The Uncomfortable Truth about Racism


Written June 21 12:59 am EST


   Racism is when by design, education defeats children of color before they graduate with a lack of math and readings to compete in a high tech employment arena. How is that going to work in high tech based on algorithms? It doesn’t, because you offer no skill set to rise out of the ghetto. This a fact. One or two out of a thousand or .02% is not the way. In the inner cities most can not count change or fill out an application. Those in charge, have been in charge since the sixties. Another generation lost on top of the past two, but you say the money is there. Yes for some it is, but that is all. Something is wrong when PhDs and entrepreneurs have accumulated less wealth than top athletes and rappers on average. The sad part is when they make it, a lack of financial education strips them of their wealth in less than 7 year for most. God Bless America.

   Racism occurs in corporate America, when the current theme is hire to Black by public demand, not as your policy. Offering a job based upon color instead of skill is worse than you not hiring at all. There we truly know where you stand. You will not hire the Black that can do the job, because they are a threat to your world, when all they want to do is contribute. In the banking industry, you will never get or keep that lucrative account even if you opened it. This is the present corporate mentality. Those that are hired, they want to mold you, only to dismiss you a few years down the road when public sentiment changes. You built the glass ceiling and only you and time will remove it. How many times does it have to happen as a “team member” to have great ideas ignored or stolen by another manager? This is the corporate world.

   Racism is when you are treated well as a façade, but despised behind your back. In the south they will tell you your face, you are not welcome. And it is not right, but you know where you stand. In the north (Liberals) you are the joke in smoke filled rooms and bars. Look how they vote for us if we give them a little money. Hey I have an idea, let’s educate them, nah with laughter. The true racist is the one that always seems to say I am helping you, but things never change. Then points the finger at another. Heed this.

   There are racists within the races or sub types. Light skin Blacks and dark skin Blacks have issues. When Blacks go against Asians, but is hush on the cause. Go to Puerto Rico and the rural slums there is where you will find the dark skin Ricans, but not at the front desks of the hotels. Racism in Rwanda killed millions and no body cared and you think it is bad here?

   Racism is when thousands of Black people die in the streets, but sadly 20 kids die and everybody wants to move Heaven and earth. Drugs ravaged the inner cities for decades, but fentenayl harms white America now we have a problem and it needs to be fixed.

   Racism is allowing untold millions of illegals to take starter jobs from less educated Blacks in order to provide low cost labor to your corporate backers. Apartments are scarce as illegals have to live some where, primarily in the inner cities. They crowd your schools, divert precious teaching resources to teach English on your tax dollars. So you get poor schools, higher rents, fewer jobs and that is working for you? It is by design and that is racism. Politicians say jobs are unfilled, really less than 4% unemployment and there is a legal way, work permits instead of an uncontrolled flow of which almost half cannot work. The tech world uses legal H-4 visas to undercut IT graduates in America. They are screwing you. Remember your shrinking tax dollars pays for this.

   The politicians, as the cowards they are, let you riot and told the police to stand down when you burnt government buildings and the hate that has been passed down generation to generation sees this and your leaders think this is a great idea. They are the ones that have increased hate by there policies painted as help and the media just stokes the fire. I will tell you again what you see as good is a hidden evil. What the politicians points out as evil is good in America. Use common sense, as I am not talking about murderers, rapists, terrorists, but political correctness guilt applied to a person unjustly. The crowd is almost always wrong with events in history.

   In America there are some bad Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and a few Asians, but the vast majority are good. Do not let the few dictate what is seen as all. In America we do not have a White problem, Black problem, Latino problem or Asian problem. We have an American problem that the politicians and some of the media in this country is making worse. It needs to be cleaned up. Educate all so that all exceed. The days where you kick the can down the road and offer money, which we have to pay back is no solution. Elections focus on short term goals for the politician not the people. Change this or the Chinese will and few Americans will be living in America.

   You were told there would be a leader polished, handsome, brilliant, a peace maker, and rich. Just know he will be the one to destroy mankind. Christ was poor, humble and died for you. So many of you will be fooled, so many souls lost. Take off the blinders and reflect on what I have said and see with open eyes, before it is too late.


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