Written Oct. 8 5 pm


   We are at the crossroads with China and Taiwan. Now timing is the only factor. Biden has told us, we have an agreement with the CCP and we also have an agreement to come to the aid of Taiwan with weapons if a threat occurs. We have also been told that China intends to reclaim Taiwan as its territory. So behind closed doors what has China and the US agreed to?

   The CCP has been testing the defensive capabilities of Taiwan air space, protected by US defense weapon systems sold to Taiwan over the decades. They have found out, they are inadequate, as the Chinese air force has grown exponentially. Taiwan does not have the money to protect the nation against China. They are hoping the US will come to their defense. So Biden will protect you, when his son is under the influence of the Chinese government?

   The Chinese are increasing the incursions (frequency and numbers) on Taiwan by design. This is so over time ( tomorrow to 2 years from now), to desensitize the reaction in America. Currently they plan to pay off Taiwanese to fire missiles at their planes to initiate a self defense response then attack.  Biden and the State Department of this nation has adopted the hammer down policy to let Taiwan go to avoid a nuclear global conflict. This is the Chinese and American back door agreement initiated by the State Department with the Military under Milley agreeing to. The attack will mimic today's incursions to limit Taiwan's response time. They will take out missile defense systems first, then military bases and cripple the electrical grid by targeting the power lines near the power plants. It is disruption that is needed, as they will need the generators and transformers later when the take over is complete. Information in and out blocked with a power blackout. Para troopers will be dropped in Taipei among the civilian population insuring a quick surrender. The Taiwan military will not fire on their own. Journalists will be rounded up and many just disappear.  This is the key.

   Biden will say, we need to step back in order to save civilian lives. The critical chip making industry key to this country and the world, now under Chinese control, as they tighten the industrial screws on the Western world. This is his plan. What you will see, is a sell out as the coward he is and now millions will flee per back door agreement already in place. It is about optics, China gets its territory back, your factories there continue to produce and America admits the refugees. The elite see this as a win-win. They will come here. In this case, most have money, educated and will add to this country.

   Biden has no agenda to protect Taiwan, as his son is bought and paid for by China.  A no talent artist gets 500k for paintings, that a kid could paint and he shows up at parties with a nod. You are idiots. The Clintons used a charity to get paid for influence. The Bush family used the CIA to smuggle drugs into the US and their pawn Noriega goes to jail. Now Hunter uses his paint brush.

   Know this. Biden takes orders from the State Department and when a world conflict, which Xi will start now with first strike capabilities as the US slept, will get their way by design. You the American people are none the wiser, as Taiwan falls. Be careful, as they plan to come here next.


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