The VA Scandal

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Written May 29

Updated Jun 7


   When the public examines the Veteranís Administration, it sees abuses on the outside as this facade has always been there through both Republican and Democratic administrations. This is true, but you in the media and government fail to address the cause of this problem. The VA has a set number of beds, as hospitals that need to be added takes years, careful planning, and a budget. What the Obama administration did not expect was the sharp rise in health problems from wars initiated by Republican administrations. Now the Republicans did not foresee the problem, but when it arose in the latter half of baby Bushís term they choose to do nothing until election results of 2008. If they won, they have planned to add temporary beds to relieve some of the backlog, but if they lost they would stifle new spending on VA hospitals as there is a budget deficit and where is the money coming from. The best thing no one knows there is a problem. Skip several years and the problem of backlog has cost lives of those who have bravely served this country and this is how they are rewarded.

   The Obama administration had hope with the draw down of troops in Iran and Afghanistan, the need for additional facilities would spike then subside before being detected. The Republicans chose to leave this alone as if the right person in the media dug deeper the finger of blame would point to them as the increase was due to the wars they created and the backlog due to poor planning to take care of all the troops in harmís way.

   Look at the records, this backlog was always there, but increased as the draw down of troops put more in the system. The numbers have been fudged since the first term of baby Bush as this was exposed by inside knowledge. The government moves slow and problems develop over decades of abuse and poor management to think other wise or present this to the American people as just starting is a lie. What you can say is the Obama administration decided to take a chance continue business as usual hoping to control this over time, but Republicans saw an opportunity and dropped a dime.

   In these times where division in this country runs deep an opportunity to cause division and hate has opened. Eric K. Shinseki hands were tied and he was not allowed to tell the truth, but told to play the game. What is he to say? The VA knew they did not have enough beds? The VA will not ask for more money as this cannot be paid for unless something is cut due to Republican opposition. Both parties knew this was going on and both chose to look the other way until caught. Now caught the Obama administration knows nothing and the Republican hopes all Americans are stupid as they caused this problem. America know when you are being lied to and do not allow politicians to fester hate and division in this country to grow. By the way those Democrats that jumped on the band wagon are traitors to the Truth, because they knew what was going on in the VA was not a planned crime, but just business as usual. This is your government. This is your media. Know this; both lied to you at some point.

   The future of this nation is going to be put to the test and we must come together. There will be point where you will back at these days of simple turmoil as the good old days. We are America, one country, under God with truth and liberty for all. If you believe in these words then modify your actions by dropping your hate, your bias, your prejudice, your anger and look at your neighbor as you would expect him to look at you.


POW Release


   Congratulations are in order for some in the media as you are now looking past the layers of deceit in the plans of the NWO. You now realize that those behind most Republicans and some Democrats have paid debunkers not only in the media, but as you discovered deeply organized on the web, welcome to my world. You see that with an unsophisticated public you can spout one position to herd the Administration in one direction. As in the case with our only known POW, this seemed on the surface the right thing to do.

   The Republicans have inside military connections and knew of the turmoil downplayed to the White House. There was no trial and the sanitized reports sent to the White House were scrubbed to show little risk as the truth omitted. The POW is innocent until proven guilty, but with the orchestrated leaks, public opinion was turned as paid trolls on the internet and Republicans flipped positions knowing the public will never look back at their previous comments and some had them erased. This was a trap.

   The goal was to further divide this country and increase the pressure showing the Administration as inept while negotiating with terrorist a sign of weakness no matter how you spin it. With the 2014 elections coming this was more ammunition for change as certain segments of America being are being convinced by the media Obama has not worked. If you look deeper and the Republicans fail and they will after winning in November with the world in distress in 2015, the door is open for a global change and one solution. This event is only one minute part or incident there will be thousands yet to come. This is the plan.


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