The Ugly Truth




Written Mar 19 12pm


    Much is now being said about racism in the media to bring attention to an issue that has plagued this world since man first was placed upon this earth and it needs to end. All of Godís children are equal in His eyes, just as most of you love all of your children no matter their challenges or appearance. Deformed, White, Black, Asian, tall, short, fat, scrawny, dumb, or sharp you love all them and this is the bottom line.

   Racism in America has diminished, but is still here as it has morphed. The slave mentality of the south was ingrained over centuries where owners could whip, lynch and rape another human at will and this was legal in manís eyes only. After being set free they were herded into certain neighborhoods and schools offered the lowest jobs and served and sat in certain areas. If an example needed to be made a burning cross was outside of your home or worse you were found hanging from a tree. Millions walked the streets in peaceful protest to change things and they did to a certain extent.

   It has morphed to the cliques in school, talk at the dinner table, the job, and the stares you get when in the wrong neighborhood or store. Sometimes it is a word, but more an action. This is Racism.

   So many of you use the word freely to justify your actions towards another when you label, but you were told to examine yourselves before judging another for this is not your right only Godís. So we will present a few facts.

   Letís address the fact that in some inner city homes at the dinner table all you hear is the white man is the devil, again label all as one group. If the white man was the devil then the black race would be extinct. Lately your excuse for protests in the election cycle is the words against women. Yet your own words about women reflected through rap music refers to them as bitches and (ho)s. Many are brought up on the culture of getting over and drop the bitch if she gets pregnant. There is hate delivered if your light skinned. There is hate if you are a dark Hispanic versus light. There is hate between the Dominicans and the Puerto Ricans, some West Indians and the American Blacks although this has changed since the seventies to very few old timers. Now you label another. If black lives matter then start at home.

   To the Mexicans you also state racisms as the words used to describe your nation as you are not a race did hurt. All Mexicans are not rapists or criminals. The truth is some are, but all illegals are criminals as you broke the law of this country and invade income and property taxes. This is the Truth. If a potential leader wants to build a wall to keep those who are stealing resources out, so be it. Apply legally as this is your only right. This nation has the right to protect it borders and you do not have the right to label it racism. As the wall will not discriminate as it keeps all out.

   You are fleeing poverty, not oppression. It is stated you contribute to the economy and this is true, but you also drain public and government coffers. Much of the money flows off the books. Cheap labor is the norm, because youíre hiding and take manual jobs away from our youth and those who do not have an education. With sometimes dozens living in a single home the property taxes do not cover the fair share for public education. Many skip out on hospital bills crushing the health care system. Illegals when they crash many unlicensed and run drive up insurance rates and you pay no income tax. Now that someone brings this to the attention of American disturbing those you love, you call it racism.

   No, it is protecting the resources of America now that households are stretched thin. It is all about economics as everyone looked the other way as long as everyone was making money. Now there are not and they want you to go back home. You have made a lot of corporations and some of your own exploiting you rich, so they are stoking the flames of hate as they do not want things to change. It is all about the money and damn if the public has to pay. It is not about your future here in America for if they do address this, those that lowered the numbers of those here at 11 million will be shown to have lied as the number is far greater as to not raise an alarm as the anchor babies now number in the tens of millions and are counted as citizens as they should be. Guess who pays for welfare? The Democrats and most Republicans want to seem like they are fixing the problem over time as it never gets resolved another wants to change it now. This nation is polarizing and it is by design. This is the ugly truth.


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