The Russian Threat Continues



Written Mar. 4 10:50 pm EST


   As the War continues, we hear impotent speeches first from our UN representative. Really I ask, exactly what were you, Linda trying to accomplish with that poorly written speech you read from? Oh, and your delivery, just boring as Putin you assume shakes in his boots. Blinken followed in Brussels with no clear plan. You really think Putin is going to listen to or fear their words? You can not even understand why Putin would do this, when the world is against him. He has no plans to bow down to the world. He plans on taking it. This is what you do not understand. China will give him what ever he needs to accomplish this task. Money, weapons even the Chinese army. I ask you, then what?

   This is not a game. This is not where you can consult with think tanks to negotiate your way out of this. He told you I am not attacking the people of Ukraine, but the comic asks them to fight knowing they will be targets along with their homes. Look at the damage as you discuss a false peace. This is the same tactic that shall lead to the fall of Europe. Putin will use a nuclear weapons, as you have given the Russian leader no way out and you plan to destroy his country in the eyes of the world and monetarily. You really think settling with you is an option. No, his option is to win and destroy you in the end, by any means necessary. It only takes 1 nuke to hit a major city for your leaderís knees to buckle. The limited response from Biden on abandoned nuke silos with low yield tactical nukes. He will risk it all, and you will beg him to stop. Is this picture clear in your minds weak ones?

   You propose crushing all Russian oil and gas imports without viable replacements here first and then in Europe, just brilliant. Now you sound like AOC. So in your error to control Putin as you have failed, you expect the common man in America to pay at the gas pump as speculators make billions on the commodities spot and futures markets. You know Biden can put in limit up restrictions and remove traders with the goal to profit instead of a hedge, but he wonít do that. Now you wonít remove regulations temporally here in America by you Biden under emergency action that would take deep bites out of oil shortages. You can not even get the Saudis to pump, pathetic. Thatís right, you and the Democratic Party think your words and our sacrifice, not yours will win over your lies. You do know many Americans will know Climate Change is a lie when they look to the sky and the Mississippi splits shortly. Then what?

   Russians will continue to take over nuclear plants, as not to shut them down, but to limit the electrical grid to marginal performance and power generation. Shutting it down would bring worldwide anger, but a reduction would make life in Ukraine unbearable. This is the goal. I told you, corner a rat and he attacks, beware. Putin and Xi are guided by the dark one and the West will not win and fall to the new world order. Many in the West are working on the opposing side led by the same dark one, again beware. Your leaders are corrupt and do not have a clue. Why are they sending Kamala to Poland? It surely is not for leadership or comfort. We hear all must sacrifice, that is fine. But you made the mistake on the world stage. What we do not need to hear from EU leaders is, that America needs to know its place, if so protect your selves. Heed this. We as a nation needs to awaken before it is too late.


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