World Update on Easter



Written Apr. 16 4:45 pm EST

Update Apr. 16 9 pm EST


   Events in the recent world have not changed much. Some in the media are starting to get wise. Putin has a strangle hold on the EU especially Germany with natural gas. They will eventually control Ukraine’s gas fields, and again capture more access to the Black Sea, but you were already told this. What about that Neptune missile strike on the Russian Ship now verified? Verified by who? Yes the Ukrainians have a anti- ship weapon, but was it the weapon of choice that destroyed the Russian ship? No, it was a covert American team that hit the Moskva with a new stealth advanced harpoon missile with a low yield warhead guided by real time satellite information. The point was to mimic the damage a Ukraine weapon would inflict on the target. This was why they stated 2 missiles hit, but the crew that was evacuated is not talking They waited for a counter Russian narrative. There was none. The Russians did not fear the Ukraine anti ship weapons systems. So those on the Moskva monitoring the radar systems drank and did not see the US missile coming with signature of a small bird. coming rendering the ship completely defenseless.

   They key is that the Russian radar has filters that eliminate small targets that clutters their screens. So they do not know where the strike emanated from. Thus giving the Ukraine credit for an American strike to boost Ukraine moral on this false media stage. You say no, as you believe what the media feeds you. The Neptune missile is sub sonic and the Russians would have detected its heat signature from satellites already in place. The anti aircraft and missile system would have taken them out given the range, radar signature and slow speed from shore. Do not be fooled by the narrative the West pushes.

   You see Sweden and Finland are looking to join NATO, not because they want to improve the defensive stature of the organization, but fear the Russians and hope America will save their asses if attacked, but they may not pay their fair share. This is the mentality of the EU members. You were told, if America was attacked, all NATO members would cower and the minimum would be sent except for the UK. Is it worth their acceptance when they will contribute little, but piss Putin off? Is their membership, like Ukraine worth war, where billions die? You need to ask your leaders?

   Despite the war in Europe, WW3 is not about to happen in the very near future, but steps are being laid and that is in the hands of the common man. Do you stand up or roll over, which is it? So what are the plans of the new world order, now led by the antichrist, who remains hidden from the public eye?

   The Ukraine war and its puppet leaders were to test the world. To see who was weak and how nations could be exploited by providing a false leader like Zelenskyy what he wants. He begs for arms, but sells a percentage to the Middle East to line his pockets and many politicians here in America gets a kickback. What is so low, is the Military complex is giving kickbacks to certain members of Congress every time they increase aid to Ukraine in the name of justice. You do not even know if all the military equipment evens gets delivered. It disappears. Everybody makes money on the war in Ukraine. The Russians with inflated oil and gas prices, the Military complex, Congress members with high paying jobs when they leave to the corporations that made so much money. Watch were Fauci goes maybe Pfizer. And you the American tax payer pays for this. What a game.

   Zelenskyy invokes the civilians to rise up and fight without uniforms and when they are killed, it is seen as war crimes. The Russians are holding for the New Madrid rupture, which will devastate Europe. They will rush through Rumania with power, but they will be requested to do so. The old Warsaw states will see France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and the UK flooded. They will rise and most will invite the Russians in, rather than starving, lack of energy or supporting the fleeing Western refugees bent on control of the unaffected countries. This is what you do not know. It is what comes shortly after, that changes the world you know. Remember, you have and for the harden, had a choice.

   All of you see your world changing and it is for the worst. A nuclear strike retaliation is the start of WW3 and Putin knows this, as the world freezes. This is a no win situation for the West and there is little confidence in Biden (Blinken US puppet master) coming up with a solution both sides can live with.

   Remember Jesus who died for your sins (abortion, murder, lies, homosexuality) rose today Easter Sunday for the salvation of all mankind. Unknown to most of mankind, the spirit of life attaches to the fertilized egg at conception, not when the baby breathes its first breathe outside of the womb. The spirit is attached to the initial cells and does not need a completed baby. It is an individual life form living within another. The undeveloped brain has little memory within its Id of the womb, but the spirit does, thus leading to the bond of mother and child. The Almighty placed in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. These new decisions and acceptance are validated by another. Let not this great gift of Love and Sacrifice from God go to waste. If so, the Chastisements will destroy your world and all that you love to save souls, though few are listening. You can change this.

Update 9 pm EST

   On Levin tonight, a guest stated that the Ukrainians did not use or have access to the US harpoon missile. This is true, but the statement was a ruse. You were told a covert US team launched it, not the Ukrainians. So the statement rings true. Now I rarely single out a media spokesman, but in your case, I will make an exception. Levin this is your second mistake. By the Grace of God you have one more. Your guess led your audience that Ukraine had a missile that could sink a Russian ship. by saying they did not have advanced Harpoon weapons from the US. Again that is only true with US weapons. It was the covert team of Americans that sank that ship with a Harpoon weapon. Some times leave well enough alone and pass on what you are told tom say or your guest. Levin your deception is noted and you need to choose.


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