As you Look upon this World

Scientists do not be Fooled



Written Apr 15


   All of mankind has wondered in the complexity of life on this world, yet so many questions have emerged. You as scientists have your theories and sometimes it is pride that prevents you from grasping the total picture of life. Only within the last several centuries are you aware of the realms outside of your planet. Your science has no idea of the secrets of the universe and your theories are just guesses already disproved in the black project labs of the former G-8, but some of you continue to lie to the world.
   It not about bringing down your ideas hard as to redirect it so that you offer a solution on a simplistic basis, baby steps to guide the scientific world when no one has all the answers. This is the goal.

   I want all you to visualize a big bang and compare two scenarios. One where there is a singularity as a complex super condensed sub atomic particle to where space, time and the universe created already exists. Letís examine the truth? Remember without time progression to your expansion cannot form. This is contradictory to your basic laws as a single sub atomic particle creating an expanding mass and space itself.  On the other hand a single mass equal to that of one or a few galaxies with all elements, gravity in place as described here with the other forces in the form of a massive black hole then explodes in a sector of an existing universe is a viable option.

   Letís educate you. You will now be to taken to the next level and expand your horizons you as individuals and at your own pace as you asked for, so that the secrets of the universe can unfold within your minds for a greater purpose. If you have doubts that there is nothing of value here, then close this page.

   I ask you consider the first step to expand your mind and that requires a blank page. If not, you cannot move forward. Yes I am asking you to discard all that humanity has taught you in the formation of the universe and gravity for it is flawed and start from and you need a new perspective in order to understand how the universe works and that there is a God. Again if these words bring fear, hate, arrogance or pride leave. Letís not waste your time or Godís. It is not required that you believe in God, but have an open mind.

   My Creator and for some of you, yours, gave you the most revered scientists Michael Angelo, Newton, Einstein and imbedded the simple clues to how the universe works, but as all of you realize they were incomplete like the Unified Field Theory now simplistic and solved as an original concept of the Grant Chronicles. Showing that gravity, repulsion, magnetism, nuclear, vibratory force of an atom does share common aspects of the elemental nuclear core polarized or in a neutral state. This was not by accident.

   Einstein gave you the simplistic rudimentary formula explaining the complex relationship between mass, the speed of light, and energy. Again this was incomplete as one tried to comprehend the creation of God and how energy and mass transform into opposing states based on the static squared component of the velocity of light. He was only given small parts to the puzzle. Did this include the complex relationship of gravity as to the compression of mass when applying this formula to the big bang? No.

   Again gravity is a flow of sub atomic particles moving towards a core of a mass. The core once overloaded expels these same gravity particles in pulsing streams primarily along the equatorial plane 90 degrees to the pivot of the rotational axis (point of least resistance) of object whether spherical or irregular in shape. This is what creates the rotation of planets around suns or moons around planets. You see the streams I the arms of galaxies as the have many stars to mark the edges of the streams as arms moving front of the force. A repulsion particles cut through any mass near the surface of the originating mass but in many cases have a rotational velocity that not only pushes an object to a particular balance from the source, as these same streams push another core with its stream away to a certain degree creating a balance and the sweeping stream interact with the core of the satellite pushing it with a velocity creating an orbit not as the perfect orbital velocity and distance to maintain orbit with it mass. This theory is nonsense as any anomaly could cause an imbalance. Does not, the earth and the moon gain mass and friction to a lesser degree caused by the solar wind lessen as the Sun losses mass?

   It is the return of the gravity sub atomic particle to any mass core that when combined with an almost infinite particle flow that creates a gravitational field. This does not differentiate, but flow due to the strength of the attractive core dictated by mass, compression of spatial 3 dimensional of the mass which controls the turnover rate of gravity to repulsion particle and in some cases temporal influence due to density shifting between parallel universes controlling the local spatial area of the dominate mass. It is this process that applies a force as they passing through a mass on the way to the nearest dominate mass, but is affected by others to a lesser degree. The resistance based on the complexities of the matter organic or inorganic creates a force towards the core of the mass. Away from the surface the mass falls, on the surface this translates to weight. Only when there is a field concentration diminishes and where there is a basic balance of repulsion and gravity particles any mass caught in this field is weightless. The concept of gravity and weightlessness of mass in space becomes a reality.

   There is no magically attraction between the two masses as you confused the concept of magnetism with gravity. Your science in the public arena has yet to discover, but your counterpart black programs are several centuries in front of academia, so sad.

