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Written June 1 11:59 pm


   Every 4 years we hear about the broken promises of the past and the politicianís pledge to change the course of America. Sometimes one needs to step back to grasp the total picture. Over the past years this nation has been caught in a political death spiral by both parties. Most of our current issues were self inflicted either by the inaction of politicians or actions of. With the media used as an accelerant to polarize the nation and here we stand. Now this is not to focus on the present or future candidates, but the problems we as a nation face, which has arose under those we voted for during the past 60 years. We did not get here due to the actions of one leader or party.

   We have or had a DEI program, which is used to even the playing field, but does it? This has backfired, as the pendulum swings both ways. Placing marginal candidates into a position where qualification are lacking, does a disservice to those who are placed and the organization expecting results. We all saw how that worked on the grand scale, but there were some exceptions.

   At the same time we have seen our education system degraded by design. If those in the inner cities can not pass, lets make the tests easier so they can pass. If parents protest the F their kid got, as some are absent in the home with helping the child understand their homework so they may pass to the next grade. Let them move on. You ask why would a school system pressure teachers to pass failing students? It is the funding. This policy dooms the child, for what is needed to progress in life, not help. Filling out a resume with many misspelled words. How does that work? If there is a lack of inner city kids in advanced math, cancel the program for all, as its racist. The public middle and high school education system in poor districts in this nation, is in shambles. Politicians caused this and the current mentality with parents is, that teachers are baby sitters, which has to stop. Schools are one half of education and parents are the other half. Which half is failing?

   Education has degraded in this nation since a decade and a half after desegregation in the fifties. This is the true cause of inequality in this nation and put in place by members of the Old Jim Crow. The politicians in both parties see this and choose to do nothing under the guise of giving grants, which changes the few, but holds back most. The broken system allows the majority of inner city kids to fall through the cracks, as they can not handle the remedial programs to get into community college. There are a large amount of inner city kids, which can not count change, if the register is broke today. Tell time, only if they have a digital watch. Point to a map of Gaza or know its history? Really, but all have opinions on the war in the Middle East. So there are 2 generations with no math skills, little with regards to building a resume to change their lives and your solution is to lower their skill level, as the system is bias due to racism. We have to wonder, is this by design?

   All the high tech corporations hire from overseas and you do not see a problem with this, when passing unqualified students? When the Civil Rights Act was passed, many in Congress voted against it, check it. Those Representatives and Senators who were forced to accept this, were incensed and chose another tactic to hold back minorities. Dumb down the education system over time, introduce poor eating habits to increase medical revenue through obesity, which creates diseases (diabetes) and shortens life spans. Introduce abortion to were more than one half of all abortions performed are black minority children, check it. One only has to look at black population gains since the early sixties for proof. Just look at who pushed this agenda under the guise of a womanís right to choose to find who was behind this. As it was is by design. You as a nation keep looking for answers, when they are before you, as you refuse to accept the truth.

   Sometimes what seems like a great idea, creates a new problem or bails out a corporation. All know that student loan forgiveness panders to young voters, which is legal, because either party has a choice to do this. The key here, is this the right choice for America? The students of this nation were placed in a financial burden, which few can rise from. With a correct or wrong choice of a major, their degrees are seemly worthless as a fad or obsolete field changes their prospects for a job. Most do not work in their field of learning. Many are strapped in financial slavery. Again this is by design, as financial slavery controls our population on so many levels. What is needed, is to reduced the interest rates on most loans to 1% and encourage fiscal responsibility, not a free ride for bad choices at the expense of others. Delays on loan repayments is to be done by a case to case basis.

