The Trump Rally




Written Mar 12 2pm

Update Mar 14 10:30pm


   First a warning to Black Leaders, you need to analyze exactly what happened last night in Chicago. Exactly why are you putting yourselves in a situation where there is no problem with Black America and Trump. Outside groups claiming to support him is their right, but a leader leads and does not answer for every action of a support when they number in the few. You address the nation and its needs, not waste time calling out condemnation of specific groups. This twists policy as we have seen before with the tea party or have you forgot, that is who supports Cruz and Rubio. Does Trump secretly address white supremacist and the KKK, no? As this would be the death of his campaign and yes, then he would be a racist. Yet Romney did, secretly address the super elite who distain you on tape as they control industry, wealth and fund your politicians, where was your protests?

   As for the Muslims it is those overseas that have stated they hate America which means you Black America. A terrorist bomb kills all people and does not favor Black lives matter and trillions are spent to protect this and you just want to let them in. Step back and listen to your words in anger. You speak of out of control health costs, poor education, and low wages yet you refuse to look at the sources of this, illegal immigration, and greed in the health and pharmaceutical industries, coupled with Medicaid and Medicare fraud. It is not Donald.

   When hurt or sick emergency rooms must admit all regardless of immigration status and the bill does not get paid. Your bill is higher due to this especially if you have no insurance. Yet your politicians do not mention this. Your schools along the border and some inner cities are over crowded as undocumented children and others born here which is their right are placed into the system without a tax base from the parents. Again this hurts you. Your jobs that use to be there for your youth and now you are gone as cheap labor closes your opportunity and depresses your wages. Do you even listen to the message, or have anger and hate blinded your cause? Just know; this does not come from God.

   Have you looked at the reasons poverty continues or listen to the words of those who know little? 50 years later and I say again 50 years later little to nothing has changed and you still follow the blind. Remember education starts at home, the schools are only vessels to achieve. Do your churches offer free day care provided by volunteers who are retired? Do your elders tutor those who are struggling in their school lessons? Do the coffers help the disenfranchised anonymously? I see the jets, the jewelry and big cars for once let the people that have so little, see help. Can you do this for the Lord?

   The Republican Party has written you off and allowed this to continue along with the Democrats as little has been done since the sixties except to pacify you with people like Hillary. Ask her what has she done for you? Ask her. When a Guatemalan woman asked her what she would to bring back the father of her children she slowed her speech to take up time, gave a canned introduction and with precious seconds left gave an answer that would not rock the boat. This is how calculated she is. Doubt me; then go to the tape. The establishment does not want change for reasons you shall soon see as many of your leaders have been compromised.

   At the rally last night were concerned protesters and others brought in to agitate the crowd. What the cameras do not show is the words said to those attending. You have no clue to the force needed to move the protesters who could walk out. You have the right to protest, but you do not have the right to disrupt. This is what you need to know.

   Illegal immigration is stealing resources that could help Black and all of America. If a wall is needed to protect this nation, then it should be built by taxing goods crossing the border until Mexico shuts it down. You have seen illegal immigration destabilize the EU and you donít even grasp the lesson being shown to you.

   The wall, Muslims in this country, and Trump are not the problem as the manipulated view protection as racism until a family member is affected. This needs to change. If ISIS insurgents blow up something in your community you would see the threat as a nation no religious group has the right to come to this country and not be vetted for any reason. Uncontrolled immigration has siphoned off dollars that could help millions in the inner cities, but you donít see this. A solution is needed for those here.

   Register, put all on the tax rolls to pay their fair share, on a waiting list as a working resident for citizenship, a fine to pay for the privilege of using public services, all felons and white collar criminals removed permanently. Those caught in the act of a violent crime or member of a gang deported immediately. Mothers and fathers of anchor babies will be given priority. Just because you sneak across the border, defraud the government of tax revenue. Then take jobs and resources away from hard working Americans, does not give you a right or a voice, the bottom line you are illegal. This is the stark Truth. We should start here.

