The Tamir Grand Jury Decision


Written Dec 28 11:00 PM EST 

   As the nation takes in the Grand Jury decision on Tamir, it is time to reflect. This is where Black Lives Matters should protest, but you don't with the same passion in other areas that do not need your efforts, why? This is why you send a double message to America, which divides. Again it is all lives matter, but again you do not see the big picture.

   There are many questions. Where is the audio of the dispatch? Was there an omission of juvenile and fake gun? When the officers approached was there eminent threat, no. If so the cruiser would not have pull up and next to Tamir. If his life was threaten, then why stop in front of Tamir and more important exit the vehicle? If you were trained do you not survey the situation those in jeopardy and threats before proceeding? You considered it safe, but to justify your shooting you words projected another scenario.

   The burning question is why would a parent of a black inner city child give him a pellet gun and allow him out in the street? For some reason the Black community ignores the cause and concentrates on the effect. Why did he not point and freeze the gun at the approaching cruiser and fire? That is a threat. Why do you say as an officer you gave a warning, yet your words when spoken would elapse the time of arrival of your shots to the boy's torso? You say he looked 18, but the pictures show a child. Who is lying the pictures or you? As a child Tamir played ignoring you, but you say he was a threat. You are lying, as a trained officer choose to ignore what your eyes showed you, as there was no threat except in your mind. The video shows the Truth yet the prosecutor in charge moved the Grand jury to dismiss charges. You will wish you were convicted.

   This was an innocent child that was killed by an overaggressive officer and he knows it as does the Almighty for He sees his soul. Justice is not being served by those assigned to protect the people and this injustice has tipped the balance. First is by a total disregard for life when all saw the video tape, but you chose to ignore the Truth. I ask, why did we not hear the 911 call, and then the dispatch call, for it is here you will find the Truth. This is this message.

   The Almighty speaks, I Am your Father and Tamir was my child. Your Justice system has allowed a lie to validate a murder for that is what it was. You will know My wrath as each and everyone from the shooter to the prosecutor, to those who harbored hate within their hearts that allowed the jury to dismiss this case. I will serve justice to those who snuff out and impeded justice. Beg forgiveness to My Son. Admit to world your injustice. For if not, the life I gave you, I shall take away and justice will be served.

   The Almighty has spoken and I have nothing to add.

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