   As for war support, loans to Ukraine and Israel are the answer, not a give away. Where is the motivation to win in a timely manner, if your supplies and the paid army are free? Do you know what 220 billion would do for the social security system and mass transit of this nation? Ukraine is like Vietnam, but your leaders will not admit it. It will revert back to the Russians, as the Chinese will give them what ever it takes to win. With many of your politicians invested and profiting from the Chinese, they are just waiting for public support to wane, so they can back out gracefully. For Taiwan, the constant massing of troops and equipment resulting in staged attack will exhaust US military surveillance. There will be little warning for Taiwan and help will be too little too late. Move the chip making plants now or they will take the equipment just like the Taliban. Your chip embargo will be useless.

   The defund police movement has become an embarrassment for those who followed a fad. Yes there was an injustice done to a man and others, by law enforcement. The actions of a few does not make all bad. Those in the hood kill thousands on the streets of the nation every year and the police several hundred over a decade. Where is your common sense? Change your own before dictate policy to those who protect neighborhoods. Floyd was a criminal not a hero, if the law was not broken, circumstances would be different for Floyd today. So millions march for a criminal, but thousands die on your streets at the hands of your own. BLM steps up the narrative and corporations send a 100 million and that money disappears faster than money in a politicianís back pocket. Stealing in brick and mortar stores is out of control, as policy makers tell law enforcement stand down. Inner cities are war zones, as police have no reason to go in. Let them suffer with their decision. This is where this nation is at and not one of you has been called for your actions. This needs to change.

   Lets see if AOC in a dress and flats will ride the NYC transit number 6 subway at 1 in the morning alone and get off in the South Bronx. She wonít make it 4 blocks. This is reality, not the doctored stats they feed the media. Maybe if 50% of the crime is caused by one group, it may not be targeting in many cases, but common sense. If you do not fight with an attitude when innocent, they let you go, when you have respect for the law. As for the District Attorneys letting the oppress go, you have no common sense. Criminals will return to commit crimes again, as they see you as weak and to be taken advantage of. No one cared until up scaled car jackings occurred and the rich were followed home then robbed. Although the current mayor of Boston sees it another way.

   Gun violence will continue to increase within the inner cities. Random shots killing the innocent, but few speak up. There will never be a lack of firearms for criminals. They will just have to pay a higher price, due to a lack of availability. Fire arm laws work for the general public not the criminal, this is your disconnect behind passing assault weapons ban.

   The problem with American law makers, they refuse to admit. All mass murders, which affect our schools are committed by a select group. Young white males which have hidden social issues and disconnected parents. It was not by accident, the law came down after the parents in one of the last attacks. Pass a law, to where no one under the age of 21 can buy, own an assault weapon or high capacity pistol period. They can use an existing assault weapon owned by another legally, when use is in a hunting area in the presence of a parent or responsible adult. All guns for under 21 shall be single shot and required a certified class on gun safety and a mental evaluation. This should be the law. If you can not drink until 21, then you can not have a weapon with more than one shot. This is common sense. You say no one needs an assault weapon. Times have changed, crimes are not committed as a single act, they are done by roving masses or gangs. A pistol or shotgun may drop a few, then what? What happens if or more likely there is a foreign invasion? Then what?

   Inside of America there is job creation, but those jobs do not provide a living wage. States like California have increased wages for the workers in only 2 groups health care and fast food chain restaurants with national 60 locations, all others are at $16.00 or lower. What the politicians forgets, is that the business owner, has to do is makeup for this added cost of doing business and it is not coming out of his pocket. The 6% for social security contribution and the increase in wages to the bottom line. There will be price increases, layoffs, a demand for higher productivity and less hours to balance the overhead with greater profit.

   The only stat in the long run, increases inflation, real wages stagnate due to loss of hours and for some unemployment. Who is paying for a slow worker $20 especially the elderly or marginally disabled? Yes there are laws protecting the elderly and disabled, but the bottom line is productivity, which allows one to keep their job. California is already seeing employers fire workers, as the burden moves from the employer back to the state with less income tax revenue and increased state unemployment roles. Let the needs for workers increase pay, but with the influx of migrants, options are drying up. The skill set needed for todayís jobs are unique and are not currently being offered to those in the inner city. This is the point. They are resourced from overseas. So most jobs presented are filled by imported workers and do not help the average citizen here. This is the sad truth.

