Surveillance of the Population




Written June 9


   The world is now seeing what was hidden with much more to come being presented as the truth as you were told here or did you forget. Scandal after scandal in the countries of the free now pops in the media for all to see. But all of this was in place well before 2008 to watch the population by the Bush administration. But it continues today? When a new administration comes into power there is an established status quo put in place by those who control this country, your shadow government. Do you really think the direction of the free world would be allowed to twist and turn by the votes of a population that knows little to holding power in this world? National security is of prime importance and remains in place. The night of the election 2008 in dark smoke filled rooms filled with the elites, they laughed, who does Obama, a newbie think he is and you are going to change what. He was allowed to modify some aspects of government, but to a point and with a price. Over time and the realization of true politics left a stark reality, he considered too many alliances are on the line, so the secret continues. In response to the leaks protocol must be followed as in this case something is amiss. The person who leaked this went public, which is suicide. What is too easy is may not be the real source.

   One party made the mistake of stating if surveillance is in place, then why did it not pick up the Boston bombers who allegedly resourced their bomb making techniques? Why did it not pick up the Times Square bomber if acting with few resources? The point, they are not looking for terrorist as most events are false flag events to tighten freedom. That party will have to explain a lot for this mistake.

   You have been told this is global and your choices with elections and laws are being herded in a certain direction by certain actions which the public reacts to in a predictable fashion, but few of you see this.  All governments and the elite are following the chatter on the earth changes as they hope to control the world in the after time. Your plans, sites of preparation, buying patterns of supplies are all known and will be made public to those who would kill for a price, thus eliminating the competition. For many advertised camps who consider themselves service to other, if you read carefully are self serving and thus will be destroyed. Spirituality is about God and His Son who died for you and not for you to worship creations of God. He is the essence of service to other, not man's interpretation. As itís not about the emulating of what you perceive of being blessed with advanced, but to earn it where you achieve it.

   The flow of information what was hidden shall continue to be released exponentially, for many in the media in go into denial, so be it.  No lie shall be hidden. This information is the Truth and it shall set you free. It is your choice to continue under the veil of deceit or take the information first as a seed. Then watch diligently, then research to remove the nonsense, and then grow as human, finally as a child of God.

   The minor Chastisements before the warning will continue as nations flood, tornadoes destroy cities, earthquakes remain localize instead of global. The point to reveal there is something greater than your lives of gathering wealth and callas actions towards others. Few of you have listened, so when your lives are stripped of what you think is so important, and then maybe most will see the light.

   You speak how can God allow evil and disasters take lives? These lives would have been lost to extreme violence in the future, which you do not see now. All of you will be crying out where is God when such evil will overwhelms you. The point if you are not stopped on your present course with out God all would be lost in death and your souls too. So divine intervention, must take place.

   Counter to the media and the government stating secrets were revealed, there is the mission to keep us safe and there is the mission to maintain the status quo, the lines between these issues from behind the scenes are now blurred as the NWO increases global control.

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