her true symptoms. There are rumors among the elite leaked to replace her, but this is a ruse at first, but has stirred the top to reconsider this. They know the truth and are caught in a hard place as can her symptoms remain hidden until the election.

   What about the news real income rose, really there are many that have incomes north of 150K that are just getting buy with used cars. It is still below 2007 and it rose because of the top only. When you give a statistically sample, only use the middle class then factor in inflation and energy costs. You provided a lie. This is a true gamble as so many donít see the rainbow. The biggest joke was a vice presidential candidate making a 111K really for many that have good jobs and creeping expenses this is a joke. This is the disconnect.

   Hillary has less than 60 days to win. E mail scandals tied up. Health issues pushed beyond the election. What is so sad so many of you are in denial, no, Hillary would never lie to us in the media and the American people, but you donít see this? The dark one is the age old master of lying beyond all human knowledge and you think you are on the right path, fools. Do you think Revelations in the Bible is a joke, if so it will be on you?

   Pneumonia has symptoms that were not apparent or reported. Shaking, sweating to name some. This was released when the first cover story failed. Hillary after her shot looks normal, when antibiotics take time and no need for an appearance to look normal. How is that or did another lie replace the first? Her staff that promoted the over heating had little medical back ground as they promoted a cover story. What is worse, they panicked with medical advisors and presented pneumonia as few would look deeper. Those behind the Hillary campaign will lie to make sure their candidate wins at any cost. This is what you need to fear.

   All of you keep talking about racists. I ask you, do you want a Party that steals through entitlement programs to enrich themselves while professing help with obesity, poor schools, low home ownership, shrinking jobs, declining family income, and tokens in Congress that are muzzled. Is this what you call progress after 50 years when little has changed? Some Democrats are hidden racists as they hold you back as they lie they are moving you forward. Look back to see just how far you have come, which is a lie or let the truth set you free. As in the south the Republicans call you what you are, but give you an opportunity through work and education to move up?

   Obama how many times do you have to be schooled as you are a brilliant man? You said if the media is controlled, really do you want to take that back? Your message from the Almighty is stand with Him and stand with man. Heed this as His patience grows tired as mine.

   What you in the press will underestimate. Many in this country do not mine offering a chance for a person to come to this country seeking opportunity. What Americans do not want, or will not tolerate is those that change what they are use to. Neighborhoods where 20 plus live in a home. Parking on the streets with a half dozen cars in some homes infringing on what others was always smooth. Stores that change as those who move in bring their own. I have told you that immigration is about assimilation, not a force change displacing those here where many feel as outsiders and flee neighborhoods. It is here that the American of all colors, see a problem and this is the hidden vote that will push Trump over the top.

   School systems overwhelmed as extra teachers are brought in to teach Basic English. A tax code based on a normal family of school children and not sometimes a dozen a household. America has never in the old days taught in another language. You are in America, not Mexico or South America and you have no rights to change this country. When fly your flag with pride, that is alright, but know you fly the American flag also above or go home. This is the bottom line.

   I have told you so many times all is not what it seems.


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