The Solar Eclipse

Why did not the Niribu Complex Show?




Written Aug 21 11:45pm


   We will first address the fringe and believers about the solar eclipse of 8/21 2017 and why did not the Niribu complex be revealed as it crossed the entire continental United States as all were looking? This sight was blocked for the last few weeks as the WiFi drivers were removed and deleted when reinstalled, but I was told, once fixed this past Friday to wait until after the eclipse and all would be clear.

   Some areas were picked for intermittent cloud cover with many cameras to allow the incoming cloud would hide the stars by design. The areas with clear skies that were allowed a full visual of the eclipse increased the blackness through special filters of the area of the sky expanding outwards from the sun as all stars and any anomalies fade away. Did you see stars as in the past? Yes. This was absent from all photos unless doctored.

   Now you say everyone had glasses to see on their own? Yes is true, but all came glasses was distributed from a few sources. But the filter grade was designed to hide all by design as all corporations like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and many other concluded as to provide a particular type of eyewear with a particular rated filter were on board. This was a mutual agenda as few would look to the glasses. It was a great plan. This is the deception that I did not anticipate nor did Trump, but the Almighty sees all.

      Take your glasses to the night sky and see if you see stars? You will not. This is you proof as the glasses were design to shunt any anomaly. You ask, what about those who do see and produce photos? They will be explained away and those who come forward discredited. This is the Truth.

   The Elite has crossed the line and now the Father, God Almighty has granted powers to me to crush the elite to save souls even if they die in the disasters and I will start now. I will say this. You will first see the weak taken as they have much to gain when they pass over the veil, instead of their squalor, poverty and a lack of basic resources, which the world hoards.

   I will say this just once before enlightening the Moslems, Mohammed was sent to you to bring you home as one who gave a different version of the Bible as your ancestors were caste out, but wanted. But you again with your small minds try to interpret the Word of God and yet you go against Jesus the Son of God. All have to past through the Son God Jesus, not His Fatherís prophet. Do you really in your small minds can comprehend a prophet that transcends the Son of God? Think about it.

   To those Christian faiths that have broken off. Control, listen to no one, and exploit no contact with the world politics which you enjoy. You speak of you are not part of the world, yet you have houses, fancy cars and jewelry. You speak that if a rare one speaks to the Almighty you judge them. Who spoke to your elders as they rewrote the Bible? No one has that authority, let you lead your people to believe this is the truth. I say this you will pay a price as I may snatch a valued soul from your treachery. You are Hippocrates! It is you the Lord talks about that you do not know. You exclude, yet the Lord seeks. You have been warned.




   All of you in the media have been promoting this as if Trump created this. This has always been here as all saw Obama as the joker or hung, yet there was silence. Silicon Valley talks about inclusion, but they hire cheap East Indian labor displacing whites, but the Asians can stay. Blacks, really a few tokens, and this is your liberal society.

   Nothing has change in the last fifty years, except many in the present Administrations as the new enemy? The perfect enemy is that pretends to help, but allows no change. This is where you America are fools. I ask you, has the gap between the rich and the poor closed? No. What you see is the whites are now in your shoes and they are fighting while you drink the kool aid. This is the Truth.

   The elite care nothing about the common man and have waged war against Trump. He is no saint, but he is no traitor to this nation like the Bushes and Clintons. Trump is gagged as his generals. They were hoping that all would see Niribu, but that did not happen. So by the authority of God the Father Almighty Crete will be destroyed so that you know the power of God. It is better that they lose their lives rather than lose their souls.


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