Political Snap Shot



Written Sept. 19 11:59pm EST

Update Sept 21 1:30am EST


   America again has come under a terrorist act in the New York Metro area and New Jersey over the pass weekend. Yet there is no international connection, this has been down played as this would embrace the Trump narrative that another who immigrated turns on this nation.

   This nation was built on immigrants and the few that turn is not enough to stop the thousands that have earn a right to come here. The perception of Religion has been exploited.  The problem is those who are skipping the line and those not vetted. We have so many problems in this nation and yet you hear what seems to be the shallow words we are diligent, have American values to welcome all and we donít cower in fear from another. Americans are not the cowards; politicians are, as they have secret service and a bunker. You have no risk when you implement policies that affect millions. When Americans die, you offer hope and prayers, but you donít pray. Real people die on your decisions.  Look around people, radicals donít join a losing team. This is your problem.

   You state Trump is a recruiting tool for ISIL, but he has only been on the front page the last 16 months and less than half that time in the eyes of radicals. We have had decades of terrorists events and it was not Trump, but policies of this and the Bush-Clinton administrations. This is a political ploy by the DNC, so it never points to Hillary. Yet she states words ďradical IslamĒ will piss off those who attack us killing loved ones, really. This is your plan. The word ďradicalĒ is not recruiting, it is Western society. They are laughing at you. This is where your politicians have no clue. If a fight breaks out, I am so sure you, the opponent with my nice words will stop that punch to my face. Capitalism takes their resources as it is their elite that gets paid, and does not share. Then the American Military backs this policy to protect the elite for oil contracts. This is your world.  

   The West is so far from the truth presented to their people, about Muslims. You taint their women with your Western ways. You mock the prophet Mohammad in the side stream media. You trivialize their laws of Sharia, yes it is against the Laws of the Almighty, but it is not your place to change their culture in their lands only. More important you allow terror in order to covet their oil. You can walk away from the greed and strike the wells and refineries, not. You can hold your diplomats and leaders from the nations in the Middle East responsible for their covert support, not.  Instead we have politicians preaching peace, yet tens of millions are on the move and more than a million have died. This is your lie. This is not the religion of the Almightyís Son. Thus war will continue.

   Hillary speaks as her new long term approach will change things. How, nothing has changed for decades. Over 30 million from the Middle East and Africa are on the move, where are they going? Who is paying for this? So you make a mistake and now you prey on the sympathy of this nation. You are so weak along with your former leader. This is not a game, it is the end game and you are playing it as if you have more time. She is lying to you America. It is all about the money as none of them believe they will die.

   War creates a flow of money to the Military complex. Conflict is profit. Lives are lost in the name of a false freedom and you listen to the media. There comes a point for change and that change is Trump. Far from the best as he is crass and offends many, but again he is no traitor as we speak. Hillary is. The new world order as predicted in the Bible, tells you that all will fall under the power of one, the dark side and be destroyed. The point is you have a leader that peaches peace, yet allows escalation. Like debt, offers the carrot and interest rates and payments brings most to their knees. This is the protocol of the World Bank with weak African nations. They enslaved nations, now they focus on you. This is what you face.

   Now letís address those that say maybe Martial Law will be declared and Obama will have a third term. This is a remote possibility as the element of doubt is removed and little time before the election. So a certain website promoting this again, and will be wrong, like the announcement. Obama you have been played.


Update Sept 21 1:30am EST


   There has been some push back on the progress of Black people. The media in their wisdom seem to think, things are worse than slavery or before MLK. No one refers to the time when Blacks were lynched and denied rights. This is stupidity and to bring this opinion to the national stage is a farce. It is the present 50 years the Democrats after been in power for the most part. Has graduation rates and more important SAT scores improved with all the money funneled to special projects? What we see in Chicago on a daily basis and you call this an improvement. An unarmed man in Tulsa and Hillary states we need to change. Really, I thought a Black man was president and if he cannot change the behavior of the police, just what makes you will. You did nothing about Black violence when Secretary of State as it was beneath you, but now you pander for votes and again will disappear after Election Day. This is a joke as little has changed. This is the problem.

   Obama, are you wavering by talking to the Black Caucus demanding the vote or it is an insult to your legacy. A vote is personal and a Hillary presidency has little to do with how people remember you or you can fall with her. The hood is dangerous and opportunities scarce. You were given much, but delivered little. The deceit is front in center as Papa Bush supports Hillary and you donít realize the connection to the elite as they control both parties. This is your disconnect.

   This nation is pushing back against the bomber caught in New Jersey and the father calling the FBI to alert them he is a terrorist. They state they cannot follow every lead. This is why vetting is so important. If you can handle a tip, then how can you handle so many with no information? America does welcome those who will assimilate, those who love this country for an opportunity. We welcome on our terms, not because policies that are allowed to destroy a country, because politicians drop the ball and the fallout due to war is pushed to the American taxpayer first with wasted military spending, then refugees at ten times the cost if supported in the Middle East.

   There is a fine line between accepting the unknown and calling it our resolve and the aftermath of just one American murdered. Invite them to your house and you pay their bills. If you think this is off base, then put it to the American vote, but you wonít. This is the wisdom of your leaders.

   Again Trump is crude, as he is not a politician, offends many, but he is not a traitor. When the Russians attack and this is a guarantee, Hillary will demand a muted response outside of the public eye, thus allowing a new leader to control this world. This is her plan. Trump is the wild card if Russia attacks all will die in that nation as they should with the Military allowed to do what they must to protect this nation, not a weak politician that has been compromised. If the antichrist will rise to control this world as foretold in the Bible then the leader of the United States is on board, but this can change. This is the difference.


Update Sept 21 10:30pm EST


   The debate continues and you in the media still have little control on the direction on who leads this nation. Just like Black lives matter, they protest in Charlotte in a justified shooting, yes I said it, as if you have a gun in your hand you intend to use it. Letís not play this game. Where is all the support in Tulsa? This was total injustice, but I guess those who pull your strings wonít fund this. Black America you need to ask why?

   Letís move on to Hillary as she is offering solutions to the problems she and the Obama Administration created. Some will quote that Black America has made some progress in education, but they fail to tell you West Indians and Africans that immigrated are a significant proportion to the statistics. What does that say?

   The Democrats held back the Negroes in the late 19th & early 20th century and reversed under pressure, but offered free programs, that changed little over time since the Sixties, but there is hope to garner the vote. It is time to stop being the fool. It is time to stop being set up to accept the bribe when you a politician and then get exposed. It is time for a change. Hillary offers no change. Obama offered change and failed due opposition, but the effort was there. Trump is hated by the elite. I wonder why?

   The debates will happen opposite of Monday Night Football thus removing the white working class male. Why? The snap polls will be skewed in Hillaryís favor as Trumpís major base is missing. This is the plan.

   Hillary may use a double if she gets sick, so use facial recognition. The public will not believe you, but it is only for you in the media to know. She has a sub sonic surgical implant placed under her skin connected to her ear, like the Navy uses for its subs. There is no time to replace, due to tissue scarring and testing. The point is to use a frequency disruption changing frequencies in an undetermined pattern from several locations in the audience. They will scan for this under the guise of preventing weapons from entering the debate. Use passive electronics that can be activated on the spot, then turned off. The goal is to send a feed back signal that would induce a grimace on her face. Look for people being escorted out and some refusing, then you will know the truth, if they are bold enough or they will let the dice roll.


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