UFO’s Are Now Real



Written May 18 11:59 pm EST

Update May 21 11:40 pm EST


   Now revealed, that UFOs are real, what is odd, when you speak to people, they say, I knew they were real years ago. The truth, many looked at people, who stated, they were real, as nuts. Now with government confirmation, they all feel embolden. So we move on.

      The United States Military were told of a date to save face and that is approaching shortly. They were forced to reveal the truth, but you will never be told that. It was never about the American public, not being able to handle it. Yes some religions will collapse over time like the Jehovahs, and most will be absorbed into Christianity, but life will go on.

   It was about the money. With scientists examining the down craft, it allowed a new approach to solve many answers. Back engineer no, but innovate new products a century or two ahead of mankind’s path, yes. Just know, most of your Physics is a lie. Only Einstein was barely in the ballpark. Now you have many questions?


The First is from those who lead the Roman Catholic Church. It is clearly stated in the Bible, that there is no life outside of this earth in the universe, yet through insiders, the US have and are still working with off world species?


   You as a human, do not have the intellect to understand what is life, the Essence of God the Creator. You look at bacteria and you see life. You perceive the apes on your world, as just one step below a human. Now as you gaze out upon that vast universe with your new knowledge of other worlds, and you assume what is advanced in technology, is the life, that is in the Bible. Your conception of life, is on Mars, some moons and abundant on another planet presently in this solar system.

   Life in the Bible refers to the spirit of God, which is only embedded in the souls of the children of God, who were exiled to this planet, Earth. Yes the gentiles who resided on this planet before Adam and Eve, now through inter marriage of their descendants are a part. But nowhere in the universe is any being, or child of God that did not originate on earth. God created the universe, and all what you call life from bacteria to advanced intelligence, they are not children of God. That is the difference.

   This is the reason behind the hybrids and why many races are in observation of this earth. Yes, the US has been working with alien races since the late 1940s. Most have sold their souls and I will leave it there. This will not be revealed in June.


Second, we have been told, that those who visit earth, are not allowed to interfere here, unless an exception is granted and those on the most part are benign. Yet the Catholic Church claims they are demons from hell, which is it?


   Yes, those visiting this earth are both separate light and dark. Both have agendas. They have been given equal access, and suggestions to the minds of those on earth, has only been allowed. Can the forces of Good inspire a man or woman to rise above everything to help mankind? Can the forces of dark influence the weak of mind with voices to destroy that which you value? The answer is yes to both. But something has changed in the balance on earth.

   You have been told during the end times, the Father gave this time to the dark one. The Almighty said, do with them as you please, as sin rises. With that said, all off world advanced life that land and is seen on earth, are at the command of the dark one, satan. So when given the option to find safety from the chastisements, do not take the offer by stepping on the ship. Not only will you lose your soul, but a horrific fate worse than anything you can imagine. The warning given by the Blessed Mother, was for a reason. They are ships from hell, yet you will be told, they are benign. Donot be fooled, no matter what is promised with lies.


Third, many are asking, why is the UFO video footage released, so grainy with little detail and resolution?


   This is by design. Do you really think recognizance video, would be low resolution? If encountering a new Russian plane, it would capture every detail. What you have been seeing, is a doctored low grade version of the original. It allows those, who refuse to believe, an element of doubt. Will they show beings? They have already, with that one in the lab, it is real. They may admit it, but I have little faith. Just know, all on crash recovery teams and others sign wavers, with execution for a simple violation. This is your government.


Fourth, if the United States has technology 2 centuries ahead of their enemies China and Russia, why not reveal it for world peace?


   The goal with the elite and the new technology, is not to benefit mankind, but hold it for commercial profits when slowly released. Then use the Russians and Chinese to force a war over resources, as storms ravage the earth. The point, to reduce the population of mankind well below 500 million, and then come together as one world government in the name of peace. They sat on the technology for decades, why change now? Once WW3 eliminates over 7 billion useless eaters, the technology will emerge and crush the reds, but there is a new player in town. This is their agenda.

   With no new important telepathic questions, save them for next time.

New Additional Questions are in:

Fifth, why is there no concern about UFOs flying daily in the restricted air space off the Virginia Beach coast?

   The orders to stand down with UFO encounters comes straight from the Joint Chiefs. The ships currently in violation of the restricted area, are benign, and are allowed to be there. There is an agreement between those groups that are off world and the US Government and both share D.U.M.B. bases out west. This is your true Black Project and has no government oversight including the President. The pilots are not in the need to know, so their observations get little attention. This is your clue to an agreement.

What is not known by many is the Virginia Beach location is Russia prime target for a missile attack. The UFOs are also there as an early warning.

Sixth, this question is from the Nerds, how do those ships allow those inside to avoid the high G-forces on acceleration and right angle turns. Do they have an internal dampening field that counters the G-Forces?

   In order for you to understand how an alien craft avoids G-Forces, you must throw out everything your books and Earth’s scientists have taught you. And no, there is not a dampening field that negates g-forces, but something more simple.

   Gravity is not a mutual attraction between two masses, yet your formulas work here, but would they in another solar systems or galaxies? A mass, or its core attracts gravity particles once in close proximity of that mass, as the flow towards the mass reaches a critical density of gravity particles, a field is formed. With a simplified intensity increasing as a function of distance from the surface. Of course there are many other factors not needed for you to understand. As the gravity particles passes through a mass outside of the surface, it applies a force to the mass in the direction of flow. This is what you equate, as weight on your earth.

   When your rockets take off, they pass through gravity particles naturally flowing at a greater rate due to ascent velocity. This is your G- Force. When a jet turns it encounters a lateral gravitational field on a pass through. So how do they negate the G- Force?

   What they do is mimic the actions of a planetary mass, where there is an attractive charge that creates an artificial flow of gravity particles captured from the local area, towards the center of the ship. It creates an intense gravitational field inside the ship that mimics a planet while crowding out the particle flows from other masses, moons, planets or stars, as they flow around it. Yes the flow is adjustable to match the gravity of the home planet or moon. Outside of a gravitational field, gravitational particle movement is static. This is why there is weightlessness in space. Those gravitational particles on the move outside are deflected. Incoming particle flow it is controlled by the path of least resistance, so they avoid the ship. Crowd an area and others related to G- Force can not affect those masses within the internal field. You see this with Earth’s magnetic field crowding out the solar wind from the Sun. It is as simple as that.

   Now as the core overloads the particles are released as repulsion particles, when phased and synchronized, you can create a force field at focused spherical distance. Concentrate the incoming flow of gravitational particles into a focused tube, you have a tractor beam. This was your 101 class on off world physics. If you want to move on, start with http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro09.htm the Universal Laws of Gravity and Repulsion. Second required reading is Interstellar Travel http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro19.htm. Third, Gravitational Amplifiers is a new approach http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro147.htm. Let your brains fry as you absorb. Good Luck.

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