Update on the Southern Border



Written Mar. 13 2:30 am EST


   Earlier this week Roberta Jacobson, Coordinator of the Southern Border addressed the media, as to what is going on at the southern border. Your eyes do not lie and what most feared, has come true. As soon as the migrants can be shown as properly cared for, the cameras will be let in. It is all about the photo op. One thing is for sure, the elite has stabbed Biden in the back by providing migrants those tee shirts with his name on it. Why would anyone do that? So saying please do not come now, and you think your shallow words will stop them?

   Remittances will give all who have families a way to skirt the system by passing immigration laws and fees that go straight to the pockets of the cartels. This will lead to more control over the people in Central America that have little. So now you need to house these people and I guess your friends who bought up seedy hotels at the border towns near migrant centers just before the election will now charge hundreds to our government a day to house and feed the overflow, only in America. 200 to 500 a day for the 100,000+ a month morphs to years, millions and you pay. You do the math, as these are your leaders. But you do get a Covid check for 1400 a person, yet your friends at the border, they spend thousands per person for just a week and they are not even citizens.

   You think disinformation from the smugglers is behind the surge, so you think we are idiots. You offer housing, food and healthcare, this is a fact. The smugglers do not lie, you do. You state the perception of the border as open is not true. Well America has eyes, you have lies. Biden went on the media and stated to a group of potential voters, we can afford to take in at least 2 million migrants as if that if a final number, can we? The pandemic has crushed low or unskilled labor already in this country, but you have not considered the short term impact. I ask why?

   On the surface, we are told this will increase the number of Democratic voters. They have to be citizens first, as you proposed that is years down the road. Do you really think that you will hold on to the Hispanic vote when housing shoots through the roof. Schools become over crowded and wages depressed due to a flood of unskilled labor and your taxes pay for it? What about gang activity? They will shift to another option. But you already know this.

   The surge at the border is by design. It has turned some Democrats and Republicans fume. Troops in the Capitol is perceived, as if you need protection from the people. Do you? All to create division, the goal choose another that is Global. This again is by design.

   The 4 billion to be given to the Northern Triangle at the local level and you donít think the cartels and gangs, are not going to shake them down? They are dead and little money or change will reach the people. Their leaders take bribes and you think poor people with control of your money, is going to do the right thing? Nothing has changed in Central America in the last century and a half, and now it is going to be different under Biden?

   What find so interesting is that you have a study that states Covid-19 infected migrants released into the general public shows no increase in infection. So you do not even know where the adult migrants go. You have been in office less than 2 months, and you set up a study on illegal immigrants, you did not even know, was coming. You are such the liar. This is no different than what Cuomo did. The goal at the border is to break apart America, instead of bringing it together.

   You were voted in to protect America, not to offer safe haven for millions, you cannot afford. America is compassionate, but you take care of home first before others. There are no jobs, so what are they going to do for years? People have to eat, think about it.


Side Note


   What is interesting about Cuomo, is that when, it was shown the sexual harassment cases of 5 women, was weak, now an anonymous comes forward. A sixth woman states, she was touched. A top CIA Globalist tactic is to accuse, so damage is done to personally discredit, a year later if dismissed, damage is done. So the governor gropes and you do not scream? Why is their collusion at the same time? Now you have the courage? Where is the top with broken buttons or stretched sweater? I am so sure you recoiled in disgust? Did he pop the back clip on the bra or rip them up that would have bruised you? Why is your case different from the others, yet you are last? Now, Cuomo may have step over the line of ethics, may, but he is no idiot, when dozens of women that throw themselves at him over time. If Cuomo did what the accusers say, then he will be removed by the AG as he abused his power, but all are innocent until proven guilty. Politicians and the media are not a jury. We have laws. Stay in your place. I will say this again when all jumped on Trump, something smelled. Now with Cuomo it stinks of the same smell again, be careful. But if he abused those women, then he needs to go.


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