Puppet Master Ultimatum

By the Authority of God the Father Almighty



Written Jan. 31 10:15pm EST

Updated Jan. 31 11:15pm EST


   The time for your control over this world through the manipulation of financial systems is now over. Dunford took away your power to bleed America through the interest rates applied by the Federal Reserve that started in the time of Wilson. As the most powerful man on earth your subtle influence through money on powerful men will now change. Your choice is to repatriate all that was stolen from this country with interest or all that you value including the gift of life granted by the Almighty, which He can take away or will be in jeopardy by Father, God who is all Almighty. This is not a negotiation, nor do you have the gift of time, which I will not reveal. Yes you can make it quiet with gifts of art and manuscripts would be a strategic start. The quicker you react the less your punishment or if you change the greater your reward, you choose. Now you Dunford need to step up and deliver for the Almighty and gather the funds for America or he will do it. You do not want that. What is coming will allow you to save countless Americans. Just remember these words, tick-tock.

   As for the State of the Union speech, America and some of the media that is not in denial did get the message. As all is not what it seems. Joe spoke of his vision in a canned rebuttal speech for the Democrats, but Trump addressed many of his issues and you did not address this by modifying your speech. Are you a robot? You are out of touch with the general population and all will see you as a proxy of the new world order. The Democrats sat down when the message stated one nation under God was the most important. You will regret this as your movement will be crushed. Pelosi do you really want to harden your soul as you know I speak the Truth. Your choice is to say the memo was altered by the author is a ploy as I request now the Republicans to release both versions. Let America compare without your media spin. Heed this.


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