The Illuminati Subtle Control of the Political Process

The Rise of the New World Order




Written Mar 7 11:30pm


   You in the Media have now realized there is a greater power pulling the strings. Scripted political responses are presented to the media with similar lines from Cruz, Rubio and Romney. This is by design as they are not trusted to deliver a simple message to the public unless controlled. Absolute power wants absolute control of the mindless. When questioned about one controlling political force this weekend he laughed as if it is ridiculous. One head with many tentacles that reaches into and controls every aspect of your lives, does this sound familiar. Yet you let the voters perceive they are making a choice to change America. What is, so sad, is the cowards I see in the media who see the danger and offer only comment, not change. What is, so sad, is the cowards in the Black Caucus stating they will bring change and 60 years later there is only memories of MLK. There is more West Indian Immigrants as Black Men in college and corporate America than your own. Why is that? It is education supported by parents not pushing the financial dream of the few of thousands. What is, so sad, is that the Obama Administration let the Clintons muzzle Joe and Elizabeth when they were  and are the best choice for America. I ask you Obama, it is now that counts as this political chaos coupled with the disasters will open the door for a unified world government and you are giving them the key to this nation. Fear breaks down the powerful, God builds upon the weak raises them to the mighty.

   Who will stand up for America when the crisis rains down and millions perish? Hillary, bought and paid for, Rubio the puppet, Romney and puppet in wait in the shadows as he was promised he would be drafted, you know the game. Destroy all by design as Hillary, Jeb, Cruz and Rubio were promised the White House by the new world order if they conform. One soul down three to go.

   The current plan is to let Cruz and Rubio hold back Trump and release information that most will seek an alternative and it is here Romney to the surprise of Clinton (she was promised she would prevail against all Republican candidates, the catch was only those at the time of the agreement as any new comer is outside the the pact), now hopes no more will emerge. Oh how the elite lies. The souls of Cruz, Rubio and Clinton now claimed and Romney may win and she gets served with a warrant as their primary option Bush was removed by the power of God as your minds are being opened to the deceit of this world. Events are in the hands of mankind.

   This is the current plan of the Illuminati to usher in the new world order in America. The point, few of you have seen this coming. Change this as we are this world’s only hope.

   Ask real questions like the governor of Michigan removing leaders for state appointed to bring back fiscal responsibility, but instead cut services that cost lives. This is the Truth. The problem is that those in charge never suffered for their calculated mistakes. Hillary will not prosecute Wall Street and now will not prosecute the governor of Michigan. This is the power of the new world order. Orders that was accepted in order for the email scandal to go away. In order to bring change, the someone arranged to take the fall needs to end, but the leader needs to go to jail. Send a message, with actions, comes responsibility. Lead, brown water, incompetence, children affected for the rest of their short lives and you call this America, what a joke.

   The governor was told to crush the poor under the guise of restoring fiscal responsibility and now it will cost the Federal Government Billions. Proof, just look at the records of water samples taken daily this will lead you to the truth. What a plan.

   The elite with the connections think they are untouchable and until you change this, there always be another corrupt politician.


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