Political Snap Shot




Written Sept 14 11pm EST


   You in the media need to look past the partisan politics. There is the subtle push from the executives that seems to direct you. Where sometimes you gut just does seem to agree with what is coming out of your mouth. Why, because it is your words, your opinion, your insight that guides the American voter. Chris M could you please school Rachel, please. As for Lawrence, as smart as you and I respect you, so little you know. You are you are so stupid. This is not about Donald, but it is about stopping those that would destroy this nation, please tell you have the insight of God, you donít. His tool is far from perfect as in the past when Jesus walked this earth and he picked the tax collector.

   I ask all of you, are you proud of the media? Almost all of you know these are the end times, but you wonít inform the public and when the dark one rules, and you still think politics is business as usual. So letís review the signs given and predicted, but you continue to ignore. I will say again you were thrown the pebble, then the stone, and now the brick, need we escalate?

   Letís start at the top. Obama, did not I tell you just last week that Hillary hates you, that you are a fool to campaign for her? What is it with you? Do you figure since you are out in Jan. that you no longer have the true responsibility to guide this world? It is so easy to back opinions of man rather than insight from God, choose. She will get exposed, emails, health, or back out as a coward, then what? Now Colinís emails are leaked, confirming it to all, she despises you. Do you need to have Hillary come up and slap your slap to get the message as this can be arranged? Michelle is pissed.

   I am telling you again, walk away. Yes the Democrats will get crushed. But it is about the greater good, the long term. After the warning this nation will see you as a hero. All that is rotten will fall as the first will be last and the last the first. You grew up on this and now you doubt?

   Many politicians are in hell like FDR when he allowed Pearl Harbor to proceed when his spies knew it was coming. Save Europe and infuse massive monies to the military complex and increase debt to the private Federal Reserve in the name of war to protect this nation, donít join him. He could have met the Japanese away from Hawaii and crushed them at the start. This was the deceit that cost hundreds of thousands lives and debt. This is the Truth.

   To the media, stop the Russian connection as you are lying to the American public. Why would they bother with politics when there are secrets to be gained? If you crack fire walls this is never revealed as more is coming. Again you are fools herded by those who want to push an agenda. The email hacks are from an advanced group that wants to bring the truth to America. No body is safe including Trump. It is just that Hillary and the DNC is so corrupt they are being dumped to even the playing field of media bias. Let the leaks stop. Continue with the inflated polls and bias and more will come.

   Here this. Hillary has a problem, but you need to ask her. She is lying as is her doctor as the ruse needs to continue a few more months. Do you really think Hillary would tell you the truth and throw away the election at this late date? So she is rolling the dice. If she gets replaced, it is Kaine a push over for the elite that will be put in place when it should be Biden who would fight for America like Trump who is crass for now. Let a collapse happen at the debate, again in the hands of God who which I can request to occur, it is game over. My choice is to allow a real choice, not arranged unless necessary. Despite what is said here, their current plan continues.

   The wild card is the earth changes, which has been kept away from the American people by design this is Bill, W, Hillary and Obama. You were allowed to see the changes in this world as a pre warning, but you bush this off. Taiwan got hit with a super typhoon with winds at 230 mph this week. Frequency and intensity will shortly increase exponentially. Florida had a tropical storm that formed over land and all of you donít see something is wrong. None of you have a clue of what is store for humanity when the dark one assumes full control? Most of you will wish you were dead. Two years from now those who listen to these words will be in the millions, but the dead in the billions. Heed these words.


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