Update in Syria May 2013





Written May 31

Update Aug   31



   As the world observes Syria what is behind the scenes? You have been told that Syria is the flashpoint currently for this world. Chemical weapons allegedly used there, the purpose to solidify outside support for the rebels. Did the order come from Assad, no. Those behind it had another agenda. Think, what nation who has conventional power to crush the population would use a weapon of mass destruction knowing the world would support the other side? But you in intelligence agencies already know this and accessed a small dispersal of chemical weapons as the source could not be traced and the finger of blame would point in one direction. Add the Israelis making bombing runs to prevent what has not been put in place against their homeland, but there is collateral damage and a building of hate within the population, the rebels. In the free world, do you kill the criminals before they commit the crime? Prevent a crime while in the act is legal and prudent, but many have ideas, but sit on them and eventually move on as they grow up. This is the gift of freedom. Has fear replaced freedom and just where would these prevent tactics end?

   Currently the plan is for the EU and some in the US is to arm the rebels, thus opposing sides are equalized, which will lead to war. Do you in the media not see this? Only with arms and supplies do the rebels risk all out war, which would not occur in their present state. You say thousands are dieing, but in this world it just another day in many countries in Africa and Asia. Millions floated down the rivers of Rwanda and you just watched the news, pathetic. Let’s not even talk about the Sudan, where slavery is thriving, so much for your humanism.

   Will most of these arms be diverted to the black markets for the riches of the west? You can guarantee this. This war was engineered as you were told. The Russians will supply Assad and any agreement should be held as suspect. You hold peace talks, but the weapons flow from both sides. Since when does the Western world care about the freedom of Moslems in the Middle East? You curse them, burn or protest their Mosques and now you send them weapons in the name of securing peace? I say to the world, this is a lie and this action smells.

    I ask you, Politicians, the especially the party that pays as you go and some bought and lobbied colleagues across the isle. So I guess you are going to fund to arms sent to Syria as a new initiative with your Political Pacs or promote a Syrian Aid concert? I just know you are not going to take our hard earned tax dollars and give our money to aid rebels to which you have think you have control over. As they laugh at you behind closed doors and when the price is right, they will pass weapons to the Jihad. But you know this through CIA and NSA intel. Exactly who are you fooling, oh that’s right, the American people?

   American jobs with infrastructure improvements, investments in new technologies, safeguards for fracking while still exploiting energy. Are you choosing that which is for America for another war? Please tell me this is not so? Oh I get it, now you trust them now as there is a “greater agenda”, you better tweet Rush. Exactly, how you did circumvent the protocol of the State Department on foreign policy with a politician outside of the loop? Tell us where did your orders come from? It is not from the American people and the slanted polls that forged your action as they have seen your adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq chasing weapons that did not exist and cost a trillion dollars as reported, but far more in bribes and still there are the lives of our soldiers. Now either you are with the dark side and are being used as a fool to promote war or you are just a confused soul, if so you are not worthy to influence this world, make that choice before God makes it for you.

   Each of you in the intelligence agencies has read the profile; first, all of you know do not lie. There is a limited time for spin on this view. I will not be compromised when it comes to this mission, second you know where I stand for the people of this world. You are guessing at what are the odds of a push back against those who are following orders. Remember my mission is to save all, but if saving you costs a net loss of souls, that sanctioned by God will have to go by any means necessary by His hand and that will be supernatural. This is my promise as I only answer to the Lord.

   When the sides equalize, events preplanned will escalate into war. You will hear mistrust, killings all designed to incite a war, which shall bring the east and the west to the brink. Then a master politician, new to the world scene, honed in the house of Rothschild shall enter and broker a peace which no nation has. Skillful, cunning, as he is craftily behind escalating this conflict. Covertly steering world leaders by influence and wealth thus creating the platform that will spiral towards crisis, and now will offer the world a solution.

   You are being told this in advance as to not be fooled. I have told you the policy of the elite, create the problem, and then offer a solution. When will you as children of God learn? Watch as a disbelieving world falls for the Charisma, for you will know, who he is. Each and everyone will watch in disbelief. Weakness has always been underestimating what the opposition would do to control the world.


New Update June 18


   As the threat of war escalates in the near future, many of you are beginning to understand that the NWO are playing both sides to achieve a goal, but what the United States does not understand is that the Bear will be well funded (yes the money that you allowed to be siphoned from this nation by the private bank, the Federal Reserve) and provided with super weapons improved from your Black projects. Multi national corporations, means just that, as what you were given with our money as state of the art was inferior, but your scientists did not know any better due to need to know.

