Systematic Racism


Written Jun. 10 11:59 pm EST


   To the media, I warn you again, about molding the conscience of the weak. Weak in spirit, as they lack the fear of God. Weak in education, as they can not discern the truth when heard. Weak as leaders, because they follow without astuteness. So as I heard Don Lemon state on CNN racism is systematic within the police force. So in Minneapolis, racism is the norm, yet they are led by a Black chief? Are you saying the Black chief is a racist, like you say with Trump? The mayor and the state attorney general allows this to happen, and they are Democratic? Higher taxes, insurance rates and loss of jobs, as riots were unchecked? Great leadership, spineless ones.

   You were told, Floyd and Chauvin knew each other, and first this was a personal dispute, but hatred of race played a part. Main stream media buried this on back pages and links, During the confrontation, the rookies feared they would be terminated (blue wall), as none thought a senior officer would kill a Black person with video from all angles rolling. This is the truth.

   There are bad cops, some kill or knock heads, those that are corrupt, are in it for the money, but on the whole most are respective of minorities. You do not throw out the whole for the actions of the few. Run the figures, how many Black people were killed in police hands divided by the number on the force? Few Black people loot and burn down their own neighborhoods. Do you label all the same? Now how many Black people are killed by Black people on the streets divided by population? Do you really want to go they? All killings need to stop. The need is on both sides.

   Yes the police unions need to expunge the dirty, but your coward Democratic leaders refuse to challenge. Wake up, your cities are not run by Trump. It is the Democrats for decades and hatred embedded since the sixties. Not one of you in the media states this. Same lies, new faces. Cummings controlled Baltimore as a Congressman, did the slums get better after 20 years or the education system? Oh and the mayor sells books for bribes. And you wonder why nothing advances? Some say the police are Republicans, but you hired and trained them.

   Modern day slavery starts with the Brits over the past 5 centuries, are you going to attack them? The past is the past, if one in a hundred knows the crimes of the statues you remove, it would be enlightening. The sad part is that almost all of us, are still slaves. The definition of a slave is that he is given only 50% of what the master thinks he or she should earn. Check it. They were property. Just to know, when the young white guys reach and age to explore sex, over sixty years ago, the negro women of that time were raped to fulfill a need. Step out of line and you were lynched. You are enslaved by your finances, but do not see it.

   These are not the times of the past, and remember Jim Crow was the Democrats. What has changed? They get rich on social programs that bring no change, and they laugh in smoke filled room, suckers. The Republicans back the energy industry, but allow so called allies to bankrupt the industry as the Saudis flood the market by design. Short term loss to gain market share, is the plan. This is your reality.

   The police on the whole, like the vast majority of whites are not racists. It is about changing the few, instead of starting new. Idiots place this idea in your head and what is sad, you follow them. Label all as one will be your downfall. Be careful on the path you walk so called leaders and media.


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