How the New World Order will let you choose them

Undermining your elected Leaders



Written Aug 8 11:59pm EST


   All of you in the media work for the elite. This is a fact and the public is very aware of it. Have you listen to yourselves over the past two weeks? Now we know Donald tells what he really feels, which is the truth, and gaff after gaff that means nothing to the future of this country, all of you kick him when you think it is safe and is down. The Khans, pigs mean nothing to the future geo-political arena as all are a faÁade and tells you what you what to hear. I guess this is what you instead of solutions. Look around, the status quo is not working and will collapse as there is talk of a revolution. Your actions are foolish as you have no idea of what you are doing until it is too late. Let me explain.

   Letís start with the Iran. The soldiers that were captured was arranged to embarrass the administration as weak. The GPS navigation was tampered with as to enter Iranian territory we have trackers that monitor the movements of our troops and it was this safety turned off by design giving Iran a chip to leverage with the US in the return of our men, but you donít see this.

   The 400 million, I told you, was never going to be returned to Iran. The Hague would have just allowed the endless appeals to delay the transfer of funds even if they sided with Iran. Over thirty years have past and you think things would have change as if Iran would responsibly spend. The US canít even control how welfare is spent in this country and you are going to float this story? The US sent the money to return an asset, the hostages were just lucky to be included, but more important to provide a cover story as you would look that them instead of the asset. Just to let you know, he was not worth it. This again undermines the decision making of the Administration as inept. You should have listened to your gut Obama.

   You guys are having a field day over the security of this country and Donald Trump. You arranged to have a collusion of 50 so called experts to come together at the same time and all talk to each other instead of lone wolves that they are and now are the musketeers all for one, really. Did you point out the concerns, no, except the nuclear codes?

   To the media it is the Joint Chiefs that request the use of nuclear weapons to a threat and it is the President that assesses their sense of urgency to protect this nation and either he activates the football use to save your asses or sits on a decisions looking for a diplomatic solution when in the end times there is none. He does not have to power to launch independently as you lead many to believe.

   When a President canít make that decision to a serious threat when tested outside of the public eye, they are relived of the football, ask Obama so he can lie. The result American some cities are toast. This is why the new world order wants Hillary as she will delay a response to an attack on the US from Russia and China by design. Out of war where millions die, the population of the West an EU will talk and beg for peace at any cost. Then the EU be invaded and fall and all of you European woman and young boys will have a new job or be exterminated.

   It is here the new world order plans to unify the world and will be accepted by you of your own free will. This plan is for America to fall with inaction instead delivering in response to a threat. Donald is a wild card as he would cremate all of Russia and China instead of a controlled response of pre selected cities all agreed long ago upon by the agents of the now, most of your politicians and leaders here and Putin. Two targets are San Francisco neutralizing the gay community strong hold and Atlanta so much for the Blacks to start with. What many who agreed to this donít know is, there are others? Hillary is a traitor and is following orders as she thinks all of this is a conspiracy theory. All of in the media know these are the end times, but you refuse to believe all life as you know will end or change. That view will change shortly.

   You in the media spoke about the Gold Star family, the Khans who lost there son. Is this a war that Hillary voted for? Yes. Did she do anything to stop your sonís death for an unjust war? No, but like a fool, you fall for the hype from the DNC and promote Trump would have stopped your family from immigrating. This is a lie. Selected Muslims were only seen as a threat due to 911, not as an immigrant like your family who could be vetted. The Khans lost nothing due to Donald Trump and again the Constitution applies to citizen of this nation. No immigrant has a right except human under the Constitution until a citizen. But if Hillary prevented the war, your son may be alive.

   Hillary on the other hand insults a Gold Star family whose son dies because of her decision to stand down in Benghazi. Then lie to the face of the mother adding insult, yet you in the media brushed this aside. When Trumps talks, it is a disgrace, Hillary fails to send support, because the excuse is the State Department canít decide on a uniform over 4 hours people die, what a leader. But you in the media have it right. Save all is the mission and this diplomatic protocol like the talk from politicians cost lives and jobs.

   Hillary talks about bringing jobs to America, just how? She is bound to trade agreements so she will just lie, as she did as Senator to upstate New York when she promised 200, 000 jobs of which a few of the several hundred created in 8 years are around today. This is her track record.

