Systemic Racism



Written May. 12 1:59 am EST


   During the first half of the 20th century, politicians did not hide their true intentions, to maintain the separation of the races. This has it deep roots in Jim Crow, embedded in the minds of individuals over centuries past from parents to children. This has escalated since the Civil War. A mindset that is still held in the old Democratic Party and many in the Republican Party, as they know how to hide it better than Republicans. Is there not bias within the ranking Democratic Members and their committee assignments? You need not look far, as Pelosi has a stranglehold on AOC and the Squad. She has put them in their place. Well, they are not the brightest bulbs, they are still facing a glass ceiling, until they conform. Racism to a point, but more important, not embracing the deep state, and new world order. They really thought, they could change the power structure in America as rookies.

   With the rise of Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders, there was a great debate in Congress or as the Democratic Party of the fifties. They would joke behind closed doors, in, “the club“. Do we let, the, “ni..ers” rise to our level with God given rights, they don’t have our love of country and the American way. We built this nation. Or is there another way, to hold them down and financially enslave them? Almost all Black people have been called one, even more so today 60 years later, just ask Biden from his KKK days of the seventies, did he say that word in a closed smoke filled room? He had to in the company of KKK US Senator on the down low, according to the Almighty. Nothing has changed, as the divide from poor to the middle class, has widen in rhetoric, but closed in income from handouts instead of hard work. Yes the system has allowed for some to succeed, but not enough. I told you, they would hide behind the pillars of government help. Much is offered, but nothing changes. None of you ask why?

   The government subsidizes food to the poor through the WIC and other programs, yet allows for no change in nutrition. This allows multinational corporations to set a base price for commodities. Once the price is set, because of government demand, and the increase is determined by supplies that is sent overseas to maintain prices. So lets explain.

   Cut supplies here to maintain prices, and then ship the excess overseas, at a price they can afford. This is what the drug industry does. They bleed the consumer dependent upon its buying power and set a price. The excess is sent overseas and distributed at a price they can afford. So your idiot leaders state we need a system to pay what other countries pay. The present system in place, makes sure we pay to ensure the 3rd world receives medicine. You can not have it both ways.

   Big Pharma, Chemical Corporations and Processed Food Corporations have a loose collusion. The latter two create the problem with health issues, and Big Pharma offers the solution in the form of a pill. Get the doctors to over prescribe under the threat of being sued, and you have a business the bleeds, I mean hemorrhage the coffers of this government, and you are none the wiser. Lower the cost here, then we have to support the 3rd world as 100s of thousands die from simple disease. Pick it Biden, you lose both ways. Remember support leads to fraud, as not let any disaster go without making a profit.

   Look at the non profits, they make no money because those who established them, take salaries depleting donations up to 95%. In most cases, friends and families control the purse strings. Why don’t you check the salaries of some leaders in BLM? When you can buy 4 homes on your disposable income, then what is your salary in a charitable organization, and what was the reason for the exponential rise over the last year? Oh, I know, corporate donations thrown blindly as to deflect the call of racism instead of promoting deserving Black employees within their own corporations. What we do not need is yes men with little talent. Then we all lose.

   Cancel culture has seen those easily manipulated, overturn statues of Lincoln and many others. The sad part, he freed your sorry asses. The Queen’s ancestors in England lead the nation that facilitated the slave trade, but you dare not go there. So I ask, why did you let Biden slide? Birds of a feather hang together, he hung with Robert Byrd, who had a KKK title, check it. You have to ask, why the media lets this go? He passed racist legislation, and now he is your hero? You are being played.

   The Republican Party choose to pass, on the hard line to defeat the Civil Rights Bill, covertly President Johnson wanted the bill to be defeated, a surprise to the Democrats, they wanted this legislation to fail, but the nation had to save face. He was a southerner, just like Wallace, the racist pride of Georgia. Johnson was brought on board to pull Southern states, as a negotiated settlement, negating the fear of a Irish Catholic president, but more important the Texas delegates. How did they even think, the Pope would control Kennedy, when he was out of control with his women, just like his brothers?