   There will always be racists in this country and it is actions like those seen nation wide TV last night the fuels the hate. While bringing attention to the plight of the inner city and minorities, the attention you bring is hate and your actions change nothing except increase the divide and then the Republicans Blame Obama. Do you know what you are doing? Find another way as you movement being seen as another event that could lead to race wars as prophesized in the Bible. The next time you protest, know the reason why.

   To the supporters of Trump leave the removal of protesters to security and remember if you go after Trump it is a crime as he is protected by the secret service for a reason. I told you the events in this nation are being herded to move this nation to divide into many opposing segments, as events ramp up, your leaders will fail and I state with urgency some who will rise to power, shall have this nation join a one world power under the control of one in search of a false peace as war wages in the world in the near future. Then Black America it is game over. This is the plan.

   Remember I donít back candidates, but show you their actions. But if I was Trump or Bernie I would ask the Almighty for guidance and protection if you hope to succeed. No one alone can stand against the new world order; no one.


Update Mar 12 4pm


   Rubio in your desperate attempt to become president you were pushed to the edge. Yes, Trump did expect the protesters to be removed as those there expected violence to make a statement by design as you would if you were an opposition front runner, but you are not. The elite have abandoned you, betray them you lose one way or another. There is time to change use it wisely.


Update Sun Mar 13 3:30pm


   The talk that Trump is dividing this nation is hitting a fever pitch. It is easy to point to a person as the blame as this is what the Republican establishment has done for decades. Under the Bush administration planes took out the World Trade and Pentagon while the president read a book to school children. Cheney told the military to stand down as radar tracked the targets. His priorities were not with this country as if this was a large scale attack few of you would be alive today to talk about. This country spent trillions on a war that was engineered in the hope they would find WMD, which was never there and under orders from the top attempted to plant them. Check hospital records for radiation deaths of many service men in West Germany. This will prove my statements if you dig. They allowed Wall Street to destroy the wealth of this nation through a mortgage fraud, derivatives speculation, and little over sight. This has affected you. Government is here to protect your interest not the elite as they got rich and you poor. Jobs to China and Mexico, appointees placed to save communities, make shallow decisions that cost billions as a water supply harms thousands, and you wonder why they are angry?

   Division was already there, except Trump would not stick to the script like you Rubio and Cruz. All of you offer hope, but few things change. This is the problem. Now in all your wisdom you state he is toxic as he divides. Yes he divides all of America against the rest of the world. Against those who come into the country out of place and steal the tax revenue of this country as if it is a right. Against those who would kill innocent people in this nation like the World Trade and overseas. Against the elite who rig the free enterprise system against the common man. All Mexicans and Muslims is not the problem, but you have to address the minority of these groups a problem as you can pretend there isnít one.

   You the Republicans spent a trillions dollars to reign in the Muslim threat and now you project it as hate. Billions are lost to law enforcement, school systems, health care and you promote it as hate against illegals. Are you insane? They are stealing resources of this nation; address that in your debates. None of you would have changed this except a Band-Aid and business as usual. When your home is in order only then can you help the world from a prospective of strength.

   We are so quick to pay the bill as if we have it. We are in debt. It is about time those who are riding the coat tails of this nation while laughing to pay their own. Freedom is precious then step up and fight your own battles. I dare one of you politicians to say I will sacrifice programs for Americans because NATO allies (leeches) do not carry their weight. Putin knows this as does Obama and the EU will fall under the one world government as their leaders the cowards they are, succumb. This time the US will not come to your rescue and a dark power will reign over all. This is the Truth.

   Be careful Rubio as it is you the new world order patsy that state he is a strong man and may operate illegally or legal. This path you are embarking on is a trap. It is you that will stir the crazies to remove that which the elite despise as they cannot control him like they do to you. Exactly whose inner voice are you listening as the Almighty has heard from you lately.

   Yes Trump was stupid for promoting aggression, but he has reconsidered by stating only now for his supporters to not touch them so the security can do their job. Trump is also stupid for stating it is Bernie supporters disrupting his events. It is not, but you are led to believe this. Look to would gain these acts of aggression. You are correct that the most aggressive and vocal are paid and yes they wore Bernie shirts by design only to place blame on him. The goal is that both you and Bernieís campaign suffer turmoil and another rises, such is the deceit in both the Democratic and Republican Party when backed by the elite (new world order). You need to fire the advisor who placed that idea in your head.