   When faced with intelligence that cannot be proven, a line was crossed. What line, a 150 people died with gas? Oh the other 90,000 were tortured, raped, mutilated, children blown apart in front of loved ones and this is your reason? As you were told Assad never gave an order to use chemical weapons against his nation. Assad is just greedy, as it is all about the money and control. When this was threatened, he crushed the population to conform as he needs a viable country if he is to continue taking the same cut. I ask the media and government leaders to use common sense instead of what you have been fed, lies. When are you going to learn?

   The intelligence is flawed as this is an attempt to steer a nation, it seems like deja vu, noooo! Say it ain’t so, but what is Obama to do? If he goes against the intel as he has to trust it, the media goes after him as weak and the party suffers in 2014. You, that is hidden from this world played this card well as your pawns fell in line. As for you who that are carrying out the plan just know how this ends. For the astute, focus on those beating the war drums and then look to who is pulling their strings for the truth, be careful.

   All of you will be in fear as this escalates to East vs. West and with nuclear war as an option for the East, as this is the plan. The faces at the G-8 show a cold separation far deeper than the facade presented to your cameras. Remember the SALT treaties to reduce nuclear weapons, many weapons were not destroyed, but hidden and the United States is in no place to fund a new arms race as they cannot admit this. The world will then look for anyone to save them. The world is being herded, and when you reach the cliff, guess who will fall. This can change, but you must start now while you still have freedom.


Update August 27


    As the world is aghast at the evil of mass destruction with chemical weapons, all of you are thinking backwards. Again the focus is on the few as the under reported that is over 100,000 shot, mutilated and raped are dead as if you really cared. In some of your disgusting minds you think more dead rag heads and grin, don’t lie, because they too are children of God equal to you in His eyes. So you decide that now that a few die from chemicals instead of being shot you are outraged. You fool no one with your shallow words politician as you can not think on your own, but are fed words and intel. Yes, people were killed in a chemical attack and some may have attacked their own, but the gas was provided from an outside source and again not authorized by Assad. So how do your subordinates carry out an attack? They were paid. Again the NWO was behind this with the help of another nation aligned with the west. No this would happen, just like your votes are not up for sale by the lobbyists. In this world there is either the Truth or half truths, which are nothing more than lies

   The CIA knows that the source of chemical weapons injected from an outside source, would introduce the fire power of the United States into this war, a tactic to herd the population behind an action, but many of you in the media do not see this. Satellites and drones have covert footage of how the gas was dispersed and spectrograph identification, as if they are not looking, but you will not see this. Sarin gas or most other manufactured chemical agents has a particular chemical makeup like a signature and with this the source country is identified. You just see the atrocity, the outrage and assume the source. If Assad was to use chemicals weapons, he signs his death warrant and if so then, his best option was to kill them all and hide. Madmen have no control unless the incident again was designed to get a “certain affect”.

   You in government are aware of what is coming, as cowards you nod your heads in agreement instead of taking a stand. The world as you know it is at stake. Putin and the KGB are aware of the source of weapons and even though some were planted by Assad’s military to point the finger, but even more was injected by an outside source. “He” will supply all nations in the Middle East with weapons and many nations will explode all at once as the nation that stood for freedom in the world will be despised by all in the Moslem world. Escalating quickly to East vs. West and the nuclear option is on the table, try spinning this in the name of freedom. Fry the world for a conflict few care about. There are many injustices in this world that no one cares about, millions have died and now you want to risk the world?

   What the American public does not know is the problem in the Middle East is being created by the same people who will offer the solution. Again look to those that broker peace between Israel and Palestine. But know this, during the warning all will know the Truth and that you have lied as all will be revealed, all. If you attack then you must ask, why have you let the true source skate? You can lie to America, but you cannot lie to God. Now watch in the next week things change, considerate a warning.

Update Aug 28


   As the government hardens their position, there will be proof. You have been told traitors in the Assad regime have released some gas in anticipation of an UN investigation, yet US surveillance already has the answer. The team invited, but shot at, so clandestine anything to increase the drama, give me a break. The key here for the NWO was allow some of Assad’s military to act and of course well paid. They were promised if caught, the trail will be short, an escape or fake death and new life for you and your family. This is the Truth.

