The Super Delegates




Written Feb 19 1 AM EST


   I have told you the political process here in America is corrupt, but it is far better than any other country in the world. God bless this country. Our nation prides itself on the vote of the people and it is their representation at the polls that elects our leader of this nation and the free world. Within the Democratic Party this is not true. As the elite, has put in a safety mechanism, by including the super delegates. Not elected by the people; not for people; not representing the values of the party. If an unwanted candidate needs to be put in place, it is their vote no matter the public vote that can change an election. The super delegate was never questioned as long the voting public aligns with the candidate that supports the elite. This has changed.

   All of you have accepted the super delegate without questioning its purpose. Super delegates are party members that are controlled, owe favors and vote for the established candidate, like the Black Caucus. Any vote to elect the president of the United States needs to come from the people and thing else is a prop to shift the vote in a tight race from one who will bring change to one who promises change and it is business as usual.


Shifting to the Pope’s Comments


   The pope has no need to comment on the political process in America. An open border no matter what the reason would destabilize this country. So if a nation does not want to take care of their own, send them to America? Promote nations to take care of their own instead of a lavish life style for the few. Francis is this what you want continue to preach? No, you let the rich continue and place the burden on the sheep with guilt. The Vatican does not take in refugees. The Vatican does not give some of its immense wealth to the poor. The Vatican talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. Again your words are shallow false prophet. Again this agenda comes from another. This is Truth.

    By the way your anger showed the world you are no John Paul.


Obama and Scalia


   This is simple America, Citizens United decision sold out America as your Supreme Court was compromised by the elite. The voting process is influenced by anonymous money nearing a billion and you don’t know where it comes from. Citizens United was passed on transparency and now you know this was a lie. Not one of your pathetic Republicans and powerful Democratic leaders will speak up as to bring attention to this. The sheep are herded and now will be led to…. Obama will pay respects, but not elevate that which betrayed the voting public. These details will never be public. Fox get over it.


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