Our Democratic System


Written Mar. 28 11:59 pm EST


   This nation was built on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights to protect you from the whims of elected or corrupt politicians in the future. God inspired their writings. Partisan politics helps only the few in power, as the common plight of mankind is overlooked. The political process was pure when it was set up in the 18th century, but things have changed. We have the old fossils in power guiding our nation like Pelosi, Clinton and McConnell grasping at their fading power, while AOC every Republicanís girl to tap, is being crushed, nasty men and a few women too. Is she the brightest or ideas correct, some yes mostly no, but things have to change in Washington. Donít laugh, because you know it is true and she knows it. Not one of you would turn her down if she came on, but those are your dreams or you can take a wrinkled Pelosi or plump Bush, that would crush that.

   Politics in America has taken a dark turn, that those who voted, do not see. When members of the Senate and Congress vote, pressure from the leaders is applied to pass a bill or reject it. This is seen as normal. But today a free opinion that goes against the grain, is opposed by demotion and you are not part of team. Pelosi and McConnell pressures all to conform and this is the issue. Everyone should be allowed to have an opinion. To vote down or up without repercussions. No opinion is always right, and opposition does bring up flaws that needs to be addressed. A closed system allows no growth. It allows no true diversity, but makes sure that all conform. It allows suppression to the will of the people. Is this a system you want?

   The truth will set you free. But what we have, is politicians influenced by the elite and they shut down any opposition in the ranks, whether it is right or wrong. In a true Democracy this should not exist. All opinions have value, until they do not work instead of suppression. Opinions and political actions based polls or a public shift is led by the few, and for the most part, is always wrong. The Democratic process is not wrong, it is the people who control it, that is. Heed this, as my patience is wearing thin.

   Side Note: The Oscars fight may not be what you see. As Chris Rock leans his head towards his left before the slap comes. Check the video. Who does that, just saying. Where are the welts or redness on Chrisís face? All is not what it seems, as neither will be cancelled.


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