The Current Status of the Nation 9/22


Written Sept. 22

Update Sept.  24


   Oh, have times changed in the political arena for both parties. For the media, ask yourselves how Clinton jumped in the polls without a driver or event when a week ago momentum favored Bernie?

   To the media do not be fooled. Just as Obama who was ahead in New Hampshire and lost to Clinton was no surprise in the Clinton camp. As with Bush in 2000 with Florida as Jeb’s influence delivered the voting results that were altered. You may find a few to tell the truth as they have evidence and are now going underground. I just saved your life.

    Not to repeat the same mistake of being detected with voter fraud, a new approach is in place. They see how the Republican electorate was so easily manipulated by the media as to who won as they listen to media opinion rather than form their own opinion. Is this what was predicted by Orwell and it is in place with Windows 10 and some smart TVs? The key is the random polling and a choice by those paid or grants to conduct polls and now by focusing in on a selected poll out of many samples outside of the margin of error the results push Clinton’s numbers to influence.

   No news of bombshells released. No change in media events. No warning from the media in advance of a shift towards Clinton. It smells. This coupled with the hint Joe might not run is by design and pressured influence. This is how the game is played. Few of you in the media realize how you are played to influence the masses. You will be held accountable as you influence millions. If you know the truth, why do you lie to those who listen to you? Every life lost as you repeat the words you are will be on your soul. If you have any faith, know that those who control the media are herding the population of this country, which will polarize. They will kick you to the curb, like Walker and some on MSNBC. All are at risk.

   Moving to Walker, you were sooo… sure with the backing of the Koch brothers you could win. As you were and still are just a patsy now with the status just in case and had no clue you were used. You agreed to deliver anything they asked of you once in office as I call you a traitor to the nation. Remember that crank call you thought came from your backers, don’t lie. Your fate would have been far worse had you won in 2016, for you would had to deliver on their demands strangling this nation and aligning with the new world order. Stop being so naive! They kicked you to the curb when your numbers sank. Does this tell you something about the elite? The race has not even hit the first caucus or primary and the money dries up. So much for your trust in the elite, instead you should have trusted faith.  Take note Republicans all of you will be under pressure to deliver one way or another.

   Now we have Fiorina. All knew with Donald’s statement, you could not lose by coming on strong in defense of women. This was a given and cherish it, few crushing opportunities will come again. He was wrong to bring your perceived appearance into the political arena as if this would influence the votes of Americans. But you are a hypocrite as you view others on their connections, looks, and education as opposed to work accomplishments. This nation bases almost all on looks and persona.

   The Donald did judge you on your looks and most knew this, but it is personal that should not have been public. The focus was on you and you transcended this to all women, which is false. Your push back was to include all women, this was about you. News flash his wife is a super model and you? Yes, he is a creep for stating this, but it is his opinion that should not be in this Republican race.

   Know this, many of the men and some women were laughing this, as is the truth, in that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as if you have not done this to someone else. You will not get a chance to lead this nation as you would fall prey to the national threats from Putin if in office. You will not have time to consult with an inept cabinet. You will not get a second chance like you did when HP hired and fired you. This nation needs someone who is right the first time when put to the test. If you truly think you are the one then stay in when turmoil hits. This nation will see the truth.

   Carson, yes you are a neurosurgeon, but your comments are crass. Remember when some and others hid in their thoughts in the backrooms of politics and said a n.gger will never be president and now you walk that same walk as you listen to another. What is wrong with you?  The nation allows the people to choose without a leader without regard to color, creed, religion, race or gender. You should know better, but we can see someone else is pulling your strings with your doctored reversal. What a sell out to this nation.

   I have told you in the media the political system is now fixed, but it allows the people to arrive at the designated candidate by free choice with a few tweaks. I told you, create the problems the offer the solutions by herding the vote. Walker was supposed to win backed with Koch brother’s money instead of Clinton or Bush as he would do as said. The media promoted him and you never questioned it. Clinton and to a lesser degree Bush would give push back once in office. This is where we stand.