   Trump just needs to reverse the trade deals that give us a deficit and we win.  A trillion dollars from China and 100s of Billions from Mexico returned this to America to start. When you hire Americans they spend in America, instead of foreigners buying land and businesses here with the money this country sends them creating a downward spiral as all see. They are not our friends.

   You in the media have noticed many Republicans are voicing they will vote for Hillary. Why is that? I have told you time and time again that both political parties in the main answer to one, but you are led to believe your vote dictates a choice of direction. Did they tell you that you are herded in a predetermined direction as it was your choice? The nwo wants Hillary in power so all under the influence must comply. Some have betrayed their own party and you trust them? A man that builds Trump Tower is not mentally unstable, but words not actions and you have him pegged.

    Politicians lie like Hillary, one story to the FBI and another to the public. I donít care if the fix was in; you got off, but played innocent to the public. They said you broke the law, but refused to indict you under the guise of not pursuing intent, this is the Truth. In Benghazi you delayed a response costing American lives as I told you, it was some one else that attacked the embassy as they knew ambassador was there and the location of the safe house.

   She lied about the emails to hide the correspondence regarding the Clinton Foundation; all was deleted, but hacked before hand. Hillary you should fear these words, but you in arrogance will push you forward. By the way, when the nwo controls the world, they will execute leaders that came under the umbrella as an example for all to comply. You better hope it is not you, for who would be a better example to make all bow if you win.

   Your polls are manipulated as they swing Hillary down then up as if people listen to the news and are swayed by mere words. In America, you will be faced with a crucial decision, in which Hillary is bought and paid for, and this nation will fall to the nwo. Trump has not been corrupted yet, as this is in his hands, but he will protect this nation even though he has a crude mouth. I rather back a patriot, than one who lies about that which endangers this nation with the lack of regard to security with emails or abandons our men overseas. These are facts.

   No matter what Trump states at least it is his true feeling at the time until advisors morph the statement to appeal to the masses. There are solutions for the brave. The Fed discount rate should be used for student loans when completing 2 years of college. Nothing is free it is earned. Blocking ISIS recruitment by notifying those accessing you know, but still allowing a free web. Expand the US Army Corp. of Engineers to fix our infrastructure now and as an emergency in disasters. Real solutions that will develop into real jobs, yet a military force there to protect America. Shut down porn to all under 21 by posting when the computer is turned on, this computer is allowing porn to all over 21. Crush ransom virus software and the firms that produce the virus in order to extort a fee for a solution. Enact a five year wait on all leaving public office to working for government contractors or their subsidiaries. Wage parity can only be achieved by true COLAs in place for all. Standardized testing is a must to reveal weak spots in the education system for improvement as we compete against the world. Parent must do their part to educate their children, school is a guide. The parents of all school children must be a citizen or on the tax rolls. If they are here there is no free ride like every American. Finally do you want to beat Isis and Iran terror? Hit the refineries and wells in graduated attacks, they will comply. The only problem is the corrupt oil companies buying from them, they will advise caution to our leaders. This is the double standard. They are only interested in preserving profits and greed at the expense of the next terrorist victim, choose.

   The media needs to focus. It is not about Gold Star families. It is not about name calling. It is not about focusing on every gaff real or planned. It is about taking this country in a new direction. Now if you lie to compromise the security of this nation. If you lie to the American people to cover what you told the FBI who will not reveal the truth as they were never asked by design. If you lie to the mother of a son who died to protect the embassy when no help is coming and insults outweigh death and a compromise of secrets, you in the media are insane, not Trump. You are tools.

   You have been told this is a spiritual war, but few of you have any concrete references as it is about faith yet loved ones die around you. Many of make the mistake of calling those you are truly evil satan, and this is wrong. Every living human being no matter his actions towards another while on earth has the spark of God within, but also the dark side clouds the soul. It is this balance that determines how an entity will behave when pressed. The dark side influences, but is careful not to reveal itself. Thoughts about me, pleasures of the flesh, power all given in return for a darker soul until the point you have made a choice and are harvested. This is the Truth.

   Now it is about planting the seed to see. All I ask is to consider this as there is still time. Also in Godís army you fight evil at all costs, to be docile or indifferent, you may be a martyr. There are no cowards in Godís Army. You can not influence others if you roll over and choose dieing at the first sign of conflict. Nor can you stand between two chairs preaching the word of God and corrupting others for pleasure. Heed this, preachers.


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