You Are So Sure



Written Aug. 13 3 pm EST

Update Aug. 17 2 am EST


   You were so sure President Biden was going to be a racial healer. As he stated, bring America back better, as he and the Democrats promoted during and after the election process. How is that working for you?

   It is not, on both sides. The present direction put in place by the Biden Administration is tearing the fabric of America apart. Cities led by the likes of Lightfoot are under siege crime rampant, the police turning their backs on leadership. Remember it was the Democrats that used this to win an election on the surface. You voted for this. It was the media that pushed Trump was responsible for racism, that was here for centuries. It did not just come about in 2016. Biden was a KKK racist in the early part of his life. There are pictures and proof. Please check it, as the media lies.

   Your policy is to continue free rent and unemployment to bring back America. Guess what, they are behaving just like some of the dependants you have on social services, welfare. Few of them wants to work and its not like there are not jobs begging to be filled out there. But when you can lay up and spend taxpayer money, you provide this. You say child care, those working low end jobs, can not afford child care. They had family members watch them. This is their choice, yes some want to work, and they are. When the banks foreclose on the properties that can not pay the mortgage, because tenants do not pay rent with free utilities, everyone loses, tenants and landlords. I have to say, great leadership.

   You were so sure uncle Joe would initiate a smooth transition from oil and gas to the new green deal. He shut down the Keystone Xl pipeline to start. Froze drilling on Federal lands, curtailed the development of new refineries. This cascaded as marginal wells were taken off line, due a harsh business environment, put in place by the Biden Administration. As if he had in place alternatives to replace oil and gas without hurting the consumer. This is what he got elected on, but you pay at the pump. Tax the truckers, and they pass that down to you as inflation increases towards double digits, Remember the Carter days? No, as most of you were not of age. How is that working for you?

   He lied. Ten of thousands of oil and gas workers are now unemployed, great US jobs. The US was independent of the Middle East and sold oil and gas as an export to other countries in the world, as the largest producer of oil and gas. Now it was not Biden gaffes that put us in a position as an net importer of oil again, when just a year ago we were a net exporter. So what has changed?

   Politicians do not need to be smart, they just need to know how to run things on the surface, as little gets done, but have a personality to get elected and offer a return to those who invested in them. No elite invests without a prospect of a return. This is what you do not understand. The system is rigged and has been since the 19th century.

   So now with the 2022 elections around the corner, Biden wants to halt the rise in gas prices. So after putting thousands of oil workers out of work and those related in support industries in the towns they work. His answer is to beg the Middle East to increase production, so excess supplies on paper will drop prices. In the real world there are nuances, do you think the refineries not going to take their share? They will state refinery capacity it at its max and cannot be increased to accommodate the increase flow of imports creating a bottleneck by design. Come on Joe, you act like, you have not played this game before. Prices at best will remain flat. He just sold you Americans out to the Middle East, because he shut down your incomes and now wants to pay the Arab Elites to stabilize prices. No one gives up profits on low volume to increase volume at a reduction in price. The volume does not make up the deficit with extra tankers, workers and added costs, but Biden can with an hidden agreement, like pallets of cash. Don’t act like, he did not learn from Obama. Could the 2022 election be the reason? You will never know after being sold out America. Look at your pump prices, as the oil industry is raising them, to get insulation from the green new deal. No matter what policy is in place, you pay.

   You were so sure your defund the police agenda, was the best course of action as you, as politicians, listened to the people (BLM), as if they had a clue. So you are followers not leaders? They were smarter, they took the money and ran.

   In your small minds, you seem to think, the police are the primary cause of the loss of life in black and brown communities. So you destroyed moral and many retired or quit. The problem, most were the good guys, and were taking the fall for the few bad apples. And in your fairy tale minds you are going to replace them with a safety patrol and some social workers? It does not matter who you bring knocking to their doors, they still are going to shoot first, good luck.

   Crime in your cities is out of control. You lose more black and brown people in one month in Chicago by gangs and your own black and brown killers, than the police kill unjustly in a year in the whole country. And you wonder why Lightfoot got the shaft from the police the other day. Your leaders let the people (rioters) burn, steal, loot, rape and kill, because they needed to let off steam. If you argue with your wife, do you burn down the house? Wow this sounds like the purge. If they can not lead in events they create, how will they lead, when events go south during the earth changes. They won’t, as they cry likes babies looking for solutions, that will never come. They lack common sense.

   You are so sure, that if you remove guns from the general public, all violence and deaths would go away. Wait, did not you just do the same with the Police. Guns do not kill people, they need a human to load it, aim, and pull the trigger. This is a chosen choice.

   You really think the gangs in the cities are going to play nice and give up their guns, territories, money and sex slaves just because you say so? What are going to do, arrest them and then let them go. You are idiots.

