The Subversion of America



Written Oct. 5 12:30 am EST


   What the people of this nation fail to realize is that the deep state is using the same play book that allowed the people to topple the communist government of Russia to a what seemed a version of Democracy. The deep state solidified power and wealth to the elite and slowly removed all the freedom fighters who came out, as they thought is was safe. They undermined the youth with the promises of being like the West. They controlled the media, allowed the economy to falter under communism where all share in the bounty, but the elites take the lionís share. Pushed distrust in the secret police to where authority was undermined. Divide the nation to where both sides hate each other and then hate the nation itself.

   A point was reach where the Cold War resolved itself without firing a shot or declaring or so it seems. So what did the West do. They allowed the USSR to break up into individual state nations assuming this would break the back of Communism. On top of that, they allowed China to provide cheap labor to increase the wealth of the elite and financially enslave the people of America as jobs and wealth shifted to China and other countries. It ensured the Reds would have the money to build weapon systems that will challenge the world. This was the play book.

   In America fast forwarding to today, youth are rejecting the leadership of this nation. The education system, college has achieved a critical inflection point where faith in this system of Capitalism is under attack. 65 K per year to learn nothing that will approve your lives, but you have a mortgage without a job that offsets what you invested in money and time. The controlled media has demonized the police force, yet their own controls them in the cities. Both sides attack each other under the guise of racial hate, that has been around for centuries, but the media stirred the pot. Riots out of control to where the people bitterly divided see the nation stand down. Martial law in place again under the guise of Covid 19 being planted at events and called super spreaders. The population is seeking a nation to equalize wealth and shift to socialism. Again you are asking this nation to move towards communism, which trillions have been spent to contain.

   In the East - West war, the deep state has pulled your strings, to where they have this nation weaken its ability to protect the West, shift resources to social issues that where created by design. Yes poor education, fast food leading to poor health for the common man, dependency on the government as jobs shift overseas. Now with Covid-19, jobs here are lost along with homes. One side seen as creating hate and the other destroying cities as they burn down, but you donít see this. We hear new green jobs created, but millions lose theirs in the oil and gas industry. As fools, you have been led down a path to where you are embracing socialism. You assume the rich will pay. No they will leave. You assume racism will disappear. No BLM and Antifa will be blamed for the destruction of this country and be hunted down as changes spin out of control towards financial ruin, the predicted Race Wars. Socialism will right the wrongs in a system where the common man seems disenfranchised. No it will bankrupt this country and inflation will be the final blow to the common man.

   As all fails, the east will pounce, war will ensue and one leader offering peace will emerge. Thus the new world order rises from the ashes. The elite are counting on this, and like sheep you are being led to the slaughter. The Bible warns you of these times, but all say the Almighty will save this world. He will, but he will destroy evil that is now firmly in control, along with this many, innocent will perish, the martyrs. He will save your souls, not your bodies. This is what you fail to realize, as you are still in denial.


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