The Vegas Massacre



Written Oct. 2 11pm EST

Revised Oct. 4 11:15pm EST


   All of you were told years ago that murder would be common place and again that time has arrived. What most of you think is the truth as presented by the media does not make sense? The windows were knocked out, but no one heard this twice. Falling glass was not reported. The event was well planned with lose ends prepared for as there where cameras monitoring the hallway. A suicide mission does not need to monitor your exit route.

   This was a off the books black ops operation. The shooter was given the assignment to test the security off the hotel by bringing weapons and random purchases. They made sure there were purchases that would lead back as he was assured he would never be caught. For the millionaire, this was seen as rush to help this nation security. The gambling arranged as a hefty sum was provided again off the books. An accountant does not gamble with his own money. No one brings bag after bag to a hotel room with out bringing attention. So how was this carried out?

   There was more than one shooter and the scape goat. They knew the smoke alarm would be triggered, but the primary shooter did not think about this as it was not the body found in the hotel room. It is about the details as the alarm could have been disabled easily. They could have killed many more as the perch, line of sight, and distance would reflect sound waves as to hide the exact location, but it had to look like one shooter that carried this out. The goal fear, political decisiveness, and push the people by another event towards gun control by what seems their choice. The new world order wants a disarmed population based on emotion. Set up a massacre and emotion will demand gun control and you the general public see this as a random act, but it was planned to herd the population. No one wires their girlfriend a hundred thousand dollars, which would be picked up by banking restrictions as it is over 10 thousand if they expect to die. You would send it all. Will you ever learn?

   The media said it was the smoke alarm that triggered the location, but he would have been alerted and exited the room as alarms sounds with everyone else. No one knew the shooter was on 32nd floor until fiber optics looked inside the room with a dead body. He was killed by those working for the shadow government like Hillary and those behind the plot walked. Won’t will hear is that the body did not exhibit a fresh wound within minutes. This is why there is secrecy. Did she not point the finger of blame tonight as she is new world order? This was planned and the police investigators are being muzzled as the truth cannot be admitted to the American public. Those behind this will be eliminated quietly by the Elite Military along with their inner circle family to send a message.

   Look to who is trashing Trump for a political advantage or gun control as to who arranged this? This is what you are up against and again what is sad is when you realize the Truth, it will be too late. The goal is to not allow the general population to gain arms when faced with the earth changes. This is the Truth.


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