State of the Union Address





Update Mar. 1 5 pm EST


   As we are just hours away from the State of the Union Address, be careful on what you believe that looks like it comes from Biden, but is written and influenced by others, the deep state. When it comes to crazy Putin, you have been told when backed into a corner, he has nothing to lose. It is at this point Putin may push the button. Your president and your so called experts can not guarantee Putin will stand down from a nuclear first strike. Again he has nothing to lose if the sanctions work. It is your lives and cities that will turn to ashes as your leaders run to the bunkers and say with over a hundred million dead here, I sorry we did not anticipate this. Did you not hear the same line from Ukraine leaders. Their nation is corrupt and do not care for the people. It is a front. If Russians take control their crimes will be exposed leading back to America. On top of that, they gotten very rich with drugs and secret agreements with certain parties.

   Yes the people of Ukraine need to be saved, but not at the cost of a world war. Then they are on their own and if one leader states this is now our way and millions need to die here. They need to go. Remember 30 years ago they were the enemy. Most of NATO is begging for help as they have little defenses and you will pay and die for it. We take care of home first then help others.

   The leaders in Ukraine are cowards and corrupt, no matter the media spin. They steal billions from their people. Sell US arms on the Middle East black market meant to save their nation to fill their pockets and you, the media make them heroes? You are idiots. Biden you may promise hope and solidarity as Macron hides tonight against Putin, but America just know those are just words. Biden would dare not say to Putin he would like to meet him in a back alley, as you know Biden, you won’t come out.

   You ask, why do I see Biden as weak? It is not if Putin will start a war with the West, but when. The politicians and the deep state built up Russia and China due to greed with oil, gas and cheap labor and now you think, they will just sit back and not take it all? Biden will hesitate and respond with a limited response and Putin knows this. Biden will target low yield nukes towards military targets and Putin will level east coast cities. The damage and loss of life so severe Biden if around would take any brokered peace deal. This will be the collapse of your nation through a false peace as Putin lies. Look at the podium tonight and ask, is this a leader to be feared, as he stumbles through words and ideas written for him?


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