   Trump there is one thing you need to change now. Bernie is not a communist again you put this idea in your head? He for stopping the abuses of capitalism on Wall Street to where the market is rigged and what is so sad you know this. You need to just stop.

   Remember, the elite takes advantage of the natural progression of events and then after thousands events they climax mostly leading to war and or economic collapse so they can mold the future as they offer hope where despair overwhelms the world. Look at your history and you will see the pattern. Use this template to guide your future moves instead of being a pawn in their chess game of world domination.

   To the Republican and Democratic Parties, the elite have used you and the general population now, knows this. You point the anger towards candidates rather than look in the mirror and see the Truth. You are in denial and will do anything to prevent true change. Be careful on what you allow for the Truth will come out all behind this will fall, all. The public is tired of the lies and now that the fate of the world is in the balance, national security translated your personal security will not fly. There is only on side. Choose, because if you hesitate then you choose another. Time is short.


Update Mar 14 10:30pm


   In the process to find the Truth the media is finally starting to dig deeper. With this politicians have to account for their views and decisions that will in earnest depend upon the support of this nation when many feel they have been lied too.

   Letís start with the Clinton town hall tonight. Pressured to why she supported the Iraq war, she states it was a mistake. This mistake supported the elimination of 100,000 as told to America, but over a million died. This is the Truth. All knew within the government that the Neo- Cons pushed this as you were for or against. Hillary sided with Bush as there is a pact between Papa George and Bill to divide the spoils (Fort Knox has little gold ask Congress to account what is on the books, they wonít), so she backed him as he lied to this nation. There went the surplus.

   There was no WMD as Cheney and Rumsfeld perpetuated the lie they created. W was a pawn, and his secretary of state girlfriend and Powell who knew better were on board.  This allowed an invasion with a false flag event as a cause of an oil rich nation, the true goal, but events did not pan out. Hillary sided with Bush on national TV tonight to the disbelief of many. As he and she continues to answer to one. She still does as liars stick together no matter what you see as the Truth.

   Hillary you were challenged with the phrase, what have you done lately for Black people? On national TV, your town hall you were asked, how would you bridge the gap between Black people and the police? So evasive, as you have no plan and will use what Obama has in place, which is not working. Reality check, Furguson, Baltimore, New York need I go on? Exactly what are you building upon? I told you America, she has shifty words and you believe it. Actions speak and there are almost none.

   Hillary what happened to you? Is it the company you keep, that has changed the woman that brought health care to America and that now is in bed with Wall Street? Dump the Neo-Cons embrace the Almighty and then you will help the world change. You stand between two chairs, as it divides you will fall. Heed this advice. I wrote you off as I am human, the Almighty your God is giving you a second chance use it.

   Your town hall brought up an important point with immigration. Those here will need a sponsor to back the financial status and the responsibility to the state of the union. If your own can not take responsibility, then you go home. Do not ask America to do what you will not do for your own. This is the Truth.

    Now to address how the Republican Party lies about violence. It was your party that used Trump to promote hate with the birther dispute for Romney and he turned on Trump. It was your party that used the tea party to show Obama as the Joker and nooses backing racism. It was your party that said he is not a Christian, but a Muslim with hate and now you attack Trump because he is not with the program.

   America, look at the liars in the Republican Party forgetting their past as Democratic headquarters where shot at. When questioned an engineered event where a bullet was fired from an airborne platform and blamed on the locals. Ballistics analyzes the angle of entry that could not come from the ground. Unless there is a new group Black people that have access to helicopters, what a joke. It was Cantorís headquarters, how convenient. Now he is gone. I remind America to the deceit within the Republican Party as they present an image as if all forgot. Hippocrates!

   Now Hillary with Debbie under scrutiny, the deck stacked with insiders and a high level DNC party leader resigning as something stinks. The nomination for the Democratic convention in this close race is fixed. Your vote does not count as super delegates are in Hillary pocket with promises of position will render the Bernie vote null. Ask her. Do you want to change America, then shout this out.


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