Syrian Update: The Russians




Written Oct 1



  The Syrian escalation is by no accident as the tension seen between Obama and Putin in body language only, tells the truth. You were told Putin smelled fear and now after addressing the world at the UN, which is just another tentacle of the new world order, he flexes his new found power and confusion befalls the Obama administration on how to respond knowing the Republicans has handcuffed him in a true response. He would be labeled a mad man.

   Putin tells the world, he is striking terrorist sites that are suspected Isil or Isis as the governments play a word game. The debate is fought in the media with no one with definitive proof, spies, double agents, freedom fighters, or terrorist, no one knows. This is the weakness played upon by Putin. The world debates and is held in check as the agenda, moves forward. The targets hit have inflamed the US administration and now have the Republican dogs barking as to how they would control the situation.

   Really, Rubio and others who will rise up and speak as push back is rated low on this issue, exactly what would you tell Putin to stop the bombing? More sanctions as he is financed by the new world order who also plays you? Your talk again is nothing more than a wet paper bag threat on the world stage. Putin will not be stopped until the both sides play chicken at which the nuclear trigger will be pulled as this is the plan. For Obama, this is a lose-lose situation if he acts. This is the state of your world, lies, manipulation of the media and when caught, deny.


Update Oct 7


  As the world watches few of see the signs of WW3. You say we have seen the Russian incursions before and then they back off when the world applies pressure. The president knows the truth, but cannot stress this to the public as he would be called incompetent and removed from office. How times do you have be told read the body language. With the antichrist pulling the strings of the Russian Military all of will be caught by surprise by the quick ruthless assault upon the world without mercy to civilian populations. The build up troops and artillery in Syria is only a diversion as Russia builds its military complex at home and it is these mechanized soldiers the world needs to fear.

   Isis will be the excuse for more incursion to the Middle East as they are putting boots on the ground, which the US will not, but much is hidden. At the right time, the Syrians will slaughter all opposition including Isis as a cover. The world will be fed leaks of the genocide and will respond. Peace talks will take place by design and fail; this is when the Russian will attack all who defend the opposition to protect Assad. A CIA assignation will not work as they expect this as events heat up. If attempted all fingers of blame will point to Israel. It is here the Great War will start as a sequence of event leads to a particular response, again all by design.

   If Russia was so broke why launch cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to hit low level targets? This was to show the world we can hit pin point targets and Israel. Few of you leaders are equipped to face what is coming and the world will see most leaders drop to their knees in tears as they do not know what to do and freeze. This is what you face, but so many, who leads this world are in denial.


Update Oct 9


   Republicans are dismayed that Obama is stopping support of the Syrian rebels, but the public does not know the truth. America has been ripped off by the contracting firms training the Syrians. Since when does it take millions to train poor desert militia men? It is not about arming the Syrians, but enriching the contractors and arms companies under the guise of supporting democracy. Same game different country and the American public falls again for it. This has now come to a halt. Where is their incentive to fight? Is America going prop up another government who when they get their chance, steal again from the people? Most trained were cowards as they ran to Europe on the money made from selling arms to Isis. This is the Truth.

   The Administration cannot fight Isis unless the US puts boots on the ground and this will not occur under Obama to save a nation where its own citizens would rather run than fight. As the wealth of Europe is a far greater drive than fighting for a piece of sand with little hope of a future. The Russians will build a force that will bring fear to the Middle East and shall expand and consolidate the area under one command. This will be what the next president will face. Bases supplies, men, exactly how will you stop them when they turn towards Israel in defense of the Palestinians? Remember the Bear of the north does not negotiate as the new world order is supreme. As America brings its Navy to confront Russia in confidence while in a dialog of peace they will launch. This is what you face.


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