   So what got Marilyn killed? Kennedy bed talked about taking the United States back from the Federal Reserve, that was controlled by the deep state and the super elite. They printed money at the FED and charged interest to the banks of this nation and bled the profits off. This was illegal, and set up by Wilson, who sold this nation out to those, invisible who control the Bank of England. Kennedy wanted the Fed dissolved and he was killed along with his girl as a warning not heeded. RFK wanted to do the same and was taken out. Ted fell into line, and when a woman died. He was protected as a favor, but was told, he would never be president, which he accepted, but followed protocol. This is the truth.

   The Democrats committed to the filibuster to stop the Civil Rights Act, the effort was spearheaded the powerful Senators Richard Russell, a Democrat, Strong Thurmond, a Democrat, Robert Byrd a KKK associated with Joe Biden, William Fulbright a segregationist and Sam Ervin. Russell started the filibuster in late March 1964, and it would last for 60 working days in the Senate. Look at your history to see, who was the real party of Jim Crow, but you refuse too, why?

   To offer programs on the outside seem to help the poor, were designed to make billions for the politically connected. The good point they see, is that nothing never changes except the level of dependency. This policy is in place today, but slimmed down. There has to be a marginal progress. Why, the need to point to the few that succeed, while the rest are captured in their plight. They have passed laws, so that you keep the population in check, as half of all Black babies are aborted. Now, I want you Black women to think about this. Why would you abort your own child? There are many reasons unspoken. A percentage of the fathers are criminals loose on the streets, many others in jail. Others just like men and infect women transmitting disease. Some have a poor education or no job or cannot be trusted to stay loyal. This is the hidden truth the Black woman faces everyday, but not all, thank God. Ask them, just how few good Black men are available. I ask why? It is the culture. I say cancel that, but you won‘t.

   Children born out of wedlock, as it was almost a date. Now they (fathers) are gone. Your own children push this same culture, reinforced by your music and streets. It is accepted. How many fathers, as they considered the Black woman, just a piece. Do not lie. This happens so many times, but not all. It still happens, but BLM does not address the Black Children lives that matter. And you are ok with this. Before pointing to another, take care of home. Systemic racism, does not cause Black men to treat some women as a piece of ass. Systemic racism is not responsible for the father refusing to support his child. Systemic racism is not responsible for your nasty man sleeping with another woman breaking up the family. Men are weak, but the strong stay with their family. Almost all men make mistakes, it is the resolution of that mistake that counts.

   Education in Democratic Cities needs to shift the mind set to parents, changing the role of education, as an assistant to the teacher. The Democrats have allow the unions to dictate the education of your kids. Let’s look closer. As the Democrats have controlled the education of most Black children in the Northern states, and many in the South for the last century. They do not care, as nothing has changed. Yet you vote for the same mistake, again and again. I hear racism at every turn, but I see that you are in charge. So you as a minority need to examine, how do you handle the inconvenient truth? Rev. King told you so many times, the truth will set you free. Few of you want to hear the truth, but still point to another. No one is going to pull you up, you have to stand up on your own. This is the path God wants you walk, but you keep following those who listen to another to keep you in place. Wake up.

   I ask Minority parents, do you really think teachers in your cities, are offering an inferior education to your children? Think carefully? Go to a mirror and look, and ask, do I push education, as a way to my child’s future, or do I game the system, as your children watch? Some of you dropped out, multiple fathers and cannot understand homework for an 8th grader. And you expect your family to be a part of the 21st century? Some choose to not help your child, as this is the job of the teacher for some. In response, the Democrats lower standards for graduation, if they graduate, and you call this a plan for the future of your children? This is why, they want to eliminate standardized tests, not to protect the student, but hide the failure of their leadership. Know the difference.

   They offer all help, if your son only is an athlete, but with little education. They push forward, and most are broke in six years after earning millions. Why not make all athletes take mandatory financial training to keep their wealth? A lesson in the faults of peer pressure. That is what I would do. This is the future, you perpetuate on your own. Now it is either the Democrats send inferior teachers and schools, or many care little of educating your children to escape poverty? Which is it, as the blame hits home. This is the truth.