   In this election politicians have to face the most pressing truth, the cost of housing and property taxes. Housing is up on average 20% from last year. It does count if inflation is dumb down to 3.6. Rent in the thousands up 20%+, the cost of buying a home 20% on top of highest mortgage rates, you do the math on your budgets. Then food prices up 30%, gas up with utilities and you have to wonder about the inflation stats, as they lie. All is not what it seems. Ask your self, when you pay your adjustable mortgage, property tax which goes up due to the increased migrant population into classrooms, rent payments, grocery prices that never go down unless near product expiration, fill your car, does it seem like a 3.6% increase year over year? Just where do they get their numbers, as it looks nothing like the real increases on your bills past due?

   Lets look at racism as an excuse and then those that it hurts, as there are two sides. Racism in America is passed from parents to child in all races. Some whites against all blacks, some blacks against all whites, dark skin blacks against light skin blacks, Dominicans against Puerto Ricans, dark against light Puerto Ricans, need I go on? Lack of education and an economic divide furthers division. Until the playing field is level, a coming together will be a slow process. With some of our leaders not speaking up against racism for political points, this hurts even deeper and validates the actions of extreme hate groups in this nation. Hatred and extreme polarization are dividing this nation. This is similar to the lead up to the Civil War. No one is right all the time. Choice is freedom, not indoctrination from one side or another. This needs to change. There are disagreements in America on how to move forward, both sides have ideas, which has flopped, but which delivers the most true hurt to Americans?

   Immigration has become a divisive issue in America. Polarization has set in, as the media promotes the division. So what is meant by that statement? This nation has a robust legal immigration system, to where some the most talented people from around the world come here. Filling openings for high tech, doctors, nurses, artists and educators for the needs in all walks of life. They pay the entry fees, get screened for medical issues and contribute immediately to this nation. The world has change and many politicians seem to be stuck in the 19th century. The theme was give me your tired, your poor and they would work and build America in the last part of the 19th and early part of the 20th. You can reminisce about the past in America, but times have changed and many politicians are stuck in the past. Amnesty is to escape persecution, not bleed the nation to change your economic position in the world with no skills and half cannot work, as they are woman and children. Some do the jobs Americans will not. This is the mind set of political fools. If there were no cheap labor, employers would have to pay fair wages to get the job done.

   Presently, the need for agricultural and chicken plant workers has decreased. The 10 million caught or escaped illegals per year, far outstrip the job needs in the field, meat plants and off the books workers doing dirty jobs in landscaping. Domestic hotel traffic is down. Restaurant traffic is down, since many families can not go there due to inflation and for some fast food locations. A large fries are now $5. How is that working in the hood? So why is there a need? 40% of the illegals that cross the border are women and children, who will need welfare to live here. There is no skill set coming from the southern border. This is not 1890 where we welcome any live body. There is a language barrier, the children will shift the education system to English bilingual and we have a teacher shortage. Funds sorely needed in math and science siphoned off. Where are the stats, that we need unskilled labor? There is none.

   Our politicians do not even know the law for what amnesty allows by their actions. It does not allow entry to this country for those fleeing economic issues or local violence. Over 90% fall into those two categories and there are others. The over thirty million who have arrived here since 2020 have overwhelmed affordable housing. This is what is driving the large increases housing costs which will lead to a bubble. Overcrowding in single family homes will force up property taxes, as the young flood schools systems with no added revenue. You let them come, but you have no money. Explain how over 30 million new illegals are going to contribute, with no or little skills, dependent children and mothers as baby sitters living off the state. Wages off the books or the marginal getting a tax refund. The government spends 100s of billions with no return. This can lead to a recession, that was self created. So politicians think the illegals will vote for those who looked out. You are out of touch. They will run their own candidates.

