Bidenís Tax Increases

Is this Good for America



Written Mar. 17 12:45 am EST


   You were told, I had no verification from the Almighty before the election, like in 2015. Trump was not guaranteed, he was going to win the election, check it. While other sites stated different. You know who they are. I told you, that it was my request that the nation would never believe, that there lives would be better under Trump instead of a fresh look from Biden. They would have to live it. Under the constant narrative of Racism, a real problem, but again after 60 years in the cities, nothing has changed. Politicians seem to address the problem, but all issues remain in place. Poor schools, improvised neighbors, poor nutrition, little health care. Can you back this? So it was enacted, let them run the country and the left will see their mistakes. All need to give the man a chance.

   The border is out of control. They say the Trump Administration shut down centers and resources at the border. That is true. So the problem was created by Trump. I love the spin. Trump shut down the border and not to be wasteful, closed centers, that were no longer needed as the flow of illegals was cut. So you as Democrats, would have wasted tax dollars to keep open unused facilities?

   You opened the border, yet had no plans in place for the surge, as if words will stop them. The cartels are making billions off of your folly. Bribes, weapons acquired will cement their strength in Mexico and Central America. You have empowered them. All of you knew, Trump shut down migrant facilities, as if you were not unaware. The surprise was the movement of the migrant migration in step with the election of Biden, created a surge. You can point to no one, but yourselves or lie. Now you have to know, the new world order is throwing your Administration under the bus with those tee shirts. Enough of this, lets focus on your next problem.

   Biden has announced, he is raising taxes on corporations and the rich, and some of the Democrats are pushing back, why? So what will corporations do to maintain their bottom line, that affects corporate leaders stock options? They will first cut employment, if that does not work, they will increased efficiency or move jobs overseas, then they will increase prices. Did you, Democrats increase the tax rate on capital gains, no! As this would affect their true wealth. They lie to you. You will pay the price as it eventually falls on you, the American public.

   Please look at the bigger picture, instead of their lying words. Raise taxes, and pass it onto the consumer. This is a fact of life, that has not changed over the centuries. Biden will change nothing. Black people, little has changed since the promises of the sixties, and like a battered wife you stay. They screwed the progressives when they won, just like they did to you over the years. Lesson, they just did it to their own.

   So as they tell you, they will tax the rich and corporations, your jobs will disappear. Wages will stagnate or you can retire. Inflation on all goods will crush any gain, you hope to gain by the previous tax cuts. Without any increased demand, gas prices continue to rise today. Is it a precursor? Is there a greed collusion between the Administration to let prices rise in order to provide capital to divest out of the fossil fuel industry on the backs of the taxpayers? Why, because they cannot control waste and fraud. It is a Ponzi scheme?

   What is the best part, inflation maintains the position of the elite and the poor and middle class get squeezed. Add in the market players, which are slowing investments, and adding hedged short positions to their stock portfolio, as the general public continues to buy into a stagnant economy due to tax increases, buoyed by media investment strategies. The market falls and the massive drop in value is transferred to the elite. You are none the wiser, as America is fleeced. These are your leaders.

   By the way, no need for low skilled workers, so why is Biden inviting them? After the border incompetence, I see this, tax increases, as strike two. He is not a white hat, as you were led to believe, but a Trojan Horse. It is his actions that count, not words. Election day, Jan. 6, March 4, just how many times does your face need to be slapped, before you wake up?


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