The State of the Union

A Leader Needs to Stand for this Nation



Written Holy Saturday Mar 26 5pm EST


   I will get straight to the point. This nation is at the precipitous point of change. The Almighty has revealed just today on a need to know, there is a new general in place. Most important you are strong in faith and you will need it. It has been confirmed another has passed the torch, so be it. Now what would be best plan to protect this nation against the new world order? As this is your job. You are not a politician. Nor for now, do you compromise.

   The EU will fall as covert info paints them as dropping out of agreements and self interest becomes the forefront to maintain leadership, but this is far from the truth. All of them have allowed an influx of immigrants to destabilize their nations so that they could dictate control. What they do not know is that the dark side lies and injected real terrorist actions in conjunction with the false flag events like the terror attacks in France. Events are now out of control and the new world order is throwing the leaders of the EU under the bus slowly. It is here after thousands die, economies collapse, and a nuclear war all will cry for a leader to bring peace. This is the plan, which has not changed. This world has yet to realize they are not fighting a man with the weakness of flesh.

   If the rumors are true that you do have control of the Fed, it is in name only. Have you stopped the flow of interest payments? No. Have you taken control of speculation and bank safe havens? No. Have you replaced the currency to expose all that is hidden? No. To change this nation and free it, cut all strings. As the world falls around you, your job is to protect home first. The cowards have always expected you to protect when they will not protect themselves. A strong nation is one that does not spread out to protect that, which will be lost as the cowards turn on your soldiers for you know the Russians, Chinese and the EU shall persecute the Christians and communism shall befall this earth. You know Revelations as this is the Word of God, prepare. What is worse the debt is incurred by this nation to their bankers. Yes, the Bank of England collects the interest on all money lent by the Fed and we saved their asses in WW2. They are laughing with you money.

   The EU is the spear of the new world order; know when to cut ties with NATO. We all know about friends that ride the coattails. We all know about the friends that stab you in the back, but you hope they are true. Do they pay a fair share? No. If the Russians attacked the US who would fight? No one, for they would cower in fear.

   Hillary, talks nonsense as her solutions are always diplomatic, the enemy will attack and she frozen with fear shall head to the bunkers for a better day. You a citizen do not have that option. She states the wall will not keep out the internet. Hillary you are so stupid. The wall keeps the illegals from flowing north. The internet allows information from terrorists’ cells to recruit. What is so funny is that every time anyone hits those sites they are tagged, just like the old days when you took out a book in the library on UFOs. You fool no one with your lies as you work for the new world order and your husband Bill along with the Bushes.

   During the End Times which has 35 months left the world falls under the control of the new world order. This is a fact. If nukes are used wipe them out with no mercy. Pay no attention to a stand down order as you know the result. Those civilians caught up are no different than in WW2 when the fate of the world is at stake. They are martyrs. This is sanctioned by the Almighty.

   Do not stop American citizens from acquiring assault weapons and large magazines as their will be a new enemy, but required background checks for the crazies. The dark one influences the weak and one goal was to attack your children in schools in order to remove your right to protect this nation against any threat. This is the plan.

   You know the attack will come in through San Diego and Los Angeles and move across the south crushing Atlanta or what is left of it. There will be a secondary force that will land in isolated areas of British Columbia, prepare. As it was these two paths, that were agreed upon by traitors of this nation. Thus are eliminating millions of minorities living within the cities in the south and bypassing the strongholds in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota. The refineries in Texas are toast and the western and eastern seaboards due to the earth changes, pipelines need to be in place in geo stable areas hardened against attack.

   The US government has assessed the viability of protecting the minorities. Poor health, obesity, lack of education and survivability skills, you have been written off as expendable. Food, water and electricity cut and with no help by design, they will die as non essential. The same police you curse with black lives matter will be the same that will call in sick rather than fight for you. Again this is the ugly truth.

   It is about stopping them in the Carolinas and neutralizing the submarine stealth cruise missiles. If you stop the flow of electrons in electronic devices that are shielded, the vulnerable part is that there are no land marks at sea for guidance, they will depend. Detection of subs and drone launch platforms is about monitoring density changes in salt water trailing through the oceans, with modified neutrinos. This is simple, as you concentrate research on particle movements not impeded by passing within water primarily.

   Expand the microwave stealth drones project that irradiates flesh in hostile zones. If civilians die it is better that being burnt or fed to the pigs alive after their usefulness as sexual slaves, men, woman and children. All of you hear about the woman being penetrated by the squad, the children taken for the officers, and those that don’t count force the men to suck. This is the ugly Truth. Refuse, they mutilate you as an example for others to conform. This is war.   Allies do not harbor terrorist. Allies do not use you for protection while they steal land. Allies pay their bill instead of riding free for decades. Drop them all as you know what is coming.

   Complete a skilled team to take them out. Drop the leaflets stating if you harbor them, then you protect and you are also the enemy. They have a choice. Enter, eliminate, and disappear as ghosts. You answer to no one, but the Almighty. National security on the media including Amnesty International, reflect back 10 times over to what is seen increasing until  recruit and moral is broken. Simultaneously hit the leaders of the nations that secretly support them. Anything coming from Russia, China and the elite is just noise. Treat it that way. End this, end this now before chaos planned derails authority in this nation. The Octopus has many tentacles in this nation many members of Congress, most of the Supreme Court, many in the media, most successful public corporations, the Fed, the banks and more important most of your leaders. If you do not know, it is also ISIS and some leaders of Israel.

   If there is a contested convention the only one nominated outside of Trump will make concessions to the elite hoping they will never have to deliver, but they will. As she has sold out to the dark side, in return the investigation into influence peddling has slowed. When you sell your soul and make a firm decision, the Almighty will remove you from this earth. This is a fact.

   The Almighty is giving you the sword use as there is no room for cowards’ only patriots. Remove all who threaten this nation; again I do not care how it is done, just do it. If not I will ask the Almighty to cleanse the earth, then billions will die. You have your mission deliver as you expect those under you to do.


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