We the People




Written Jan. 28 10pm EST


   What is your government telling you by their actions, that you the people do not get the massage? The Republicans are known to protect the interests of the rich. This you know, the Democrats are seen as the defenders of the weak, the poor and those seeking a better life from, abroad. So how can we get to the Truth?

   In the South when you are a racist all know as they state this to your face. In the north they hide behind a false façade and speak about their true feelings behind closed doors as they exposed Trump. No one stated what the others said in the room as Trump was made to feel comfortable. Lindsey, what did you laugh about as you drop the dime to the press, traitor? This is a fact. Trump was told the new world order infiltrated his closest ranks before he was elected. Did he pay attention to my words, sometimes, but he always knows better. Hard lesson Trump, because all are saying to you in the meeting their true feelings, but when leaked it is you that pays the price. You need to muzzle Graham the traitor or you when impeachment proceedings may be presented by Graham, who will try to crush you. This is his plan.

   The Democrats do not seem to help the rich, covertly they do. The elite have always covered both sides when choosing to covertly controlling a government. Has the Democrats offered educational classes to the imprisoned for low level offenses to educate them with real world skills so they never return? No. The simple process is to reduce time served with a completion of a degree according to the standards of those free in our college system. The Democrats will not do this as they want dependency to continue. They allow a flow of illegals to set a bottom wage for our poor. It is about supply and demand under the guise of helping the poor who they care not for, just ask the Blacks who lived her for centuries that saw their jobs replaced by cheap labor as it happen in my family with an pseudo in-law. If you cannot correct the problems for you’re your own then you are lying by offering a solution for those who are not one of us. This is the Truth.

  The agreement to fix DACA is important, but it is also common sense to stop the flow. To use a wall as racist is a lie. Not one of you would allow the unwanted to stay in your home if broken into, but you do as the United States is your home. We have laws, which you as representatives vowed to protect. Since when under the guise of humanity you allow this to continue. I say this; I will crush all of plans as you quote the needs of past centuries we accept all. These are not our needs now. Your lack of being able to comprehend the present needs of our country shows you need to be replaced according to the current needs of our nation. Black employment reached record lows only because illegals are now afraid to come here and they are the alternative to cheap labor, which you allowed, spin that.

   The wall will not stop all of it, but we have had a problem for decades, which has not been solved. The Democrats will use racism to stop the border wall as lower wages increased public services as this is their goal. When leave office they set up organizations to assist the poor for covert profit. This is their game. This will change and if you don’t, the Almighty will. He will give all knowledge and all power to me to change this after the warning. Polarization is the plan. It is not about all coming together, but choosing that which embraces God. Make your choice as the harvest is now upon your world.


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