Political Snap Shot

The First Debate




Written Sept 28 8pm EST


   Oh, has the media been so busy, yet many of you have no guidance. This is your disconnect, so letís put you back on track as the time lag from the last update was deliberate.

   First all of you ignore the crisis in Syria with a cease fire with Russia allegedly. The aid truck run was hit and destroyed. Appello pounded and civilians killed. You were told the Russians are lying to you, are that inept, when warned? You were told that the next world war will start in this theater and you ignore the escalation. This is your leadership.

   So what happen at the debate? Main media push the line of questions that would favor Trump at first, but the allow Hillary to pounce in the end. This nation has lots of problems and you in the media are out of your minds to concentrate on Miss Universe. When you win that contest, you are a representative of beauty. It is your job to appear at different venues to promote Miss Universe and your weight and look is critical. Miss Universe is a business, you want to gain weight expect to be criticized as this is your job and Trump is your boss. You can quit. Hypocrites, let a super model gain a pound and then you will see does not walk the runway. More important, nobody cares about her, nobody.

   You brought up the birther problem as if this nation is affected by this; all of you know it was Romney that brought Trump into the spotlight and with the job to push the lie. When Romney did not deliver after his loss and brush off Trump, he went against all. The birther campaign did not help Trump, it was done to embarrass the president to help Romney and the Republican machine, thus hoping to put doubt into the white voter and if he won stifle him in Congress again as his own did when he became the first Black president. You were told look not at who delivers the message, but who it helps. Again America is hurting and it is here an inept media focuses.

   His opinion on the Iraq war is mute. He is not a politician, nor did he had confidential briefing to make an informed decision like you did Hillary and you still got it wrong. He changed his mind after the appearance on Stern. You only change your mind to appease the polls of the public mindset. This is the Truth.

   As for stop and frisk, yes there is a downside with profiling, the innocents are identified and left alone over time, the thugs leave their guns home and the murder rate drops as there is time to think before acting. To provide safety sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Again this is the Truth. Chicago is out of control and you offer no solutions as communities shall meet. People dying and your solution are meetings. This is why you are a dinosaur, Hillary.

   Now you are looking at the fact that Trump paid no taxes? Really, you are the politician and you did not to change the tax loopholes and codes that allow this to happen. You bash Trump, but protect your Wall Street backers who write off billions. This is the deceit.

   The housing collapse was caused, because not one of you inept politicians curved the abuse in the mortgage market. Now as a businessman not a politician wants a market collapse, hey the lottery is wishing millions lose and you win, you would be fool not to take advantage of a trend identified. It was the government that did not protect its citizens and their house. That is the bottom line. The brokers that handle the Clinton family funds and foundation do. I sure you did not give back trading profits from the banking and housing collapse. Again you are a hypocrite.

   If there is a debate 2 and there should be, he will take the gloves off. The campaign manager pushed a soft approach towards Clinton and Hillary saw this as weakness. This will not happen again. Remember God controls health and not your medicine and tricks; tip the scales too far, then?

   No matter how you push Hillary won the debate, many watching see the media bias as if we did not hear words like I am working on change 30 years later. Trump will make government efficient. Hillary will waste more tax money by placing leaders in places with no knowledge as a political favor. And you wonder why the government does not work.

   I warn all of in the media, that you will be held accountable by the Almighty and you will know fear for the deceit and poisoning the people of this nation when you know the Truth. When the cleansing comes you will be written off. This is a promise.


 Update Sept. 29 11:30am EST


   Letís look at becoming Commander in Chief as it is guess work with Trump, but you get a clear picture with Hillary. With ISIS or ISIL it was her policies leading the State Department that created the problem and now she is offering the solutions. This is classic new world order tactics on a global scale. As for Benghazi she left her men behind and with no support while she debated how the rescue force shall dress. Our Ambassador and Seals loss their lives as her confused mind could not lead several hours. Then some how the insurgents were leaked the location of the safe house and it was hit maybe it was her emails.

   Then you have the global investments in the foundation under the guise of donations where they could put another interest before those interests of the American people. What about the nuclear codes you seem to suggest Trump is dangerous with the codes. The concept is a lie as it only when there is a threat, would the generals come to him for the codes giving the Joint Chiefs the power to respond if necessary. He does not press the button the US Military does. Hillary in a medicated fog may be so slow to respond or think she can open a diplomatic channel as the cruise missiles fly 12 minutes off target, cities will fall in a real threat again you call her a leader.

   She has lied to Congress on the email scandal with state secrets, but uses the FBI that refused to prosecute allegedly for political reasons, but no one is talking. The point of all of this is that you in the media think miss piggy and birth certificate are major points in this election, which when the Chastisements start and all of you are prepared so donít lie, you will brought to you knees in grief and some of you call Trump the idiot. Shortly the American people will dismiss you the media as a source of lies mixed with the truth and your politicians totally inept. Again this is the Truth.


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