The Bathroom Law



Written May 9 10pm EST


   In the United States we have laws to prevent discrimination and recently the Obama Administration passed a law protecting the rights of transgender individuals. Under these laws a transgender cannot be discriminated by sex and it is here the judicial system misinterpreted the law. The Civil Rights law was enacted protect the rights of woman in a male dominated society for equal opportunity, pay, and advancement to name some. The present administration has embraced the transgender community by now allowing access to woman’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers by someone’s sexual preference not sex and this is where new law is not valid.

   Your civil right protects you against sexual discrimination not a preference that changes in the minds of men and woman. Every woman has the right to privacy of their own gender not a male who pretends to be a woman, because they dress and talk like one.  If this is a problem to be addressed and then offer separate facilities without imposing on the rights of others. I ask American evangelicals, where were you when this law went through? Why did not any speak up for the Almighty? Do you not think people would pretend to gain access of showers and locker rooms for alternate agenda? You were told of these times and continue to embrace sin as you justify it under civil rights and humanism.

   Transgenders can not be discriminated for jobs, living facilities and your basic requirements to live, but you do not have the right for the general public to embrace your life style, we tolerate it as respect for another human’s free choice. Marriage is only civil for in the eyes of God your kind of a union is an abomination, but you are still loved as a child of God. The bottom line in this nation is that only if you have a vagina or a boy child accompanied by the mother or female guardian can you use the woman’s facilities period and anything else is a sexual preference not protected under the Civil Rights Act. Again those of you who changed this are working for another and will pay a price.


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