   True story, a Black person in my family with a Yale Law degree, Rogue Scholar at Oxford was sitting in the office with a white candidate from a small university and were waiting for the interview. This English firm went to the white person, they thought had the Yale Degree and called him by the Black person’s name. He was passed over. You may change a few things at lower levels, but will never crack the elite. This is racism. You ask what about Oprah, Diddy, West, and many others? Some have soul their souls, but exploit those who follow. The real money controls them. They have with all their money, changed little.

   I don’t know if you are so observant, but communities in Democratic cities are under siege. Obama, you are from Chicago and your Hench man Ron (dead fish) ran your city and then Lightfoot won in a runoff, as if her skill set (common sense) would change things? Newsflash, rioters and criminals do not care what color the leader is, but exploit opportunity. Lightfoot have you changed anything? You listen to idiots, I thought you were smarter than that.

   So no bail, early release, and cutting back the number of the police is in their favor for the neighborhood? Some times as a leader you have to filter out the noise, have you? You say the police are shooting us? I say, you are shooting your selves with little regard for life. You think, this is going to give a benefit of doubt to a criminal, as most are in the dark with a gun? So maybe 7 minority men or women maybe killed in Chicago in a year by the police, which is too many. But it is your own culture kills hundreds in a year, and the police are the problem?

   If you do not put the lives of children killed in your city as a top priority, how do you get respect from the police, when your own kills a child? It is time for you to you to take responsibility for your neighborhood. Can you? You may say, it is the guns looking for a scapegoat, and a way to disarm the populist under orders from the elite. It is your culture in the inner cities, that is the problem, and you want to cancel our culture? You need to face the truth. The sad part, the Democrats including Obama, do not care, how you or your children die in shootouts. Ok, we can defund the police and curb patrols in minority areas, and they will be cut, as you ask. Now you have greater response times. Is this what you want, because the elite want this|? You were herded into this decision. You can not have it both ways. When crime goes out of control, as the criminals hear your message, but you are prey. They will get paid at your expense.

   Drugs has destroy the minority communities and many rural white areas of this nation, as the affect has moved from the inner cities to the suburbs. I ask, how many minority families have been destroyed by the one drug attic? Your own government has allowed drugs to flow to their own citizens. Do you not think the location of all cartels and processing plants and delivery methods are not known to the NSA and CIA? The major banks launder your money. Nothing is easier to control than a nation hooked on drugs. The Mexican cartels look like the winners, and they make money with a few offered up for prison, but they are being used. They are allowed to exist only in name, as the CIA and connected politicians controls all drug trade in this nation. They are allowed to operate. They are the fall guys, when things go south.

   Your lawmakers have proposed social workers, diffuse domestic disputes seems like a great idea, until they get shot, then what, as none one shows? Yes there are times when social workers are needed, it is in a controlled situation. They would bring nothing to a volatile situation, but to lose their lives if things go south. Again let the professionals apprehend the criminal, yes criminals as they run and shoot. This is what many of you seem to forget. Warrants are served to criminals and they run. If you are running with a gun that has been fired, you are a criminal. If you are about to stab another, no matter your age, you are a criminal. You need to know the difference.

   What the police shall be held accountable, is preventable loss of life like Floyd. Harassment on traffic stops, profiling and unless the profile of a person does not fit the description of a armed criminal, no need to shoot for any reason. The law applies both ways in order for it to work.

   I watch you BLM or those who associate with your organization, come up and harass patrons of a restaurant in your cities. Little did you know, they supported your cause, as they were liberals, but you saw the color of their skin. They saw the rottenness in your cause and you lost them. This will increase exponentially. Do you really want to lose them to the cause, as you paint all white people the same?

   Ohio, I ask, if it was your daughter, you would have shot the criminal with the knife. Young, black woman, she was a criminal, willing to take a life. I call what it is, you on the other hand, lie to support what? Our eyes do not lie. So taser, what is the delivery time, since it is spring loaded. What would have happened if one of the electrodes was deflected by a button, belt, buckle? There was no guarantee the taser, would have disabled the teen in time. Although, all of you are now experts in disabling a perpetrator. The cop saw the knife, and the gun was the proper response. A delay could have been two dead instead one, had not action been taken, did you consider that? The bottom line, no teen should threaten their own with a knife leading to death. It is common sense rather than blame the system. God sees all.

