Uranium Deal Update




Written Oct. 28 10:45pm


    Current scandals with Russia have left the world and especially America confused. So the current narrative is that many agencies approved the transfer of the company controlling 20 percent of the US Uranium as this makes it right. The DNC and Hillary pushed most in selected positions as an Agreement with Obama to gain Hillary’s support to win against McCain. Obama with no clue allowed this to happen as he was unaware of the deceit. She paved a foundation with key personal in place as the deal was known and agreed upon before the 2008 election. With over a hundred million on the line to the Clinton Fountion, Bill arranged that the select group answered to him, as he placed them in their positions. Remember Bill demanded Hillary be Secretary of State to secure her support with Obama. Obama a novice pushed into the presidency needed support on the surface, yet suspected he would be undermined. His mistake is that thought he had the power to change America for the better, he was handcuffed as history shows. His wife delegated to talk about gardens and childhood obesity knowing the world we know will end.

   Hillary, many in  Congress, Russia, China and the scapegoats Iran and North Korea are under one umbrella, the new world order, yet all are unaware they work for the same except they all worship the dark one. Iran acquired its centrifuge technology and parts from select countries in the EU. No one mentions this. All of you in the loop, knows the world comes under one, yet you again you ignore this, the Bible. You were shown the transfer of money, yet your news agencies dismiss this by design. You were told the Clintons transferred 2 billion overseas when they lost the election to Qatar. You were shown The Clinton Foundation dissolved when she had no power after losing to Trump. Are you blind or just inept?

   Now again, the Almighty gave me the decision, as the deliverer, to expose those who orchestrated the collusion, who approved this deal. Fear this. The point is to make their lives miserable until Hillary is pushed in to a corner like a rat making a mistake as she considers they may crack. She has a choice eliminate, the lose ends or be exposed for what she is.


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