   You have “politicians” stating the proof is positive and that is true, but it is a half truth. The majority of attacks were from outside sources, but this will not be revealed to the American public or media. With the seed planted in the media, you noticed the answers on your talk shows do not add up. This is the start of your education.

   The goal of government is to provide a balance of freedom, the ability rise up the economic ladder yet provide an avenue not a crutch for the poor to become part of the dream. Now partisan activities have caused a division. Where those on top rather maintain or increase their percentage of a shrinking pie out of fear, than have a slice that grows because all are winning offering a bigger pie.

   If truly evil, it is not about increasing the pie, but the elimination for the common man to move forward by increasing the debt. Financial slaves where as economies shrink, measures can be taken to restrict the growth of new wealth. The best thing, with governments failing, the right media, they will vote to give away their rights as it is good for the country, like lambs to the slaughter. I ask you again to look deeper.

   It is true that events in Syria are against international law. It is true that the Assad military to a limited degree used chemical weapons against its population. It was not authorized by Assad and there will be no proof of this as if Assad would take credit. Oh Assad why don’t you shoot yourself in the head by using chemical weapons to kill a few instead of blowing thousands of them up with impunity. Events were arranged to produce a response to the world. Now again I have seen who publicly backs this, again you are making a choice, be careful politicians spouting, what the world believes is the truth. You can lie to the public with your half truths, which is nothing more than a lie, but not to God who knows all. Either you are with us or against us, choose.


Update Aug 31


   You in the media and politicians that represent these United States need for once to cut the link to influence. In this time, we as a nation are at the cross roads where your actions will lead this nation on a path to the abyss. You where given evidence, dead bodies counted in triplet as if you were there to confirm as to the specific cause. This game has been played many times to increase concern among the public.

   So if you seemly now know the specific artillery and missile launch points, we hope you followed the supply line of weapons to the storage depot, but you don’t have that.  If so, you would have taken it out, but now it is dispersed among the population of the innocent as if you did not expect this response. What about the commanding officer of the assault, no, but you have chatter speaking about WMD within in Syria, but this was a set up. Anyone can broadcast a message knowing the NSA is listening, get real. The Assad regime would communicate only by trusted mouth to mouth communication, just like you do when you speak to world leaders on the earth changes. They learned from you.

   Politician you speak to America as if you are the truth, but you were given and told to report findings which you personally cannot confirm. You speak as if time to strike is so important. Your hope is that Congress and the American people will not challenge your moves. Your intelligence is flawed, as it is true people died. It is true WMD was used. But what you cannot confirm is that these attacks did not have help from an outside source. The CIA always mixes enough truth and many lies so that you as a fool cannot tell the difference. Politician, times have changed and the Almighty is tired of the lies presented to His children as the truth. Make that choice now back down and call it as it is or suffer the wrath of the Almighty and remember your family also reads these words. I am just the messenger.

   For the NWO, it is to present confusion and mistrust at the highest levels of world government. Act and you may be wrong, don’t and it seems you don’t care about grave injustices. Syria was well planned. Assad was betrayed from within as rogue groups went against the people thus stirring the pot. Cascading events forced him to action to preserve his position by brutal force. These same acts gave rise to the rebels and the outside source saw an opportunity. The point, get the world powers to take sides, arm, escalate and destabilized the region. You were told that Syria was the flash point and you proceed ahead as if you have blinders on. How pathetic.

   Shelling of rebel areas is standard and displacement of the shelling is honed to be most effective. With this knowledge, the planting of sarin gas pods, small enough to not be detected were placed, but when exploded in conjunction of shelling the death toll would be reduced, but still effective on the world platform, well engineered. Sarin gas is usually dispersed as an air burst, but the gas was released on the ground dampening the yield of death.
   Now Obama has a choice as his partners have made theirs. Sensitive information giving up the source will be released on paper at your friendly news source. Do you think matter can not be moved from any secure location or storage? Are you that naive! Those that are backing this attack will be known as part of the NWO. The world will know, just as you know now. Again either you are with us or against us as this is the last warning for Syria, before the hand of God falls on all of your sorry asses and souls. The Almighty loves each and every one of you and will do everything to save you, but deceive all where many are lost, crosses the line. The chastisements will no longer be held back as you in the world are not concern until loved ones die, so be it until you cry out for Jesus, as evil will be destroyed stage by stage.


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