The Tipping Point

The World is in Disbelief



Written Sept. 1 11:59pm EST


   Events have ramped up only slightly as only those in the know are aware the changes are real. The goal is to save souls and limit anxiety as to not be captured by the dark one that now leads your world. The storms hidden from the American media are crushing tens of millions around the world like in low lying areas of Bangladesh. So you do not see and are none the wiser.

   Hurricane Harvey was to send a message to the elite, the changes have started and especially the Bush family as Houston is home for their empire, for the Clintons it will the earthquakes that crushes Little Rock. Did you really think you would walk free? Yes the innocent were hurt, but you were told this in the Bible. You predicted Harvey upon landfall was a non event as if you dodged a bullet. This was the narrative of the media in the early days. They were wrong.

   The hurricane Harvey did an unprecedented reversal of direction, went back out to the Gulf strengthened and then assaulted the coast again without an explanation. Was there a strong ridge of pressure in place that stopped its forward motion north of Texas? More important what weather force pushed the hurricane south? All of the questions are avoided in the media as they are lying about your safety in the near term future.

   Your media is slow to put the numbers up of the losses in the tens of billions and over 100 thousand homes destroyed in Houston alone. This has displaced almost a half a million people in that city for months to years, but you do not hear these numbers in the media. The goal is focus on humanity, rescue and rebuilding. What won’t tell you is that the Gulf coast will be hit again and millions displaced permanently.

   Now I will say this, as the deliverer, the Almighty wants all of His children. Polarization is impeding this and only through disasters do you come together. Then as time moves on you quickly forget about your neighbor again, so be it. The next storms will continue to lay waste to all of your built structures with a new intensity not recently seen on earth so that life of all races, creeds and religions that doubt, will take notice. You were warned, but few are listening. No details, just watch.


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