Political Snap Shot

Welcome to New York




Written Apr. 8 1 pm EST


   All eyes are on Cruz fresh off of his win in Wisconsin, where the elite and the governor’s party machine pulled out all the stops as if this was a turning point. Only if you believe the hype from the media it is so. For a swing of 30 delegates does not change this race. You were told the North East would crush your Canadian, anti-immigrant, climate change liar, and arrogant words labeling New York and the front page of the Daily News told you what trains to take as you escaped the Bronx after school children were going to walk out on you, school children. That is pathetic. No one has your back here. Trump look at the weasels that have changed their tune; know that those who back you and then bailed out too soon as if Wisconsin paints a new picture across this nation. Change in management to secure delegates, you better hope it is not too little too late as all will see this as your Achilles heel.

   So what is Cruz thinking as he gets bashed in the North East as they do not fall for the shallow words of politicians. Climate change destroyed New York and Cruz stated it is a lie and he voted against funding disaster relief. Who are you going to believe, his lying words or the storm you lived through and some didn’t. He stated New York values as if they are arrogant and pompous to a nation of conservatives and now when he wants your vote, he lies and then points the finger to Democrats as to whom he was talking about. He was facing Trump. He says he will create jobs by eliminating the IRS and health care, really? If the IRS is eliminated those that escape paying taxes will never be caught and those are the rich. The poor do not fear an audit as they have no money. He protects the rich. So what his plan?

   Cruz has been told by the Republican elite (many of whom are pawns of the new world order) in order to win you must take it from Trump knowing he will never hit that number. This idea was placed in Cruz’s head by the manipulation through the media, arranged protests, key interviews offering distain on this process as you point fingers by design and false poll numbers that no one can check. So when he tells you America that he will achieve the required delegates on the first ballots taken in a contested convention he is lying or signed a deal with the devil aka new world order.

   Current theme is that 60 percent of the electorate does not want Trump, but this is among all voters. With that, even more don’t want Cruz or Kasich as the only true opinion is a vote. They say they are the only ones that can beat Hillary. So Kasich who cannot win even 8 percent of his own is now going to capture this country. Only a fool would believe those polls and Cruz and Kasich do. As I told you, the new world order herds opinions as if they make a choice like Kasich and Cruz believe they can win when they only goal for the elite is to stop Trump. This is why he is going after the uncommitted.

   But Cruz does not trust them, so he will play Kasich and Rubio against each other in order to secure their delegates from them on a promise before the first round to surprise the elite as the elite destroyed a Trump-Cruz alliance with a planted picture in Utah where they have no control. So O’Reilly you are partially right. Cruz and Kasich are tools, but in Cruz’ arrogance and Kasich just happy to be still in it does not realize it yet, until they get disposed of at the convention.

   The goal of the elite is that neither of you get to the total. Both of you assume that the delegates will have to vote Trump or a Cruz consolidation, but the delegates are firmly in the pockets of the elite who picked them and can remain uncommitted denying both of you. Now What?

   This is how underhanded this political system you say is for the voters, but as the Panama papers show most politicians hide their spoils off shore and you the voter are none the wiser. A warning to the Clinton-Bush machine with all that missing gold and off shore accounts now being leaked, this may show something beneath many layers of protection that America has suspected as it takes billions to buy land in South America as some of the gold was sold for hard cash and hidden. At least you were smart enough not to facilitate movement through a relative like allegedly one western head of state and then deny it as all would.

   Finally someone tells the truth to black lives matter, thank you Bill. To black lives matter you refuse to believe the truth, true change starts at home with respect, education and taking responsibility to take care of your own. Not just the few that you present to the media all. Do you know the meaning of all? Nothing has changed your plight since the Civil Rights era even with Obama in fact it is worse and to believe Hillary will elevate your mission is a pipe dream. You have no leverage and she will do nothing but offer words soon to be forgotten and you like robots will flip the Democratic levers down without thinking. This is the truth.

   If you do not help yourselves, then do not expect another to do what you have not done. Charity starts at home. Respect starts at home. And if you want to rise education starts at home. It is not sports contract as many are broke 5 years later. A rapper really, I would have better odds in a lottery. Playing numbers, just how lives have changed? These are the primary goals used to escape the hood. Yes some make it, but this is not the national average. Again teach your children the value of an education as no one can take it from them and it is here you as a race rises and is accepted as a true equal in American society instead of on paper, but in the minds of men. No one is going to give to you as slavery ended in 1865 and what year is it?


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