Your Time is Up




Written Feb. 19 11:59pm EST


   I have told you that the Chastisements and Great Chastisements shortly after the warning will last only a year and start quickly in the 3rd world and spread to the Western nations as the Almighty said there would be no flesh left when Jesus comes if not shorten. You were also told, the End Times would be a series of events over a 7 year period started when Jesus opened the first seal, which occurred on Feb. 22 2012.

   With the authority of God the Father Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ in order to save a disbelieving world and billions of souls, the earth changes will be released starting 12am EST February 22 2018. There will be no doubt as this is the power of the Father as all aligned with the dark one shall be crushed in waves to allow anyone on the fence as a soul in distress to make a wise decision. Yet your inept scientists will try to lead many to believe otherwise. All will see the signs of massive lightning strikes, wild auroras, repetitive massive earthquakes in the same geographic proximity, increased murder (school shootings) and finally the double suns in the skies.

   What shall be crushed, by my request and granted by the Father are the false religions that have a choke hold over their memberships promising a false salvation. What shall also be crushed is the false media pushing violence through video games, false idols of the pursuit of wealth as millions die of starvation and war, a government in the pockets of bankers that use interest rates to stranglehold the common man, now here in America. When you consciously play the game and you have until to the release point to make amends with your Savior. This is your last chance for many as when you are taken out in accidents that are not by chance, this will happen over time. You will not get a chance to ask for forgiveness. I stress this, so please consider or you will be exposed.

   God the Father Almighty speaks, “Only my Son can save your souls and judge you. Only My Son’s Church, the Roman Catholic Religion is blessed by Me and offers a path to forgive sin. Only My chosen, the Jews are my true children, but I also will allow the gentiles (those on earth when I expelled Adam and Eve from the garden several thousand years ago near the Euphrates to mate with you) as My Son said they know no better and His Mother Mary has pleaded for the Mercy of all on earth through Her contact with children due to their purity of soul.

   This is why your world still exists. I God the Father Almighty have given you 2000 years to come home. I allowed My only Son who is God to die as a human at the hands of My chosen to save all of you. Please come home as I awaken the world as few are listening. So now, the events you will see as death is to save souls, for if the current path of mankind was to proceed without intervention, almost all would be lost.

   The dark one has used men and women to divide and change that which never changes, My Word.” Jesus speaks, “I am now coming to claim my own shortly.” The Almighty speaks, “It is time for you, My children to awaken or perish in the lake of fire, which the dark one has influenced many gullible souls, does not exist. Your minds cannot grasp the spiritual world and this is why your world must end and My new earth shall replace it. All of can join Me and My Son’s mercy is vast like the universe that your scientists see. Prepare for change for what awaits you is far beyond your comprehension and love and life is forever. This is My Covenant with My children and this is the My Son’s Covenant with the gentiles”

   To the antichrist whose real power will be released at full power on Thursday, your power to take over the Vatican has been pushed back to after Easter to show you that the Father God Almighty, who created you, still controls this world even though you were given the power to ravage it and cause schism in Jesus’ church, beware sacred servants. What this world still does not understand is temptation is the ability to present vile ideas in the minds of humans as if it is their own buy dark spirits, but this has changed as satan is loosed upon this earth. The voices in the head that are spoken about are real, yet you discount it as they are insane. This is your mistake as you are not even aware of the enemy.

   Many of you are calling for gun control, and yes the insane, criminals and no one under 21 should get an assault weapon. This you can pass as law. What will not happen is a series of events influenced by what you do not understand (the deep state that allowed this to proceed by looking the other way, which the media calls a lapse) take away the protection of good souls.

   Your media is lying to you as all will be normal in the future, when you have at most a year and a few months, which is in the hands of mankind. A rifle will not protect a family from a gang or opportunist group preying on the weak during the earth changes who has money to purchase an assault weapon. This is a fact. In your distress to stop this, it is fear, which comes from the dark side only yield more souls to satan. It is so easy to attack soft target to mold an opinion, standard CIA tactics when controlled by the new world order. The distressing part is you were warned in the Bible, but you discount this. This is so sad. Not one of you comes forward to the help of the inner city children, teenagers and adults who die by the thousands in a year, yet your Florida 17 now needs change. Yes this event was horrific, but children run on emotion. The incident that hit your school was allowed to happen as the message was never passed to those in control in Miami jurisdiction. More than one set of eyes saw that warning, and your minds refuse to believed this my have been a plan to herd an opinion. This is your world that few see.

   This is wedge that will start to divide mother versus daughter and son versus father as they now have a mission forged with numbers rather than common sense. They will challenge gun laws and all authority. This will be their demise. When they find out they have no future due to Nibiru, you as parents, the media and government will lose them almost all, by design. Just know that you created this as it will expand far further than you expect. You as the human race have no clue of what you are up against. This will not happen on my watch as I am now invoking the protection of St. Michael the Arch Angel as I go against the antichrist as the spiritual war now hits a new level.

   There will come a point where you will have no guidance, learn now while you have the chance. I have spoken to many and not to read your options, gives you no choice or those of another who does not have a clue.


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