   Now visualize the Big Bang as you know it. Your first flaw is that gravity is a force between two masses, yet your fundamental theory states a singularity at the inception of time and space. Your theory is a lie. If the mass is stable and gravity is dependant upon mass, but in your case there needs to be two masses for your equation and you have one, the singularity as these are your words, your theories. Zero as a factor for M2 yields no gravitation force. No matter how you spin it. We have two constants M at rest and C which does not exist, what imbalance caused the explosion? You state we have expansion at the maximum the speed of light which you have established as a constant. If there is no design, space or universe why would random particles of light once released behave to create waves and a defined velocity if this was a random event? But before you even begin to explain the flaws you have to address the prime question, creation of the singularity as you state on its own mass cannot be created or destroyed.

   So the equation according to you laws of earth, states energy must balance mass as a factor of the square of the velocity of light, but mass when compressed does reach a static base before expanding. This is the principle of a black hole and its resultant localized explosion creating your galaxies. The mass of the universe cannot be compressed with all its complexities of atoms, principles to govern basic life in all of its varieties and creates a balanced system of creation and extinction on all levels of life, planets, moons, suns, galaxies and the universe. You see this on earth and you think the universe would be different? You state space and time was initiated at the big bang, but you are told in ancient texts it has always existed like the universe.

   Your cosmic microwave background that you mistake as proof of the big bang is the resultant of many galaxies expanding from a black hole as your equipment sees only the total pattern and not the complex individual signatures contributed over time. How could you, as your knowledge of the universal family of sub atomic particles is beyond your present knowledge in all forms of earth society. So complex is the concept of time your knowledge can only comprehend its passage. When unlocking the secrets of the universe you are still infants as you still start a plane to describe three dimensional space for a distortion your wormholes which can not exist according to your theories. Black holes the most powerful gravitational source only captures matter and cannot fold an area of space and time towards it that is thousands to millions of light years away yet you believe a wormhole has a gravity source that can bridge distant areas by this same folding, but your telescopes do not confirm this. Worse, you think you can transverse it, how pathetic.

   When you experiment does an explosion of mass distort a localized reference of space and time? Again no and you cannot recreate this in any lab even on a simplistic level. So a loss of mass must support the energy of the expansion of the universe. Ask again, exactly how does a singularity create 3 dimensional space, which did not exist before your big bang? Oh the singularity has the ability to create, which I guess is how you think life sprang from essentially rocks with the ability to recreate, grow, eat, expel waste and mutate and a simplistic genetic code. All functions are in place at the same time, and this was random.

   Now examine your best scientistís equation E = MC2 and apply it to your big bang. The singularity of mass at the dawn of time is a constant and does not shrink due to gravity as gravity cannot exist without another mass and as mass approaches zero as you would like to believe again is static. There is an explosion, but how if mass shrinks and light does not exist? The problem is that C2 does not exist before your explosions so lets look at the equation now, E/C2 = M the singularity. The energy that created your cosmic background could not come from a singularity as too much mass would have been needed to convert the energy to balance your equation. With that gravity now diffused as it could not exist according to your current theories as the core to which the singularity expanded from only grows weaker so your theory of a universe that expands and contracts has no basis.

   Oh but some of you now change the story and say the nuclear force of the singularity exploded, but what caused the instability to break nuclear bonds? This achieved by fission or fusion needing another particle, but you say ďsingularityĒ. Thus this discounts another of your explanations. Now faced with the truth you can ignore this and hang on to current earth theories or move forward. This is your choice. Remember that these words here are not written for those in the advanced black project labs, the public or academia will never see their research or theories.

   Now that your precious theories as the creation of this universe are in jeopardy, I offer you the Truth or you can stay in denial. It is true that there was a big bang helps create the universe, but it is segmented. Yes portions do expand and contract, but not by your reasoning. God created the universe as you will soon learn this at the Warning.

   I understand how you as scientists see your selves as the pinnacle of knowledge as you have much to learn young pups. All that is being asked is to keep an open mind. If these papers were marked Top Secret and were known to have been smuggled out of old Area 51, you would hang on every word. You are being told more than most of the scientist that worked there, here. Only those who work for the puppet master with technology skimmed off the top from the US Government as they know no better when they are told a lie by their prime contractors. Do you really think generals that you have the best? Those you hire quickly access the best technology .5% and keep it for themselves as nations fall and rise, but families and certain corporations go on and evolve. Has history taught you anything? What you paid for will soon rule your legislative branch and influence the other two branches of this nation as the new world order. As the Russians and Chinese have a new power source small, light weight rechargeable in a few minutes to power iron man body armor and the EU and Middle East shall fall. You have been betrayed. Too late, they are 200 years in front of your best and the puppet master has turned this over to a new power that will shortly emerge. Now enough of the negative letís focus a new prospective concerning the creation of this universe and life.