   Now we move to the pope, Obama, I ask you knowing who he is why would you allow your children and grandmother to greet him, why? This is not fantasy as you know I tell the Truth. This is not just a Prophecy.  This is the fate of the world. I am not here to set you set straight, but offer advice. Never involve family co mingle with the dark side. Never let them look into the eyes of the false prophet who will manifest himself after September 2015 full moon. You are lucky as your family’s souls are still safe, for now. Never let diplomatic protocol dictate the safety of your family, know the difference. No force on earth can protect you from the antichrist and the false prophet.

   Events in the world have now focused on the migrants. I told the EU said in the media they offered hope and sanctuary, but they have lied as you now see. This plan was to force millions toward the EU by ignoring abuses in their own country. Were the leaders of the EU told the truth, no and for the few in the new world order all is well. They were told to allow the war to continue and Assad would kill your problem. They lied as usual and now they are on your doorstep in Europe with many now accepted here. Karma, as you cannot reveal the truth. Your problem migrants meant to destabilize your governments in the US and the EU. Germany will turn on the EU and join the East. This is nothing new, but the third try, initiating WW3. You have never learned.

   Now on to the pope, soon to be the false prophet as it manifest in his soul. May God have mercy on your dark soul as you fool the world? You speak about the Big Bang. God created the universe. You speak about Climate Change, but you know this is Revelations and the force Niribu. You lie in the eyes of God. You speak about annulments, yet the Almighty states no man can break the bond of marriage, are you a man?

   I watched in Cuba, listless pope as another takes your soul. Sacred servants offering respect, but their demeanor shows that you are. You picked the closest major cities near, but you dare not come here. You have no power with your façade, but a pawn of the antichrist. I will be there when Christ throws you into the pit. For those who think this is far fetched, watch as all shortly comes true.


Update Tectonic Plate Movement


   The South American plate is on the move, beware.




   Huckabee exactly what is with you? You call your self a Christian when you judge others in a public arena to bring shame. Now exactly how do you know Obama is not a Christian? Have you seen him a Mosque? Have you seen him pray 5 times daily and facing Mecca? Has he taken a pilgrimage to Mecca to reaffirm his Muslim faith? The answer is no, but you seen him in a Christian church and you should be glad he does not sue you for slander as this is getting old. Few in America believe he is of the Muslim faith as this was a ploy by the Republican structure to discredit him, just one of many lies and now you have lied by choice. You as a Christian have more to worry about as you will soon face Jesus during the warning. May God have mercy on your soul?

   As for Trump you made a stupid tactical move with the Fox tweets. Fox is run by the new world order and for now they don’t like you. O’Reilly defended you as he had little choice for his guest’s opinions. All you need is O’Reilly stand up for you and the voice of the guess goes away. This is one time you should have shut your mouth after seeing the manipulation of the polls. Someone needs to be fired. You need Fox and they need you. It is time for a meeting.

   Fiorina, you appearance on O'Reilly tonight is a lie. You spouted many achievements, but if so why were you fired? This is the question.
  The pope's visit to New York shows the concern of those who would like to lead this nation. Your president has never been in control, of this nation as you would think, but given a set of directives of what he can do cannot do for the American people. Your system of Democracy is a lie as the few control Congress and your Supreme court. Elected leaders come and go, but the secret government, is forever, the Illuminati or soon to be known as the new world order controls all aspects of life in the United States. As the candidates are picked and now backed or discarded by PACs. So why the walls on Fifth Avenue? This was Obama's attempt no matter the required diplomatic smiles and welcome to tell you the pope is not what he seems. This is protocol. Boehner, it is so great that your faith brought the pope to address Congress. It is an achievement. He is not a John Paul 2. Few are a threat to him and he knows it. The ominous walls sent a message to the media as the public has no clue. He will become the false prophet on the September Blood Moon and this planet will never be the same.


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