A Threat to Democracy

Where is the Truth?



Written Jun 6 11:59 pm EST

Let Us Honor and Remember Those Heroes Who Died for US in Normandy D-Day

   Lets examine current political statements without regard to who said it. What will not happen in this nation, will be the rise of White Supremacy. Do you really think rallies of a certain group people waving old confederate flags is a serious threat to this nation? Is this a joke? They are annoyance, which needs to be shut down by law enforcement. What is a real threat is the administration sending long range missiles to Ukraine allowing deep Russian targets to be hit. If the wrong locations are hit, this could lead to WW3 or a limited escalation involving more EU countries. This is a real threat, not a truck filled with good old boys waving flags and spewing racial hate to this nation. Yes minorities will be irritated or worse with good reason, but a Ukraine mistake would invoke retaliation killing 100s of millions. Which is worse?

   The media has weaponized opinions against the American public. Glorifies a wrongful criminal death and your cities burn down. Reduce penalties against criminals and now many brick and mortar stores abandon the inner cities. Jobs lost and access to services reduced. The threat to the nation was the police, when removed by design, law and order within the cities collapsed. No one took responsibility. As a black parent are you ok with your kids to grow up just like Floyd? The sad truth in the hood, when caught up with law enforcement, the last thing you should do is run or resist when innocent. You do not give your children fake guns to play in the park. You do have rights, but you do not have the right to be a bitch with an attitude to law enforcement when stopped. This is how events escalate, which you control.

   We hear a lot of rhetoric about being a dictator or revenge in this election. Rights being taken and suspension of the Constitution for some of our citizens. First, those words should have never been spoken for any reason. Where is the respect for the office? Nor should the media exaggerate the statement, knowing what was meant by the statement for political purposes. The dark day of Jan. 6th was no threat to this nation, just a disgrace. Pelosi turned down assistance from DC police and there is emergency high speed underground rail system in place for nuclear attack. It was never activated. If this was a real coup, the US Military and Secret Service would have shut it down in minutes and killed all who posed a threat. This is the political deceit being spun.

   The threat to America is the Ukraine unwinable conflict, which could lead to a wider war sparking WW3 with Russia. The threat to America is the Chinese now courting EU nations, as an alternate to America and NATO. The threat to America is the weaponizing of the China Sea to control the region and the enforced acquisition of Taiwan. There is no real threat from old white supremacists and a the small number of a racial insensitive policemen in the total of law enforcement, the greatest threats needs to be addressed for the future of this nation as 50 million lives are at risk not a hundred.

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