   In the streets there are the fools, take a bow, and there are those, who are ruthless. They will just buy guns on the black market, just like drugs. You will never reign them in, as you do not have the balls to make real decisions that have real consequences. You take the guns, and you leave the good guys defenseless. You have disbanded the police and will have a hard time finding a safety patrol, as if that brings fear to the gangs. I can hear them laughing now. What next, the boy scouts, and who is going to protect them from the scout masters? Wait times on 911 through the roof.

   You have made so many mistakes in governing, as thousands of black and brown people die in a year. This is on you. The police in isolated events, as they do not reflect the whole, may have killed several dozen in a year, and they will be prosecuted for their crimes. But from my perch, you are the problem. When ever you say, “all are“, you are worse, than what you are accusing.

   We were so sure that Antifa was not a terrorist organization, as they stood up for change in America, which aligns with the Democratic Party. Antifa protested police brutality with violence, as they destroyed campus buildings. Dressed black and masked, few were interested in their identities. All while you looked away.

   Antifa is a group, that is well funded by outside interests looking to destabilize this nation. In Portland, they attacked a group of Christians involved in prayer, stole or damaged their PA systems. Now I am not sure why they did this or how the opposition of supremacists arrived, and they fought all under the eyes of a depleted police force, which did nothing. All of this just does not seem right on both sides.

   You are so sure that our Southern border is closed, as part of the media and the Biden Administration has stated, even after Harris went to inspect. Did she observe the border where crossing are out of control, no as a politician first, it is a bad photo op. So Harris, a bad photo op transcends the safety of our nation? You have been there and done nothing since. This is why, the likes of you will never lead this nation in 2024.

   Over 200 thousand illegals surrendered in the month of July at the border, that was supposed to be down a month due to desert heat, and we are not counting at least the other 100 thousand who were not caught. Compare it to the Canadian border. Is the Biden Administration enabling illegal immigration. If so why, when you have to pay for it?

   You are so sure the illegals now in custody, and transported all over this nation, is not a threat, as stated in the media for spreading the Delta variant.

   We constantly hear how contact with the Delta variant is so contagious by almost a factor of 9 to 1 in some cases, but the illegals infected by tens of thousands, is of no concern. Texas and Florida seem to be where the Delta variant spreads like wildfire, as we were told because of the unvaccinated. Consider, it is here, where most of the illegals infected with the Delta variant are housed or transported to. Why is that not mentioned in the media, Biden? Where is the contact tracing, as was done with the Chicago concert, Lollapalooza.

   You need to ask yourselves? Is the Biden Administration by design, felicitating the spread of the Covid Delta variant under the guise relocating infected illegals. We ask, is this behind the new restrictions and the tightening grip on power. Again is this spread by design, like in India? Even if 20% of the illegals are infected, 40,000 were released into America and another 20,000 not caught dispersed. Highly contagious at even 6 to 1, you do the numbers. It seems the Administration has created is own problem, and now offers it own solution, locking you down.

   We are so sure illegals are not rapists, that the media calls this a racist accusation.

   Yet thousands of women and children are violated on the trip to the United States. You can not report a crime in the US if it happens in Mexico. You have a video. Where are the stats from doctor’s exams of the children who were violated? The sad part is that, it was hidden to win an election. Your leaders are dirt bags.

   You are so sure that Harris ascended due to her own merit. A vice president that was given an assignment of the border, knowing she would fail. What we see presently, is a lack of leadership skills in government and among her own staff. You think, what she is doing, is going to keep the Democrats in power? Maybe this is the reason for an all woman crisis team, masked as a luncheon, was put in place.

   This is your Democratic party, and how they treat Willie Brown’s side chick (he was near or at 60 and she was near 29. He was head of the California Assembly and mayor of San Francisco), no wonder she rose so quickly.

   You are so sure the worldwide wild fires are a direct result of Climate Change as you still parade that child from Scandinavia in front of the media, what ashame.

   The media out of Greece stated temperatures in Athens was 117o and drones measured the dirt ground temp at 131o. Wild fires are totally out of control. Check it (search: the guardian world Aug 07 apocalyptic scenes hit Greece as Athens besieged by fire). You were told where plates scrape as in the eastern Mediterranean (Greece and Turkey) or subduction along the western coastline of North America (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California) the ground temp is higher than the air. Greece with few monitoring their media, released the information, which is censored here.

   You are so sure Climate Change can be reduced by eliminating greenhouse gases. Yet as you look around all predictions of a time line seems be shorten.

   Many of your leaders were promised a place in the government survival bunkers, as what will befall this earth is beyond control of mankind. They are lying to you. The point no riots and keep the populace in place, working and paying bills, until you realize, it is too late. This is the current plan.

   You are sure that the defund police idea, which was your plan that would save lives. It would cut down on the lives unjustly lost in black and brown communities. So much for that Rep. Bush, who slept on the Capitol steps pretending to be homeless.

