The Pelosi Trip




Written 8/3 11:59 am EST


   All is not what it seems with the Pelosi trip, now that it is over. The false media has presented that the Pelosi trip is consistent with the current US policy, yet why the early release, the Biden Administration was against the trip? I thought Blinken was Secretary of State in charge of foreign policy considering the Chinese threats against the US and firms based on their land. Is Pelosi making a move for president. Insiders know Biden’s cognitive abilities has decreased exponentially and he cannot run in 2024, yet the media debates in ignorance. This was at the Hand of the Almighty.

   Kamala has been told not to run or to throw the 2024 primary election with gaffs. This was the agreement she signed to become vice president. If Biden resigns, Kamala is to let succession process to bypass her for Pelosi. No Black woman will be president, Obama was the first and only and did nothing to change the plight in the inner cities. This was an offer she could not refuse, no matter what is said in the media. So with no power to promise protection for Taiwan, what was the purpose of the Pelosi trip?

   There was no purpose for the people of Taiwan, but optics of defiance to the Chinese government, but behind the scenes, Pelosi who is new world order poked the dragon by design. Did the media reveal any new agreements, content of talks or defense initiatives, no. The Chinese already designed a response not for Pelosi, but to test how a blockade of Taiwan would work. First to see what the US response would be, which was none. As all they considered safe passage for Pelosi. Second the logistics needed to supply all ships in the blockade and the need for aircraft carrier off the eastern side of Taiwan. So what is the current plan coming from Beijing?

   China has told the world so many times, it considers Taiwan a breakaway territory and will take it back with the threat of war. The west ignores this. The Biden Administration has been told to move the top semiconductor plant to the US, but has done nothing. So the current goal of the Biden Administration is to cripple world supplies of advanced chip when the Chinese invade? Industries would collapse.

   Invasion is not the plan as loss of life would paint the Chinese just like the Russians in Ukraine. They will blockade the island from all air and ship traffic in and out. The point if Taiwan attacks the blockade the Chinese are seen as protecting themselves. As for the US they are interfering with Chinese domestic policy, no matter their views on Taiwan as a sovereign nation. Remember, Taiwan was part of China and when the communists won the defeated forces aligned with the west was offered protection by the US Navy and Douglas MacArthur. He was betrayed by US Administration for the Military Complex just like Patton. Let it be known. Communist China was not equipped to go to war in the late 40‘s against the US, but they are now. The US can not hit blockade ships or shoot down aircraft, as this is an act of war. Their hands are tied. Again the Biden Administration is the paper tiger.

   The blockade will inhibit loss of life, crush the global supply of chips, shut down food and energy supplies and when earthquakes increase, the island will be crushed. Have you not learned from Vietnam? You will have to let the island go, but there are options as to move the semi conductor industry off shore quietly. Again this is a US operation, not a new world order EU. Between the designed Nordic 1 gas shortage and the soon to come tidal flooding, the EU will fall to the Russians by their own choice.

To the people of Taiwan, bring your best to the US now, as you have little time. The Biden Administration will let China take your island with out a fight, they are cowards first, but it is all about the money. Move now when you have strength, move after the blockage, you are just another refugee unless rich.

   Pelosi came with no solutions to prevent a Chinese takeover, but offered hope in the optics of the media to a naive common citizen in Taiwan. This is the deceit. The sad part, most in the US media sees this coming, but again as cowards they refuse to tell the truth. You know what is coming. You were given a great talent by God and I ask you what have you done with it? Enriched your selves or inform the people? Again this is a personal choice. Choose wisely, as some have already.


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