 Letís talk about alien life which this country has been working with since the Forties as did the Germans. They hint that changes revealing life on other world will be able to be proved within the next ten years, but they lie. They may talk about those from the 12th planet creating improvements in early man for slave labor and this is true, but early man does not have a genetic link to modern man. Let you know this, it was not genetics that caused a change, but rape and the surviving mutants were larger and stronger and bred with the native population as the stronger. It is not about that you can handle other life forms. It is about the technology gains and corporate greed they have enjoyed over many decades.

   Many have seen and verified other life forms and the US has bodies and interacts with live representatives today. Many who tried to reveal the truth have been killed. Not Kennedy as you would like to believe as this was a cover story for the planned elimination of the Federal Reserve by Executive Order that crushes this nation with private debt. Research it as a president must have proof and that proof can always be debunked, but shut down the flow of interest to the various families that rule this earth, that is death no matter who it is. Wars whether as a threat to its people real or invented is used to increase debt. This is and always has been the plan.

   Shortly like the earth changes will affect the United States in a devastating way as quakes move from the precursors now occurring in Okalahoma and the surrounding states will suddenly and continuously release tension on the New Madrid fault killing thousands. USGS monitoring has just seen a huge up tick in the signs of a major quake to come so the US has closed several stores per agreement previously made for fortifications, communications and generator upgrades under national security to be a regional base of FEMA operations if or when needed over the next 6 months under the guise of plumbing repairs. This is a good thing. When earth changes become major there will be a diversion, you will be told we have discovered life on another world just like Columbus who knew there was a new world from ancient maps stolen from Alexandria and rumors from the Nordics. When the ships appear do not accept an invitation for research. It is a trap. As you, are being told this in advance. You have no clue as to the level of deceit. This will be the same group that helped the SS before WW2. The goal is to break down the spirit and soul of a human to where, he will do anything to survive and then once that choice is forged. Thus you be an example in a horrific exhibition beyond your comprehension to turn others. This will be your fate. Heed these words.

   You as scientists will shortly be asked to lie to the world toning down events and predictions to protect the elite as anxiety of the earth changes rise to a level of true fear for all. You have been shown when the public finds out you have mislead the people of this world to protect the few, when forced the government provides a scapegoat, this will be you. You will be told this must be done to prevent panic. When you lie and the truth is still revealed with plenty of time, then what could have been a controlled panic, as those who trust the media will be caught off guard.

   Many in this nation have prepped seriously for the last decade and sense the Truth. Many of your colleagues talk privately about this and you in the media are on pins and needle as to when to run. To lie to them that it will pass mildly as you try and secure a place in the bunkers, you will be placed that will been known to flood or collapse killing all of you during the many quakes that are coming. This is the plan they have for those who will turn on their own as cowards. They are asking you to lie and you think they are telling you the truth as a pawn? They are hiding the Truth.

    For some of you know there is advanced life and for others you hope. I ask then why do you discount the existence of the greatest life form, God Almighty the creator of the universe? All that is being ask is to keep an open mind and do not lie for the government when addressing the people of this nation for any reason.

   When the second sun appears in the sky you will know the comet impact in the Atlantic is close. This will be the Warning. Upon impact the skies will roll back like a scroll and all on earth will shake to the core of their being. A red mystical light will envelope all and your body have a weird glow but vary person to person. It is here that all will be in a trance for 15 minutes feeling a burning sensation and God, Jesus the Son of man will be revealed to all and the answer some of basic questions for mankind, embrace it.

   If I was you I would acquire clothing to survive 30 to 50 below, a 10 day supply of food and water protected from freezing, plastic tarps and gorilla tape to close off outside air flow. If you can prep the windows to be covered with pre cut ĺ plywood sheets that can be installed in an emergency. If there is a knock at the door donít answer for no human caught in the open will survive once the comet dust starts to settle. If you tell your family they will bring more, loose lips, prepare as you will not be able to turn them away when facing death.

   If you are of faith then I would ask forgiveness of my sins as the cleansing (burning) will not be as severe. You are scientist and will finally be given the proof you need. Let no man take this away from you as the agents of the dark side will state you were in one big communal dream. This is a lie and most of all do not fear death. When you transform you will not hold any allegiance to earth, but will have an immense feeling of love and sorrow for those still on earth in peril. It shall be you in the West that has the greatest surprise for nothing will be as you envisioned. You in the media take notice.


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