Religion is Splintered

There is only one Church of Christ




Written July 28 1am EST


   The End Times are here as all prepare with their religions. Mankind did not listen in the time of Noah and all perished as they thought their pagan faith was the Truth. The Egyptians with all their assumed power thought, they were right until a lowly slave named Moses led the Chosen People out. The Jews were told the Messiah was coming and knew His birth place, but because he was one of many they subjugated, he was executed. Today the elite divide all and tell you climate change and destroy your Christian beliefs. What is so sad, is that if Christ walked this earth today, events of His death would be the same. You have learned nothing.

   Jesus told you there are many paths to salvation, but all have to come through Him. He is the Judge as all merciful and all knowing. And it is only because, He died for your sins as the Son of God that your sorry asses will be saved. This is what tipped the balance for mankindís sins. This is the bottom line.

   All of you need to think very carefully. Jesus established His Church with Peter who was the first pope. Now what is written does not change for any reason as man and the present pope only is influenced by the dark one. It is only when you give up your free will and there are so few that you can be an instrument or messenger of God. Many are asked, but few are chosen, seven. This is a fact. Doubt that God speaks to His messengers, then how do you know His Word? In times of crisis, such as the end times, a few are sent to guide the world to bring as many as possible home. Let no one tell you different.

   All of you have been introduce to your religion as a child and to you it is the only path pushed by the family. Every religion states it is right and there are hundreds, but there is only one. A man started your religion and Jesus Christ started the Roman Catholic Church.  No man on earth was authorized by God to start a religion or church but Moses and Jesus. No man was given permission to interpret the Word of God to lead splinter groups of worship under the guise of power as if you minds are capable of understanding His Word. No man has the right to state only we will be saved as Jesus came and died for all. This is the Truth. Please bet against Jesus to see how far you congregation will go! The Jews who are chosen and no matter what they did to Jesus, the Word of God never changes though mankind will spin this. The Catholic Church killed millions in the name of God during the Crusades as do the Moslems today. They are men influenced by another. You do not see this. The Church was stated in the Bible that hades will not prevail, so others are created to suggest doubt.

   The Catholic Church was sent many messages that were buried, warning of the anti christ would rise from within its ranks by Mary the mother of God with the letters from Fatima and the false prophet pope Francis is already in place, but you do not see this.

   The Bible tells you that many will go out and preach, but I do not know you, few hear these words. When you discount the Church that Jesus started no matter the flaws of mankind within His church, you turn from Him. Man cannot interpret the Bible unless God talks to them through their soul. Yes the dark one does influence the weak, but those of strong faith need to establish a connection or you will hear I do not know you. Do you really want to discount the Church started by Jesus? I say please roll the dice and I will allow the dark to take your souls. The key to losing souls is blind trust. Review your life and ask questions. If there is no answer keep quiet and watch, then all will be revealed, but you need to take that first step.

   What is coming, will test all the faithful and the empty words of splinter religions will fall short, then what? They will tell you the dark one speaks to your mind and this is true, but how did their inspired get the message? This is about control. You see on the news that both light and dark are here, and no one believes until it hits home. Use common sense and your gut and question. As a messenger only you know the truth and others just listen to weak men that follow the opinions or interpretations of men. Were they given the authority from the Almighty, no? But listen to them and they speak as they interpret the Word of God, but never they hear His voice.

   If it is true, there will be answers, if not you are being controlled as you were told that the end times is his time and many will fall away. Few will heed this warning. Seek the Almighty and His Son as you were told: establish your own personal relationship and not the shallow words of a man. The Bible is a guide, but those who truly hear His Word are blessed.


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