The Sony Hacks



Written Dec 16


   On the surface some fingers of blame point to the North Koreans as the source of stolen encrypted information compromising Sony. First, know that the movie was planned as a trigger event as all aspects of Sony and those behind this, anticipated a muted response, but few asked who backed this. Why use the North Koreanís leaders name as if he is really no threat to the world when we have the Russians (Bear) and Chinese (Dragon)? North Korea has little electricity and an impacted food supply and they are going to make a statement to the world over a Sony film? Really a threat or words that ring hollow in the minds of super powers. So easy are you of the media herded into a particular view and you feed on each other, so sad.

   You were told the new world order executes many plans then allows them to develop on their own. You see this with ISIS and their exploitation of woman. You saw this today with the killing of many children in 2 locations that horrified the world. Again you were told murder would increase and it has in the world and here at home.

   North Korea does not have the expertise to hack major world corporations and why emails and gossip? If you want to hurt the West take their money, but this was not done. North Korea would not allow the world to see it hacking capabilities for Sony. Yet you are led to believe this. The US monitors all worldwide traffic and the content which flows through the NSA and other black divisions. The flow of the hack going to North Korea would have been stopped as it began, such is the power of our Intel agencies and again you are being led astray.

   The new world order is exposing dark secrets to polarize the world. Retaliation arranged by the same group that hacked the files need only to carry out the threat of a theater bombing and fear will prevail backed with the rhetoric of revenge towards a target that is not responsible. The US Homeland Security will fall short as they are held outside of the loop and they and the Obama Administration would take the fall as the media exposed the false threat. This is what is planned, but may change with this writing.

   Know this; the new world order controls almost all western world corporations by secret proxy of shadow stock purchases achieved by pre arranged market dips over centuries. This is a fact. Watch as wars increase along with murder and the world is shoved into chaos. They will create the problem and then offer the solution to the world, the new world order, one world government, one world religion all to unify the world under one gifted politician, the antichrist. What is sad is that most of the world will invite him to rule the world after billions die.


Update Dec 17


   We are pleased that Sony took the threat seriously, because it was. The new world order is sinister and even though you complied they may still hit a US theater to instill maximum fear. To comply has made Sony and the US look weak, a potential attack in the near future after trusting the threat is gone will undermine the fabric of the CIA and NSA. You will be told, how could this happen. But, this is their current plan to counter the Sony move. Will they act now after being exposed, we shall see?

   By the way, that was a poor cover story to counter this paper. US investigators would have to know who the hackers were and the North Koreans are not talking. If they were hired hackers, none would talk for they would be considered terrorists. What agency or agencies were involved in breaking this information? What was the source and how was this solved so quickly? What makes you so sure who did this? What we will get shall be a mixture of truth and lies, just enough so that you in the media doubt what is written here. If there is a news conference listen carefully for the questions have already been selected and pre screened and you will get a sanitized answer.


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