Disaster in Texas



Written Feb. 23 1 am EST

   As you reflect on misery of Texas due to storm after storm, we as a nation must pull together, what happened will only intensify over the coming months in new unexpected forms. You were told of these times, but what was held back, is that all will seem normal. I have told you so many times, those that lead you, are not telling you the truth, but you have to discern it. There is always be doubt, as to not shift the salvation of souls to the dark one and his new world order, “Globalism”. You must choose, there will be no definitive confirmation. Use your eyes and mind that God gave you. You need to trust your gut. If they told you, then what? Then strong would ravage the weak, and turn you out of revenge to the dark one. Is this what you want? Rape and simple murder would be boy scout crimes.

   So exactly, how is climate change shifting extreme cold to the south of our nation? Are there winds shifting due south from the polar region when you know they move west to east with subtle bends. Then the trend reverses and there is extreme warmth penetrating from the tropical Gulf to the north. Why is that? What are, they not telling you? Why the sudden interest in Mars by the US, China and Middle East, escape plan? Just know the US sent two probes, the one you see and another to a classified Mars site Cydonia to beat the Chinese and Arabs.

   The earth wobble is not yet detectable to the common man, as most are in lock down and have other problems. If you examine the jet stream over the United States it seems to dip and then retreat to the north in shorter time cycles and the amplitude more extreme, check it. No one expected below zero sustained temperatures in Texas for any reason. The broken pipes caused more damage than any hurricane, and the public is none the wiser. What utility raises prices during a crisis by thousands of dollars, and Biden has your back? You seem to think as a human, you can control your destiny, correction God does and your actions towards each other. So lets address the media lies about the grid.

   Yes, Texas has a maximum capacity to provide 25% of the power to the state with wind, but at the time before the crisis only 10% was online due to demand, which shifted up. So what happened? I told you wind power generation was iffy, solar panels covered with dust or snow, now you see. The freezing of the wind power turbines caused the rest of the grid to scale back due to the large loss of mega watts. As no wind power of the 25% was available even though 40% was being used. An overload due to the demand would have crippled the grid, if not checked. So the wise decision was black out certain areas by design, not failure, to stabilize the grid and provide power to some on a rotating basis. Why did not Biden step in? He did, as he gave the order to maintain power in the core cities and let the poor areas freeze for days. This is a fact, yet cannot be proven. But your eyes do not lie, as you saw the city lights in unoccupied buildings due to Covid 19, what a waste. So Biden, would you like a do over for those children that perished? Yes the frozen wind turbines were the cause, but to blame fossil plants going off line, as if they failed, was a lie in the media. Had they were not shut down, the whole grid would have failed. These are you lying leaders and media, as they are scripted.

   What about Cruz leaving? What about it. Is he a power generation expert, or a useless talking mouth in this particular case. He offers no solution. Grow up, as you are so petty. Oh I get it, you need a politician to hold your hand.  

   As for Mars, yes the Anunnaki underground bases are still there for you to set up shop, but you already know this. Will you be stopped? No. Can and will you return to earth, yes, some of you. That is all I will say, roll the dice or you have another choice. Just know another site states the race to place probes on Mars was to measure the path and velocity of Nibiru on 2/28. No one sends 3 probes to measure when costs can be shared for one. Was this not stated. You race to stake a claim, not observe. The path of Nibiru has many variants that affects its path not known to mankind. Observation will still be a guess. God loves sinners, satan tortures them, again this is your choice.


Update Feb. 27 1 am EST


   The Texas disaster has unfolded and the debate continues to rage in backrooms, as those promoting clean energy point fingers. Have any of you in the media questioned, what is being fed to you? It was confirmed the grid was minutes away from collapse and generators taken offline to reduce demand by design. Do you really think the gas lines in Texas all used warm weather pumps, sensors and controls different from the rest of the country. If so, it would have cost more for what is standard. The gas flow entering the generator rooms in power plants that were heated, had no issues. So why was the flow of gas cutback?

   You all have heard the term, never let a good disaster go to waste. Energy companies claiming flow disruption could exploit the situation, by design to help the power producer to gouge their customers. All power companies purchase long term gas and coal futures to stabilize fuel costs. They are not stupid. This is a fact. Yet you allowed, the media to push the lie, that the power companies were absorbing massive losses as the perceived cost of natural gas is passed down to their customers. The perception the public was given, wholesale gas costs was based on the volatile gas spot market prices. It was not, but excuse allowed justification for bills over $10,000. This was the norm for consumers, that had plans based on market demand. Did corporate suffer the same fate? Why did coal and nuclear plants have issues, when their fuel was on location? Some one made a lot of money. This is a fact, as the Biden Administration buys the excuses. Yesterday we heard, “today we are here as Americans”. Yes elite Americans and you. I heard no plans, while you were briefed and your wife can surely hand out food, which was nice. Where is Warren and Bernie? Is this the Administration that has your back?

   The narrative was that the controls froze and gas, coal turbines and a nuclear plant went offline or were all natural gas flows reduced by design under the guise of frozen controls on the outside pipelines, which should have stopped all flows. Those controls, did you check what the temperature tolerances of those devices are? No. You took their word. Do not fall for the lie, the controls were all just updated. Check the fittings to stop a bait and switch. The result could have been a massive increase in profits during a disaster, where all customers were captive. If there is a bailout, you the taxpayer pays and the elite takes another slice out of the American pie. You choose, as most of you are still none the wiser.


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