   I ask, how do you justify a 16 year old girl pulling a knife to kill another for a dirty room? The foster care system is out of control, a youth choice to settle a family dispute is to knife another and taking their life, and you march against the police? She would have killed the girl in the pink, and the other still would have been shot dead. You are not law in enforcement and slow motion video doses, not predict the actions of others in a split second moment of passion. This is what you fail to realize.

   Your leaders talk of change, but they have been in charge for decades in your cities. I call it, as I see it. What about you? Why do you think money will change things, when it is attitude, and that is free. Never blame another race to correct the past. They are not responsible for the sins of their ancestors. It was Africans that captured their enemies and sold them to the British. They sold them to America, as cheap labor to provide England with cheap cotton. The American south was nothing more than a pawn with the global elite.

   It is your elites, but you do not go after them, but worship, their wealth and persona and blame the innocent common man. Your leaders tell you to push back, I ask, against who, your own cities? Your own, loots and you the taxpayer pays, while they exploit the damages, such fools. Assess insurance and property values after riots. One goes north and the other goes south, now what. Was it worth it?

   Now there is racism that is systemic, but you do not look there. Your schools insure, your children can not compete in the world with a sub standard curriculum, as the goal is a false graduation rate, so you Democrat leaders look good. Asians do just fine, so fine that many elite schools curb entrance. Your kids now with 9th grade math are now going to compete? Graduates with low sets of skills, many GEDs and an influx of competition from people from other countries, who value working hard for a few dollars and show up, do not complain and you do not think, you are being played by your leaders?

   You focus of the death of a few dozen killed by the police. This is tragic, but not the true problem. Yet you do nothing about, the tens of thousands that are killed in your own neighborhoods, by your own people. So this is BLM leadership? Your answer, remove the cops. They will glad to leave the ghetto, and shift them wealthy business and residential areas. You have a double standard. So when riots occur your homes, stores and jobs, they (meaning yourselves) will burn or be destroyed. This is your idea of cancel culture?

   They are just waiting for you, to follow those fools who lead you. Their goal, is that they hope you kill each other. It seems, they are getting their way, by your own actions. The gang and rap culture has a portion of the youth going the wrong way, now there are many, that are young that rises above this. We need many more or a culture shift. You want to cancel culture. Start with the toxic culture, that is in many homes in the inner city, but you won’t and the politicians? They do not care.

   Systemic racism is how they hooked most Blacks on flavored cigarettes, menthol in the first half of the 20th century. As the cigarette of choice was predominantly Kool and Newports. It was the cities that had the highest tax rates on a pack, cutting into the poor pocket books. Hook them and make them pay. Nobody complained about the targeted group, cancer and other poor health issues with sugary diets causing obesity and diabetes. This was by design, as you need to look at population levels of Blacks, has not changed in decades.

   The elite goals for the inner cities, was to dumb down education. Introduce drugs and gun violence thus immobilizing large portions of Black men to self destructive live styles or jail. Increase poor health and death rates due to disease and obesity in the form poor diets. All of these goals have been achieved by the elite, and you are none the wiser. That is systemic racism, as you chase media butterflies.

   Most important you can bring up racism, as your own Blacks shows race hatred to our Asian friends. This is unacceptable for any reason. Covid is a plague on mankind from God, not the Chinese, as they loss over 20 million in the first few months. You cannot ask for all to stop looking at all Black men as criminals, when you call all cops dirty. You can not ask, to stop labeling Black people by the same criteria, when you blame all white people. This has to stop, and your current leaders do not have a clue. If you don’t, there will be a race war, all caused by the toxic talk and media hype. The pendulum swings both ways swiftly in the End Times, but in your short moment of blind power, you fail to see this.

   By the way, keep asking for reparations, because next comes the Japanese and then Native Americans. Tens of millions of Natives were killed and their land stolen. What is that worth? Upset about slavery, sue the Brits. You bitch all the time, but change nothing. This is why your leaders, I mean losers, change nothing. Be careful of what you start.


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