The “ United” States of America

In God We Trust



Written Jul. 8 5 pm EST


   I have told you, so many times that you are being herded, by your media and now your leadership. They are lying to you. Climate change is real, but is it that mankind is responsible? Your world has the descendants of God’s children on it. Out of the almost infinite worlds in the unknown universe that contain intelligent life and more important, those similar to the image of God, your world was chosen. After being expelled from Eden and transported here, we were suppose to make this world a better place. So far we are failing, as it is slated to be destroyed once again, because of our actions. You know what offends the Father.

   In order to counter those in charge, signs are sent to the general public, that can not be explained. The west coast with a cool Pacific current passing southward along the coastline, was overwhelmed with heat. How did this occur? It needs a source. It cannot be the sun as other areas would be similar affected to some degree. It cannot be a trapped air mass, as you are being told, because of the cold Pacific current moderating temperatures for centuries. So what is it?

   Geological changes are occurring now at an accelerated rate, as your media and government fail to inform you of the up coming disasters. What is happening in the north west can not be explained. A trapped heat dome that far north, as what is the source of heat, not the cool ocean?

   The Atlantic is currently expanding to where both coastlines will lose elevation causing coastal flooding and building collapses in some areas, but not others. This is your clue and is occurring now. If one ocean is expanding, then the other is compressing. Plate tectonics exploit’s the weakest points and that point presently is in the Pacific northwest. All of you assume, it is the air responsible for the 50 degree variance, but you are wrong. It is the heat from the Pacific plate being forced under the North American continent. This is responsible the extraordinary dryness in the ground, as it is heated from below. Check it, but you will not drill heat sensors into the ground, then you will have to explain ocean temps rising in the Artic without a significant rise in air temperatures.

   The hot spots now occurring along the Pacific Northwest plate boundaries, along with increased lightning strikes due to the merging magnetic fields is just the beginning. All forests will succumb to wild fires. So what is the present agenda of the leaders of your country?

   The goal of the new world order is to divide your country, as pitting one against the other. The Democratic Party through the assistance of the media, painted Trump as a racist. Although he never was associated with them, as Biden was and his political actions backed that agenda. Yet your media hides this, and you need to ask why? A leopard spots do not change over time, but some can hide them.

   So lets examined what has occurred since the election. We have heard the words, we shall heal as a nation. America is back. But you look around at real life in America, and that paints a different picture, of what you were promised. Biden stated, we as a nation will heal from systemic racism and inequality. America and she is back. Look at your political agenda. You think defund the police is a great idea, as crime rises and destroys your cities. You think guns are the problem, when it is the criminals that are the problem. So disarm the populace and you with your cut backs are going to arrive at a crime scene to save the day. You guys are out of your minds. Just how long, do you think those, you govern, will turn their attention on you?

   At the border, you assumed your policy on do not separate families, would reverse the Trump policy and score points. Now they send unaccompanied minors in great numbers and the rest, who are pretty are raped and taken to be sold, but you do not talk about this. The border is a disaster you made and Harris is clueless and this is the next president! We need to ask, is this by design?

   The performance of the Biden Administration has only accelerated the division in this nation. As common sense solutions has given way to reverse policies in place for centuries. You cannot change past injustices by villianizing another race. The sad part, you know this. It creates hatred instead of healing the wounds of the past, just like favoring one child above another. You think white people need to be educated on past racial injustice, you are out of your minds. They are well aware of it and most empathize, others are harden by your forced tactics.

   How do you expect change, when you yourself have not changed on the inside? An outward façade will fail over time. For you an exception will be made, it is just time, tic-toc. It was the Democratic Party, that was behind Jim Crow. It is the elite and deliberate lack of opportunity given to minorities that is still in place. You need look no further than the high tech firms that supports the Democrats like Google, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, and Amazon. They only hire East Indians because, it is cheap labor using H-1 visas, which Trump wanted to eliminate. Why is that?

   There are underlying issues that divides America and the media exploits this. Racism was a political tactic used by Clinton to win an election and now what you created in the media has exploded in your face. That is the truth. Once unleashed, can you now control the narrative? No. Look around, no one likes your policies on crime in the cities and you cannot spin it, even though as your idiot advisors tell you bullet points, it fails. The border crisis you created, now has you reversing policy and the Republican base hates you for this. Add inflation, which destroys the buying power of the poor and Middle Class and you have recipe for 2022 election disaster. You spent the money and new taxes will solve this? Again, the cost will be passed to the consumer. America cannot afford a recession, the Chinese can, and they will exploit this. You have no answers, as you sold out America. Was it worth it for temporary power? They sold out to the new world order, which when reviewed in the future, may amount to treason.

   The elite has plans to divide this nation and when you thought with the riots and media bought and paid for, that this was the will of the people. You were so wrong and America is paying the price through ever increasing division. There is little time to reverse this, even less time for those to turn from cowards to leaders. Heed this.


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