   Homeless, your waistline does not look like, it lacks food. And your teeth are white, check the homeless, as they do not have that minty fresh breath and meals only available at shelters or kitchens, as restaurants have little waste for garbage picking. You do fear not attack, as you sleep, as other women who need to have a bad odor to deter rape. You have an armed task force surrounding you. You choose not to live like those who elected you. What a waste of taxpayer money.

   AOC is so sure, that had the insurrection would have got to her, and she would fear being violated, as happened in past. That was a tragedy in her past and needs to be address for all women. Yet those on the most part at the Capitol, were let in and backup was shunted by design. Those who may have exposed this, I am sorry committed suicide or were silenced by example.

   Now almost all men would say, AOC is a fine Puerto Rican. Some would try and hit on you, but you already know this and who they are, as you dangerously exploited this. Being a Congressional Rep, you set your sights high. Be careful pup (with little real world experience against the new world order), those that would use you, are around you, both as a rep and mentors, some see you as just a piece (tap that a..). Reps I need not mention will hit anything spies, pros, interns boys and girls, and other reps, need I go on? What walks on the floor of Congress is 99% lust and 1% love. Just being real, heed this.

   You are so sure that taxing the rich to pay there fair share, would off set your social services spending for the poor and education.

   This is now a no brainer. Do you really think, a rich person who built his empire on greed, is going to pay taxes or pass that on to the consumer? Tic-Tock, tic-tock, wow we still have idiots.

   You are so sure that education leaders eliminating testing would help black and brown children by guaranteeing graduation.

   So when your children can not perform proficiency in reading, writing and math, you consider this good? A diploma means nothing if you can not fill out an application. It means nothing, if you cannot balance a check book. It means nothing, if half the words on social media, they do not understand. Educators get the free pass and get paid, your children fail in life by design. The easier the curriculum or lack of testing, the less prepared the student is for this high tech world. Testing allows a measure to prevent failure before graduating. Do you let young drivers get behind the wheel before testing? They are dumbing down your children, but you can not see this? Is this want you want? Change it and take an interest in your child’s education. It starts with family, not with passing the responsibility on to the schools. They are your children and in the Democratic cities, they could give less than a fu.k. Nothing has changed since the sixties, as you believe the same lies.

   You are so sure allegiance to a religion will get you salvation. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, the Son of God, not prophets, no matter your religion including Roman Catholics, there is no guarantee. It is based on your life actions towards each other first, then Jesus. All can ask forgiveness up to the last breath of life. Heed this.


Update Aug. 17 2 am EST


   Biden you were so sure, that Kabul would not fall, yet when challenged, it fell in days. Did you miss something? I heard as you addressed the nation yesterday, “we” under estimated the Taliban, no “you” under estimated them. I also heard in your news conference, this is the United States of America and the buck stops here. So I guess in your rise to responsibility, did you even notice, your ass was kicked so bad in Afghanistan, even Corn Pop would recognize it, and even he would give you a helping hand. I ask, why do you lie. So we are to believe you beat a bully, really? But the dusty, underfed, under trained with little money Taliban, just over ran a country. This government spent trillions to build Afghanistan, not mention those that died.

   What is not being covered, is training goes out the window, if the troops are cowards and run. This is a fact. We heard 300,000 Afghans to 75,000 Taliban, as intel months ago knew, Afghani troops would run. Did they use drones to slow down the advance, as there are only so many roads inbound. They wasted trillions on cowards and again tried to morph terrorist nation ruled by tribes into a democratic nation. They forgot one thing, greed embedded in the ID of their minds, you placed in control. They would never win the hearts and minds of the people.

   We went into Afghanistan with the single purpose, to find Bin Laden, but he was in Pakistan. Once dead, we should have left, but the military complex saw this as a money train. Weapons, spare parts, training that would never change, until we left. You got fooled in Korea. As if the South would not have fought. You got fooled in Vietnam, as with all your effort, the people choose the communists, again they saw the greed. Worse, their women used as play things for the US military. Now Afghanistan, opioid capitol of the world and not one napalm bombing raid over the poppy fields in plain view, killing 100 thousand American a year?

   A lot people made money in Afghanistan, and they could not give a f..k. The problem is, the cowards ran and the nation fell in a couple of weeks. Your nation just spent over 2 trillions dollars on a useless war, where the primary target, was eliminated 10 years ago. Biden, were not you in charge as VP then? You followed the policy of George W from 911. So you in America, have a leader that can not stop a bunch of desert rats with AK 47s from taking over a nation. So what if the Chinese attack with the Russians, do you want to be led by Biden, who will surrender for peace? By the time he comprehends the concept of hypersonic missiles are on route, his response is a measured response, as your nation lies in waste. If are being attacked on a street, your life on the line, do you respond with a measured response? Is this who you want to lead? Heed this. Now you have millions looking for refugee status from Afghanistan along with the 2+ million illegals. Guess what, you are screwed and you have to pay for this. And where the hell is Ghani, oh he ran away with your money and bring on the babes.


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