   The EU and NATO alliance has a primary goal. It is to further the protection of Europe and are now examining, how would an alliance with China work? They could hold Russia in check. Macron behind closed doors proposed this same idea to Xi. With support in the United States waning, the door has opened in the EU for other options. The EU sees America in a state of decay with internal turmoil. Corruption in spending in Ukraine and Israel is bleeding the Treasury, which can not be sustained. With never ending wars especially in the Middle East, watch for new alliances, which will help the EU.

   Many charitable organizations in the United States do little to change the direction of their stated cause. Some do mean well, but decades later the root cause is still there. No organization has changed the plight of the average inner city youth. Hundreds of millions spend on administrative costs in some organizations, inflated salaries at the top and expense paid dinners, while the children in need see maybe 5% of the total funds, with most spent in the wrong areas. Charities needs to be run by volunteers with 90% of the funds for the cause used to turn things around, but they will not do this. Haiti is still waiting for most of the 2 billion raised over a decade ago. This needs to change.

   In summary, remember your actions or in actions on the world stage represents America as a leader. Every nation is not your friend, as most are leaches. When it comes time to pay the bill, do they pass it to you? They are not your friend. When you are in a battle and losses out way gains, cut your losses. Emotions and pride destroys a nation. When a nation prepares for war, you proceed to talk peace and invest critical factories in that country, the leadership are fools. Take care of home first. Remember these words of wisdom as America moves forward. President Lincoln and others once stated, ď A house divided against itself cannot standĒ. Heed this.

   The conditions have changed from past and has morphed from slavery to extreme polarization today. The next leader needs to put America first and I do not mean MAGA as the media twists words. Educate the inner city kids instead of throwing money at worthless programs. It will take a generation. There is no participation trophy for all, grow up parents. It is personal achievement. Fast track bright military recruits to be teachers and the gifted, doctors when they get out. The others are taught skill sets for real world like plumbers, brick layers, welders and electricians. We saved Europe once, we are done. They need to pay for the Ukraine operation in total. Free money is over, as this country has serious needs. Getting America to pay the bills, while you proceed with backdoor alliances with the CCP. Please continue on this path in public instead of sneaking around, so a choice can be made.

   Amnesty courts should be set up on the border where your case is heard immediately or you are ejected and placed on a waiting list. Skip the line for any reason is not allowed. America owes the world nothing, when it comes to seeking a better life. There are legal ways to get here. The illegal immigration has put a heavy yoke on the necks and backs of Americans and for what? We do not need 30 million unskilled laborers in 3+ years on top of Covid. Please show the true numbers of open agricultural jobs for all to see. Then ask, why are so few of those 30 million applying. I know, because you give free stuff and housing and they do not have to work. The welfare rolls will explode by design. This hurts our poor already struggling, the homeless and veterans in this country. Should we tell our poor to take a road trip to Mexico and then swim across the Rio to get housing and health care, because soon you may have to do that. This is the state of the nation. The next leader of this Great Nation needs to change this with actions, not the failed promises of the last six decades.

   To the media it is time to break the chains of deep state control, as they can not fire all of you. Ask Trump why he did not disavow supremacists, ask Biden about his personal connection in the sixties and seventies and his invisible hood while hanging with Grand Cyclops KKK Byrd in charge of all of West Virginia and recruiting? I wonder what was said in those alleged back room rallies with Biden and Byrd as he took you under his wing? Biden spoke at his funeral. Check it. A snake may change it colors over time, but their true views become hidden due to public opinion and do not change with age. Byrdís views poisoned many young politicians in Congress and still today, they hide it well.

   Ask how an open border helps America with all of its costs? Ask why if you are long term politicians making 180 K and how do most become rich? Ask how come policies over sixty years has not changed the inner city? You are the media, and need to ask real questions, that you can make up a half hour before the debate. This will crush leaks and jam all wireless signals around the political stage. Let America judge the truth for once and let the best man win, who ever they are.


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